Coronavirus daily, China

Coronavirus daily, China

view from 20th floor longgang

view from 20th floor longgang

Here we are, It was China Cooronavirus Lockdown and Labor hoilday period

and i had to get out of a debilitating and frustrating apartment where i shared with a rather unpleasant woman that cannot be regarded less than a peasant in every sense of that word and her behaviour to others sharing,

Seems no matter what i tried to bring her around to respect everyone’s opinions it was simply falling on deaf ears.

So challenging myself in this difficult time we researched options and made a plan of action to leave and find our new apartment well away from this place.


New Day 1st May, New Apartment

Moving home in China big City is surprisingly easy, easy on you if you use the services available and at good prices,

New Apartments outside of the city are Not many, but if you find one it is well serviced and managed and the community is pretty tight. Facilities are varied, play and exercise areas, tennis court or swimming pool

Badminton and table tennis area, running track and or Performing Podiums, Community office and localized police office if the community is large enough[say 5 to 10 buildings grouped together.


Apps for easier life

Apps for easier life

Tools to Move Home

  • Application from Agency that is a one stop shop APP arrange online bookings of
  • Registration to the building
  • Electronic Keys code Management [change and modify]
  • booking your removals van
  • taxi services
  • direction and nearby places of interest Map
  • utilities bill payment
  • tickets and food deliveries
  • check utilities bill and payments made
  • Pay rent
  • Emergency numbers

Why Move Apartment

  1. Annual price change
  2. New development insertion
  3. Bad neighbor/ or Roommates
  4. Social standards changed
  5. Change of job location
  6. Returning Home

My Reasons


sleep dream catcher

Considered The Chinese Labor holiday and Planning to get ourselves as one rather than 2 separate apartments in China

  • We came to the decision this is the time to best move, for the following reasons
  • Her Chinese holiday allowed a 5-day period off from work, excellent!
  • The apartment I was living is was getting tenuous with a stupid peasant girl who I assume was having some personal issues, one being not have a boyfriend, and not have a stead work to depend on.
  • Another was simply a pushy individual who it would seem has lived in the apartment longer than all other tenants, hence head honcho and protagonist in every thing ‘Apt related’ difficult to communicate with about just about everything, so goodbye! thank you
  • Charlie my partner was about to also complete her apartment contractual obligations in April.

Timing was Perfect All Round

May 1st Vacating ~ One man and a Van

one man one van

one man removals China

We arranged a Medium size removals truck to first collect her apartment belongings, some 4 miles apart from me, then come over with the driver to collect mine

I am never surprised how much unwanted items reared its ugly head than I expected, its amazing how much bloody rubbish I actually had accumulated and I am a minimalist.

Progress was pretty good and smooth than I had expected, considering I always moved my self in every other case here in china.


All Packed and Ready

We had packed and boxed all items in each of our relative apartments, so Travel day was like fluid

The Driver was cool, I don’t know how this guy managed this feat of work and 2 apartments and drive to destination apartment unload all by himself,

All for a measly 430 rmb equates to £50 or $60, it to me was a steal. [uk can learn something from this]

We elected to take the tube as Charlie was sickly after the drive in the removals van

Driver and us set off in different mode of transport to our destination, about 1 hr later arriving at apartment in Long gang North east of shenzhen city


long gang views shenzhen

long gang views shenzhen


Long gang is considered an out of city location and not hyped or beautified with modern skyscrapers and displaying buildings at every corner

It is also considered an area of huge development in infrastructure, metro lines, retail parks, arts and crafts, book city library, museum, science, cultural shenzhen, and historical memorabilia, Snapshot of Shenzhen’s past to present development

Step by step progress account all, captured with official photos and videos, including shopping parks Malls and eateries, bars and restaurants, cultural square, play area where performances by singers, dancers, clowns and activities around Chinese heritage is enacted and displayed.

Local Buildings and People

local buildings and people

local buildings and people

We have interest in the older generation local and modern lifestyles, happily both are found here in Long Gang.

Old 6 floor buildings and narrower roads give it a certain simplistic environment and social values, a raw honesty, even a basic everyday life aspect and reality

Old and new integrated in the same location and in the majority of instances complimenting themselves in a good way, as different as chalk and cheese but definitive and contrasting in both lifestyles and social standards

My Experiences to-date

  • we see market traders, with motor carts selling fruits of all colors and types,
  • we see Motorcyclists perched at metro stations exits awaiting potential customers as they arrive down the stairs,
  • Small shops with unique cuisines and desserts you don’t see in the big city area

This Location is perhaps not where many foreigners would hang out as it is not central to the city also a good 45 mins to 1 hr metro ride to the city, however eastern block residents tend to make it their home I was told but, have yet to see any perhaps due to the coronavirus

I expect they are not able to return to china yet? Except myself have I seen no other foreigners around here, NICE!

We also saw today the metro motor cyclists being chased by motorcycle Police, as they dispersed rapidly like birds in every direction [I have been told they are unofficially working with permits]

Last evening we did some meandering around to get some grip on what else was available in our new living area, we came across the metro station and square called Dragon Square


dragon square

Dragon square

Shopping Mall with great eating choices and activities for all to experience

  • Activities
  • Skateboarding
  • Singers, clowns, performing artists, water show
  • Karaoke Booths


Unofficial Market Trading Peddlers

Balloons and Hoop Market traders china

Balloons and Hoop Market traders china

On the outskirts of the Square Peddlers and market street traders were putting objects on the ground and selling hoops to passerby, the aim of the game was to get the hoops over any item you like and win it.

Again the management officials were upon them forcing them to quickly gather up and buzz off.

This was a cat and mouse game 10 mins later they were back, all laid out and making money from the public again

Settling in we have come to the agreement that it suits our outlook and requirements and all is good,

Today 5th May

After our early morning exercises on the Balcony of the 20th Floor

The Inspiring open views of the mountain and underlying older town buildings with a cool breeze sweeping across frequently, giving freshness and allowing us to thereafter sit and enjoy a magnificent sunny peaceful day.

Taking photos, and video for you, Its pure heaven with a cold drink some wasabi nut and a bowl of fruits, Flower tea and a top up flask to keep it flowing


Summer Temperatures are Climbing

hot may temperatures shenzhen

shenzhen temperatures

And getting about to triangulate and explore is going to be one to plan well, perhaps leaving early morning and taking a ‘siesta’ during the afternoon when its boiling is best, then returning to check out more late evening as you do in Spain, Italy or France?


  • Chinese Labor holidays ends in 4 days
  • Chinese return to work so making the best of this is crucial and beneficial
  • Coronavirus Status
  • China and big cities like Shenzhen are still under lockdown but relaxed in many ways
  • Checks for body heat changes
  • Entry and exit of buildings
  • Confirming not traveled outside of the city
  • Metro scans and updating your locations during city movements
  • Restaurants scans and public places congregation are under surveillance

Coronavirus Precautions

Wearing masks are still compulsory, though many are in parks and open spaces without wearing them correctly, a sense of relaxation in shopping areas once you are inside is obvious than a few weeks ago.

Foreigners are still regarded and noticeably as the threat to Chinese, when I pass some individuals, or in a lift or escalator I get the stare and suspicious, unconvinced look in their eyes, even to a point of changing their route to avoid me, or gathering their children ‘in a protective manor’.

This is not everyone but it is enough to see a change in who is deemed the infected and the infector.



For me Life goes on and cultural differences, ignorance, stupidity and Uneducated experiences are expected though sometimes insulting and or irritating when I am not in the mood.

Bigger things are happening out there and this is the focus we should all be leveling our sights on

Have a great day!