Chinese Visa Application Online

Chinese Visa Application Online

Visa Application: Chinese visa application online

Chinese visa application online


UK! Understanding The Visa System:


Why not begin the process of getting your Chinese visa application online today

In the past few years application to china was nothing but a nightmare, from running around from here to there


Suggestion: Apply from Home

Best and safest routes to apply for Chinese Visas. The obvious place to begin is to apply to the Country specific Embassy in your country!

The Options of using an Agency to walk you through or even complete, check, and qualify the forms you gave them, ensures that your application will not fail because of incorrect or missing information as these forms can seem daunting at first right?

I have applied for visas in UK- china- Hong Kong and indeed in Malaysia and OZ

Travel and Experience

The Bottom line is pretty much the same, that your passport, residential and personal info are a must produce and a form collectively keep these important info together,

SO then, it is mega easy and important to approach this like making a shopping list, and applying is organized and no fuss, maybe to have a special transparent folder to keep everything safe and secure,

There is nothing like arriving and finding some small item of info is missing and you have to toddle off back home and start again, at travel and time costs.



Tourist VisaTOURIST ‘L’ VISA

So here are my sequence of steps to move you along smoothly and easily:

There are three Chinese Visa Application Service Centers (CVASC) in the UK




UK APPLICATIONS: Chinese visa application form

Contact your Chinese embassy, Numbers below, an appointment must be made in advance to even be seen at their Offices in either: LONDON: 0207 2060589/ MANCHESTER: 0161 2248672/ EDINBURGH: 0131 2292519

London – 12 Old Jewry, London, EC2R 8DU

Tel: 0207 2060589





Edinburgh – 2nd Floor, Exchange Tower, 19 Canning Street, City of Edinburgh, EH3 8EG

Tel: 0131 2292519





Manchester – First Floor, 75 Mosley Street, Manchester, M23HR

Tel: 0161 2248672





You Can Elect to go online Chinese embassy on the VISA section CLICK and navigate to the application section, there you have a calendar which will offer you free appointment days from current day,

Make your choice of a suitable date and continue to send your application [your personal info details] so that it can register and schedule your choice.

This Page Will Also State the documents you require on arrival to your appointment, don’t be uncomfortable about this interview its is simple just needing to see the person and ask a few simple questions, Purpose of travel, where you expect to travel during your stay and who will support you if not yourself


    1. Make an online appointment for application submission by clicking on the above link. Select the Office where you are applying to (e.g. London). Click on Appointment icon and following the steps provided.
    2. Obtain a queue number on arrival at the office and submit your application when your number is called
    3. There are two options available for collecting your visa and passport

Collect in Person

West Meets East

  • Return to the Office on the collection day.
  • Pay at the Office when your queue number is called.
  • Collect your passports and check all details prior to leaving the building.

Return by Post

    • Self Addressed Royal Mail Special Delivery Envelope for return delivery.
    • Complete the Payment Authorization Form (debit cards only accepted)
    • If you have chosen to have your passport returned by post, an additional service fee of £15 (exclusive of VAT) will be applied.

You will need the following for your application:

One Entry Visa application form per person – No field should be left blank – This can be completed online and printed. Alternatively, you can download the form and complete it by hand

  1. One recent passport photograph per application, with the name of the applicant written on the back and attached with a paper clip to the application form.
  2. Booking Confirmation Invoice from Travel Department
  3. Appropriate hotel booking in China
  4. Proof of round trip flight
  5. Your passport/s
  6. Completed Declaration Form.



  • The Fee for a UK Passport holder is £66.00 per person based on a standard 4 working day service.

Note: Country of Your Residence may offer similar features and application methods just by going online with your google search [Chinese Visa application]/ remember again, [you may see loads of Agencies offering a fee for their service].

Most May Add Premium cost. But offer faster services and take the strain out of Visiting Visa offices to collect your VISA, or you may have opted in DURING the application to ”SEND IN POST

Where you need to purchase [at a postal office] Registered postal envelopes as in [UK Royal Mail service] a certain reference on the envelopes are a surefire way to protect your mail and sees it returned as safely from the sender once processed.

  • Time of appointment collection



  • For Business applications you will need supporting company invitation letter on Headed company format,
  • Rubber stamped Signed, with Contact Name, Number and Email.
  • Now also requiring Itinerary of your stay and travel locations which is reasonable as a business person you will have this schedule.

Working ‘F’ ApplicationsWorking Visa

For Working applications you will need a supporting company invitation letter in Headed company format, Rubber stamped Signed, with Contact Name, Number, and Email. Now also requiring Itinerary of your stay and travel locations which is reasonable as a business person you will have this schedule


    1. Go online choose the appointment date, prepare documents,
    2. Photos from the high street booth, x 2
    3. Complete application form online and download to print off.
    4. Note your appointment date at embassy and with your

My Experience with Applications in UK have been Effortless


Contact via the links above I can recommend, or your own google search

    • download app form,
    • discuss with Agent fee and time for processing Visa and returns
    • photo-ready x 2
    • prepare passport, supporting documents and letter from your sponsor,
    • send recorded delivery for Post office [keep copy of receipt]
    • send into Agents and confirm delivery and receipt of the documents
    • WAIT FOR DOCUMENT, keeping tabs of dates for returns


It is also available to have Visa on arrival at Hong Kong or then border ports to China, Luoho/ Futian/ Shenzhen bay/ Shekou ferry port/ and apparently takes 1 hr to 2 hr from feedback I received?


Chinese Visa Application Online – Visas are in fact not normally rejected you would have to have some extraordinary criminal record or similar to prevent this.

also, the wealth of choice in applying is out there and some cost more than others using certain agencies, but the bottom line to this is preparation and having the documents listed on the site links I put on this post.

Visas can be issued in 10 to 14 days, more if you are opting for the express delivery and process. But if you know you are going to travel then allow up to a month minim prior to date to leaving, this is THE SAFETY ZONE period

UPDATE! 2019

You Can Now Fly to Shenzhen directly from LHR > SHENZHEN [stop BEIJING] so unless you want the scenic route through HONG KONG this is another way with fewer worries



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