City View Restaurant Menu

City View Restaurant Menu

Diary Entry: City View Restaurant Menu


A snapshot into my private life and diary, Life and its Style in China have much to offer!

Charlie and Chris the daring ‘C’ duo are out experiencing what it’s like to preview the hi-rise views on Shenzhen and its Restaurants.

It is a Classic Weekend, disconnected from working plans, direct social plans just good old fashion choose an area and make it happen!

A Day of Random Decision

It was last weekend Sunday the 6th of September, Decision was made not to devise a plan on what we were going to do. What in fact happened was that we looked at 3 places we would like to visit, experience, and know more about


Breakfast to Kick-Off

The idea went around for a few minutes during breakfast of Cereal, Hawthorne tea, bread, fruits, and cheese slices. Sitting on the Balcony of the 20th Floor, a stab at best choice was made,

  • Nanshan Shekou……nice always changeable never ever bored to go there!
  • Baoan near the Airport… New sophisticated shopping mall and Display area [I alone only seen before] worth a 2nd trip
  • Lu Hou, near the Shenzhen Hong Kong border, one of the earlier installed Shenzhen buildings, seen some but still intrigued

The Unanimous decision was made based on a little underwear shopping, doing a test run of the eateries, and then Big Guo Mao International trading center Building, the attraction was simply what it would look like seeing this side of Shenzhen instead or the regular Futian aspect [newer side]

Leave Home Time: City View Diner Menu

Around noon out the door and away to the metro 10 mins walk away, Nan Liang is like any other metro station in the district, we boarded and 1hr later alighted after a change over to line 1  LuBao metro. The metro is always refreshing to enter, air conditioners are even displayed on the safety doors telling you what level of temperature you can expect on entering and or choosing your particular carriage,

Cool ~Cooler ~Coolest

These are the levels from one end of the metro to the other end, the center is generally the hottest as most people dive into that part, not wanting to walk a few meters to the further carriages, you will find a large congested area right slap band in the middle of the platform section, Incidentally, this is where the stairs are located

Security inside and outside the trains is still maintained regarding Covid-19, monitoring is visual and constantly you see officers wandering u and down the inside carriages, pulling up anyone not wearing masks correctly, or behaving unsociable, this is reassuring to me.

Guo Mao Station Lou hu: City View Restaurant Menu

Some Light refreshments in the Mall and a quick wander around the underwear shops, we were done, Now with the first thought of reconnoitering the Guo mao trade building we set off across the road, The building was Incredible in stature, not the most sparkling of new in condition but you could see hi-class vehicles driving in and leaving their guests to make their way into the building.

International Trade Centre {Guo Mao Building}

The Chinese designs of all their buildings residential or business are pretty much similar,

The bottom 3 or 4 floors are used as commercial areas, select I must say depending on the purpose of the building, in this case being a trading center, the ‘Mall floor area’ was one to attract beauty, food, and clothing retailers in abundance.

Finding the Entrance to the Building we could ascend up to the 49th floor was not so easy as expected, entrances were divided and it was easy once you are in the building to end up in the wrong place, however arriving at the 49th Floor it was clear we were in for a super view and dining experience.


Tables Seating: City View Diner Menu

Taken to our table and asking for a position nearer the Huge floor-ceiling windows were Magical, The views were spectacular in all directions, especially as this restaurant was a revolving Circular disc Shaped Style

Restaurant Design

Circular and we were advised to complete a full cycle in under 17 minutes, allowing all the city to be seen in comfort peace and style, What we noticed as the night developed that on the windows were huge well-placed direction and explanation tags, placed high so that you could know what direction and important locations you were viewing at any time. Clever and simple, takes the guessing out of everything that way

===>>Video 2 min watch

Food Offerings:

City View Diner Menu

The cuisine was at this time based on Desserts, light cakes, and unique nibbles to attract all tastes, artistic in their appearance and flavor too! The set Meal was priced but good for the experience and quality of food you received. All were to our liking, always surprising once you tuck into the line of Tasty plates appearing quickly to the table


Seating and Configuration

As a rotating restaurant, we were curious as to how it worked, the mechanics, and question ourselves how in heaven’s name do they service this motoring and gearing system if a fault was to appear? It was noticed that the concentric inner circle was Solid none moving, this took the whole weight of the outer ring and movement, we could see the separation [small gap] between each part, and if you walked on it you would not feel any suddenness

What we later found out was that this was a place the late Deng Xiao Ping visited during his time in Shenzhen, the father visionary must have had a great proud feeling to see his beloved city rise and grow from the fishing village it once was 40 years ago.

There were photos of The Visionary in the reception area showing the early days of Shenzhen, its plans and development Well done Deng Xiao-ping, you have succeeded in your dreams and vision for south China


Visitors: City View Restaurant Menu

Sometime later the change over of clients was happening more frequently, and families with younger kids were upon us with excitement and wonderment from the elders, seemingly not ever experiencing such a place and views, it was a great treat to them.


Seeing is believing around Shenzhen, even the city skylights can offer a historical retrospect of what was, the beginnings and how many have worked and developed it to what it is today,

Holidays and Special celebrate periods are well received, even our western Christmas and Halloween celebrations are consumed by the Chinese millennia generation and of course, commercial benefits drives this more than anything,

Chinese do over 90% of their shopping online including food ordering, gifts and more

Western Christmas Holiday

Our western Christmas is almost upon us and I need to get sorting things out pronto, what about you? well, I use this site and am never short on ideas check it out if you will ===>here<====

Happy Week ahead to you