Chinese Students Studying Abroad Statistics

Chinese Students Studying Abroad Statistics

Chinese Studying Abroad

My Three Months in USA and May i return to the UK, I Came to Realised from my interactions in both countries and social connections with Oriental Asians, primarily, Chinese Hong Kong-ese and Tai’s that another perspective exists

An Interesting Aspect and refreshing view for me of these people working and living abroad so called  overseas residents or [expats] to begin with i asked this to every one i meet ”Chinese Student Study Abroad – Choice Or Peer Pressure?”

This Is A Big Surprise that leaves a unique awareness, of how society and our environment crafts the person, However, given the opportunity to change these parameters of circumstances the person has a choice to review, reassess, comprehend, challenge and decide on options that are now available


Ching and Snow!

Chinese Medical Students

In UK, Eastbourne i had the fortune to meet several Asian women and men, some were students on couple in particular are studying medicine one in Oxford the Girlfriend in Cambridge.

Then had take time out to travel down to the seaside resort Eastbourne for a break from studies and some TLC seems, i came upon then during my usual morning jog and around 7 am

they were taking refuge under a shelter as the rain began falling in a light but consistent drizzle, i decide to impose on them and engage in a chat from both curiosity and for selfish reason too Practising Chinese, ..why not.

The Conversation Was Smooth from the start talking about life and studies and how they met and so forth, strangely and enough they both just arrived a few months ago from SHENZHEN the very city i was living and working in for several years.

That peaked my interest even more as we had found a commonality of districts and the Shenzhen intentionally known Electronics market world. All the same, we moved on the aspect of good, bad or indifference to studying abroad in UK.

The Consensus was that it was a great treat to experience UK and its high end university establishment, together with the quintessential sedate and relaxed from pressure of Chinese family expectations around you daily.

Then the idea to stay and work in UK was appealing  though they showed a distinct fear of what in needed to achieve in securing a working position in UK, it seemed to complicated and involved for them to consider.

A Discussion on how it appears from the outside of china and security or freedom to express and be yourself as you really want was raised, Snow then girlfriend, was subjective yet believes that china suppresses information and availability to real world news.

she claims that she sees free information being withheld from the Chinese people systematically and selectively that can upset the norm in China [ ”more power to the people will bring more dissatisfaction”]

From Ching the Guy, clearly the conversation reflected he was a patriot, and rightly so, however not a blinded one, but intelligent and clear-headed individual

Ching’s standpoint on this was that china is powerful and needs to realise that power came from its connection with the world, he states that Chinese working and/or living abroad are better position and informed to appreciate and understand the reality.

Ching also wanted to return to china to work as his master degree to gain skills he needed to become a doctor.  Snow was open to any choice Ching made.

Min UK

UK Resident MIN- Software Developer

Days later I felt like eating  some  junk food and tested my crave in MacDonald also desperate for a coffee and apple pie, i was in the sun and decided i needed to find a good spot to see the screen of my computer to write my blog articles.

Hence I Collected my things and headed upstairs finding a small secluded area then funky style single sitting podium style area. Laptop ready i began researching, looking up i saw an Asian woman glancing at me Hello !! …that was my queue to approach and start a dialogue.

I Revel In This Situation; we ensued on a long conversation as if we knew each other for years; it was easy and without discomfort, Her English was a high level and i found out she was a software developer with real interest in the job these days.

She Moved From London from the fuss and busy environment to Pole gate near Eastbourne, he quiet life and seclusion from then limelight was perfect to hear needs, having 2 kids and entertaining mum and dad from north China, this was a good family environment and outside of china.

Min Originally from Taiyuan, in shanxi , is a UK resident after studying and finding work in a company in Brighton, has lived here over 10 years. As a mother of 2 girls she considers herself as happy and self contained with her current life, Min displays assertiveness and international attitude, less focused on material things and position, different to Chinese i met in China or holiday travellers.



So We Can Draw from this that people of cultures and backgrounds can raise their ideals and concepts even break the Traditions and Values placed on them by parents, peers and families, Allowing a degree of options. As Min stated, she still faces the cultural mindset of the mother who tries to enact and impose in her home here in the UK

Amy Tailand 


English Student

Amy a 6 Month improvement student from Thailand, speaks pretty good English possible a level 7

We Met in a Bookstore at Eastbourne center, a very approachable young lady with interests in books, her question to me was what’s the best way to learn English better?

I suggested maybe starting with some simple poems, find a genre she liked and begin basic layout and appreciation of the content and point of the poem, she was thankful and later searched  the section mentioned.



Amy Enjoys The Opportunity to mingle and interact within the university multicultural students, meeting all nationalities in the class and exchanging and sharing experiences, difficulties and lifestyle, she has spent some time in HONG KONG.

She believes the importance of travelling and cultural sharing is the cornerstone to richness of intelligence and understanding,  Amy also is adamant that ones future, vision and creativity is part and parcel to Openness and appreciation of the world.

Her View on Language is that we only get better or driven by language if we can take part in the counties and its people.Amy is a firm believer that here skills and interests will be heightened by her travel and appreciation of what is out there, good or bad

Amy Speaks Tai Language but has embraced Guangdong hua [ Hong Kong Chinese ] she sees Chinese here in Britain and states they surprise her how open they are to what she first experienced in her home country by Chinese tourists


Students from Asia and particular China have great prestigious attraction to UK scholarship, the historical backdrop of UK and Eaton, Cambridge, Oxford as high profile educational establishments to make employers eyes raise in good hopes of impeccable credentials

Learning and developing internationally for students naturally, organically, brings into focus the need to rationalize and re-assessment of ”what was to what is”  challenges to values predetermined ideals and previous beliefs, in-turn a clarity and self realization of worth and choices is reached.


    • Does this Post change anything for you?.
    • Was there  a particular cultural interest and you?
    • Is China now a more interesting possible destination?



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