Chinese Workers in China

Chinese Workers in China

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Chinese companies stressed workers



My flatmate a person that works her butt of because she sees it as the way to get ahead, it’s not unlike many Chinese office workers in china I may add, yet what I am about to tell you here does reflect much of a muchness in companies and businesses, especially the cities, that don’t give enough credit or family personal support to those that are either

  • New Graduates
  • Quiet/ reserved
  • New or Inexperienced in the city
  • Newbie to the job or inexperienced

Even excluded from the buddying in the offices, (the Guang-xi group) no matter how hard you try! Your still an outsider and isolated.

It’s an unequal situation many find themselves in year after year in companies.

Miss Wang a Chinese Female

Is really a grafter, she’s smart and open to ideas outside of the standard practices, and contemporary values

Her approach to reaching her goals is based on many things.

1. studying by reading books from all quarters, a fast reader, and devours materials like a crocodile.

2. Efficient and prompt in work

3. Asks when there is a need to find out new things or problems

4. Looks ahead to improvement and self-development.

Chinese workers in china

Charlie’s Chinese Company Experiences

workers in china

Having been broken pretty much by a company that hammered her with a workload that insults workers abilities, time, and commitment, told to work overtime minutes before the home time on a Friday, This Translation Chinese company in question is one that sees newcomers as fodder for the machine,

china's city workers
all work and little play

It lacks the empathy, conscience, humanity, and patience for anyone not up to the task in the eyes of the supervisor, {who in all reality is a  suspect in her capacity and abilities to organize a piss-up in a brewery] let alone an office.

china's city workers complaints

Then and Now

After being suppressed, ignored, constantly harassed, and compromised by the person just mentioned, Charlie decided 2 years later to make a fresh start, she believed her work was good, and given that each new project work coming in was always given senior priority to the last one 10mins earlier.

It was about keeping her sanity and self-respect that she decided a new start has to be better!

Resigned and Started working as a freelance translator, Charlie was beginning to take some time off, to return to a norm in her new situation, thereby being to decide and choose work, to also arrange her day effectively without interruption and idiotic needs, She focused on her research for an examination last week for certification as a Translator.

Three Months Passed, Guess What!

The company decided to contact her directly, and it was the manager, who did everything she could to re-employ Charlie in any capacity she wanted, but full-time was the first to offer, better benefits, and position upgrades! HOORAY!

Deciding to push for part-time without the instant commitment to them, instead, Charlie negotiated a good deal and work hours, with the added bonus too, Working from home away from the nasty old Supervisor.

Chinese companies stressed workers

The manager agreed on part-time with a view for full-time should Charlie consider later.

An hour later the Supervisor called to also wish her a big welcome and exchanged what work she will receive, so now the ball in play and the playing field is towards her advantage, SUPER STUFF!

Lets be honest this is one Many office workers suffer and in varying levels for conflict with their employers, if you are one of thoes that really see walls, no way in being valued, want to move up the chain of command but dont see a realistic goal ahead, have shed loads of passion and seeing it eroded sitting in your box, want to dive into something new online, Let me be the first to present you with the possibilities to make that change and leap of strong faith.

Your Ticket to Your New Online Business Is here!

Below I have personally reviewed and recommended what I believe to put you in that driver’s seat, review it consider and take that positive assertive commitment, start part-time, or go full time, depending on your status now, but you will be taking the route to what your yearning is calling for, just as I have as a freelancer working in china,

wait no longer

New Agreement and Work Schedule

Though freelancing is good it really was slow with the covid-19 effects, and companies do their best to pay as little as possible for temporary staff. They empower themselves to squeeze maximum plus with high expectations, well that empowerment is about to be shifted as stable choices come into play and she has an array of avenues to work with, she can now negotiate without fear of being dropped, with more alternative income streams and one reliable and stable one thrown in for good measure she is back with clearer goals and direction.

china's office working practices


Work From STARBUCKS~Everyone’s Study and Office

Chinese workers in china

On a High Note

Pressure to find rent and better living is now abated, Charlie can now get her big brain to work on other things that will bring better self-development for her future plans

workers in china

She can now plan income to put towards her dental repairs with a stronger possibility to do some traveling around her country China, in the near future. Something that was unlikely to be easy in the past!

Moral of The Story

When push comes to shove, we need to see the value in our commitment and working capabilities, When great pressure is put on us, that’s because the bosses themselves are also pressured to deliver, unfortunately, the further down the chain you find you at the mercy of others, and all the nasties others don’t want, Biting hard and digging deep is your recourse to getting through your days and years, you have no one rely on in all honesty! Grievances or dissatisfaction are not tolerated in the majority of company perception of good workers and looked down at my colleagues, how much more peer pressure can you face.

Deciding Factors

The time comes where you decide if taking shit much longer, outweighs poor health, social life, little possibility of promotion. 


When you find that balance and conviction, only then you’re likely to get the just rewards you deserved from your commitment in all its form. but whatever the action you take should be on accepting the consequences of what can also be disadvantaged even if for a short period only, as in life there are no guarantees only commitment and belief in yourself.

In Charlie’s case, The company saw, without doubt, her qualities, working deliverables, and abilities, she has made herself a hot property and resource they needed, if not for that they would have recruited replacements already, suggesting they did but it didn’t work out too well.

Eating Humble Pie

The Companies failure to protect a worthy skilled and knowledgeable office staff, support and nurture her potential was ignored and downtrodden, well karma is alive and well, Charlie has been given the rare opportunity of being headhunted and appreciated with a better all-around outcome, the feeling of worth is now instilled as it should have been She has control of her destiny.