Coronavirus Impact on economy

Coronavirus Impact on economy

29/06/2020 0 By christopher

How do we quantify the damage to the world economy by covid-19 We are caught like fish in a barrel, unable to pursue our lives in a normal way, confined to home or abroad


Infection: Coronavirus impact on economy

Coronavirus has shown its capacity to travel the world, there are no boundaries for this virus, so be super careful not to be exposed to it directly from social activities, Countries are closing borders or setting stringent measures to remove the infectious virus from entering their countries.

Recent reports from the BBC, [Now With Podcasts on the corona virus] state that the UK, Europe, Jerusalem have raised precautions following outbreaks of infected persons have given concerns outside of the norm.

coronavirus impact on economy


TOURISM: coronavirus impact on global economy

Tourism has taken a plunge as airlines are forced to shut down and Flights canceled, Cruise liners are forced to carry out the testing process and terminate the voyage

Impact of Coronavirus on Global Economy


BORDERS: coronavirus impact on global economy

Country borders are tightened to returning citizens who are having to go into Quarantine

Foreign visitors leaving are also facing strict quarantine and health checks




Impact of Coronavirus on Global Economy


MARKET TRADING: coronavirus impact on global economy

Stock Market trading USA, JAPAN, UK and other Worldwide are anticipating a worse situation as the markets have already shown confidence drop JAPAN DROPPED 3%




Impact of Coronavirus on Global Economy


BUSINESSES: coronavirus impact on Global economy

small businesses Have closed, not able to sustain overhead costs, and no revenues


Restrictions in Movement Has caused supplies, transit, and logistical nightmares, goods and services are not being delivered or supported


Sporting Events: Impact of Coronavirus on Global Economy

  • Italy
  • UK ~ Premier league
  • Portugal

Canceling Meetings and Matches, any future schedules are on hold pending the thumbs up on corona-virus remedy.


Palestine: Bethlehem Church

Corona-virus: Suspected cases Bethlehem

coronavirus impact on economy
Palestine churches

Churches and mosques in occupied West Bank shut as Palestinian Authority prepares for a possible outbreak. It is Believed Infection began in the working area of tourism where Direct and personal contact with overseas clients were suspected to have been made, shrines possibly being restricted to Followers to prevent the act of Kissing icon.



The Impact on Social Greeting, business meetings, and other personal greetings how will that change?





Impact of Coronavirus on Global Economy





There is more to come and ready of not it seems that still many Countries are unprepared for the outbreak?

After much skepticism on Chinese Government Delays on advising of the virus we find world sources months later still are scratching their heads and considering, with not enough preparations in readiness for the imminent outbreak! The Chinese have done well to show their prompt action and measures to contain this dangerous virus

we are seeing recovery in China so does this mean the World should take a straw from china’s cap on this effectiveness considering the size and population involved here?