China- The 9 Year Itch

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The richest experiences come from traveling, cultural exchanges, social connections, business and conventions, outdoor activities and shared inspiration and information, it is my immersion into this life that has been a real understanding of Asia and its quirky and unorthodox methods as we know it


Emma student with clear goals

discussion and topical exchanges

discussion and topical exchanges


China has always been a location I wanted to experience and travel, Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Beihai, Changsha- Hunan.

These locations offer such beauty and cultural infusion that keeps you in Awe! from canoeing to long-distance buses, bicycling, Taxi through farmland and village, eating just about anything that is local, beers and various Chinese tea, Oolong, black, green, red, white, jasmine, black!


See the source image
See the source imageChinese tea [CHA] is a lifestyle and consumed daily like breathing, where international drink coffee mainly Chinese are obsessed with tea drinking and in every shop and home it exists.

Eating and drinking go hand in hand with tea

tastes vary according to types of tea and preparation,

there are classes you can attend to learn the principles and best practices for entertaining your guests

supermarkets and malls have whole outlets with training.


I  want to offer my tried and tested experience’s during my stay in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Those of you contemplating a visit or seeking employment in Asia would find these experiences a useful guide through my struggles and achievements.

Given my First Chinese dog

Given my First Chinese dog


My beginnings in China are somewhat different to many travelers, this was due to very unique and significant reasons that catapulted me in Asia!

Love- an invitation to travel to Beijing- an opportunity to leave a job for a much inspired Travelling lifestyle of my Dreams




Leaving Portsmouth a Naval base and historic dockyard of the famous Mary Rose Gallon of  King of England Henry V111.

Its maritime seaport and submarine build yard town center on the South coast of England

Portsmouth Town and bay area ENGLAND

Portsmouth Town and bay area ENGLAND



  1.   I was incredibly bored and uninspired employed some 8 years as a remote Systems Administrator in London England.
  2.  I fell in love with a Chinese National during my stay in the City of Portsmouth in Hampshire. This romantic interlude made me consider the possibilities of going to Asia.  As during a months vacation to meet with my friend’s family, I was energized which allowed me to consider the possibilities that could be beneficial in many ways for my future.
  3. A DARE: that I would not commit to my new passion and conviction to leave England and I wouldn’t last 3 months abroad in Asia. To me, that is a challenge and a red flag to a bull!


In my opinion a majority of those considering a change in either employment or traveling, I would recommend as a light backpacker with an open mind  you should be ready to embrace alternatives you will undoubtedly encounter traveling in Asia and China



Place or uniqueness and freshness

Place or uniqueness and freshness:

Making steps to change your way of life can never be a poor choice or a bad act, WHY?

because it is following a passion a dream and most of all being able to look back and realize you were not afraid to actually make things happen

The thought that should be taken from this is:

IF you don’t try you will never know or appreciate your potential, never fulfill anything.

It’s not even about failing or winning its the taking part in Experiencing your life goals and ambitions.



I hope you found some important information and particular cultural interest to convince you, go see China.

It would also be great to hear from you and any other ideas on China- The 9 Year Itch!

  • what have you learned here today?
  • could it be clearer or informative?
  • Do my explanations warrant a future trip to China?


Absolutely any concerns, comments or ideas of what I can cover to assist you in your travels, I am happy to help using the form below:




  • Roger says:

    If you go to my village,You can see huanghe,I’m very pleasure to invite you to my village.

  • Aviva says:

    Hey, dear Chris. Firstly, i’m really very happy that you love China so much and thank you for making such a website to let more friends from all around the world to know Chinese better.
    Secondly, I really admire your courage which gives up a work and have a travel to China where is far away from your hometown. You know, in China, it’s too many pressure for young people to do the thing they are want to for they have to raise their kids and parent, and the cost of living and house is so high. I really want to know if you will face the same problem in you hometown, how is your family.
    Finally, I sincerely hope you that everything will go well in China.

    • hello Aviva
      what a wonderful comment and recommendation, thanks for the kind words and yes i have taken a big step to come to China in the early days
      now I am a little adjusted to the style of life and Chinese culture and people, I have to say that in my time here I really have had good experiences with Chinese.
      also, it is a tough life in Shenzhen as you said its expensive in comparison to Europe prices, years ago it was so much easier to rent and buy foods in restaurants daily without thinking of the cost. but now everyone has to be more frugal without finances here
      still its a beautiful city and I still like it
      My plan is to continue writing and follow my passion and creativity here.

      once again great comments from you

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