Cosmetic Surgery and Self Esteem

Cosmetic Surgery and Self Esteem

The Dream ~ Of Beautifying People

East meets West



This is China’s Cosmetic Surgery and Lifestyle, The Goal, Must Have’s, The Pursuit of Happiness and Ultimate Beauty. The Beautiful Dream has arrived to china, Making huge Supply and Demand for a ‘Wanna be’ Culture

‘MINDSET‘ ”Magic Wand” Effect Expectations, Demands on Perfection, Face, Good looks, and being Top in everything . This was Inevitable It was just matter of time and fluidity in finances in Richer sectors of population. The Venus Status is just a knife-edge away!


A Report from International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), shares definitive proof. ISAPS data Showcases the types of procedures most-commonly requested in 2016 and where worldwide patients had procedures.

The Runners up of 5 countries under the knife for plastic surgery were

United States, Brazil, Japan, Italy, and Mexico.

Now China’s Cosmetic Surgery,Women’s Lifestyle Working Opportunities and Importance is Primary


Cause and Effects

Prying below the surface of China’s Lifestyle in Cosmetic Surgery and Booming Sales in August 2019 article, The relief it is delivering to women who otherwise are submissive and have little personal belief in themselves, Cosmetic Surgery and Self Esteem will be what blasts off  this niche’ market, just look at China’s beauty industry.


Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery


The Numbers Are Proof : The beauty industry in China is Rushing at breakneck speeds. As demand for skincare products, make-up and surgical procedures grow, so are local entrepreneurs and corporations striving to nab a chunk of the pie.


Women’s, Aesthetics, Cosmetics, Assessment, Augmentation

Chinese Beauty Market is Rocketing, with an array of ingenious factors feeding growth. And the Japanese outlet Nikkei Asian Review outwardly claims ”beauty is the 2019 Buzzword of the millennia Digital arena and Commerce world.


Chinese Money Making Arena stands firmly in Plastic surgery and Augmented Feature Improvements.


Types or Surgery Required

Cosmetic Surgery



Types or Surgery Required


Certainly Wealth and Disposable Income has risen exponentially In Big cities, So this is a key reason why women see it as an easier route and possibility to fulfilling their whims, dreams and to achieve the idol appearances of magazine superstars and models.


It also seems clear to many that Chinese somehow idolize the American way of living and attitudes, simply because they have been brain washed from early years, TV series in particular.


Without Doubt access to world stage and information, fashion, lifestyles with the age of VPN’s has handed those Chinese with reasonable income the opportunity to get online worldwide, apps We-Chat and Meitu, Facebook, twitter, Digg, LinkedIn, and others, Women are well-informed on what else is happening with their gender counterparts abroad, Companies and publishing material is gauged to draw in women using their inside info on femininity and womanly wilds, also some off the wall rationale avenues that works for women’s minds and needs



cosmetic surgery china

New face New life


Aesthetic plastic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery



Youth and Cosmetic surgery

young adults seeking cosmetic surgery in china



Face Geometries and Styles Cosmetic Surgery China

This Industry is moving and hopefully being monitoring in the Chinese market, First was whitener products to meet cultural perception of ”The Angel Syndrome” Chinese women are Targets, and big fish for firms like:


L’Oreal, Clinique, Maybelline, they see in their Gun Scope sights, In early June L’Oreal press stated business in China has taken a huge profit and phenomenal momentum in sales and advertising, we can find special kiosks with automated buy and pay in shopping malls, this allows for easy access and no fuss purchasing, to top that women are queuing to buy daily, L’Oreal has a 10% gain in the company’s global turnover on sales, needless to say its very buoyant and looking to increase this coming year.


It stands to reason that given significant availability, options and Financial freedom women are even more in the market for bettering themselves above normal accessories as fixtures on their clothing and bodies. Here in China Sky’s the Limit. The question that stands is exactly what is giving this Passion, Momentum and Energy?


Best and most Popular Makeup Brands Around.

  • YSL Beauty.
  • Clinique.
  • Fenty Beauty.
  • Glossier.
  • Giorgio Armani Beauty.
  • Hourglass.
  • Urban Decay.
  • 1 MAC.
  • 2 Bobbi Brown.
  • 3 L’Oreal.
  • 4 Chanel.
  • 5 NYX.
  • 6 NARS.
  • 7 Maybelline.
  • 8 Estee Lauder.


Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Market Demand


Market Demand.

Chinese proverb like this ‘Your face is your Rice Bowl – [脸蛋就是饭碗].’

This suggests the super importance of BEAUTY and being Beautiful, for women there may be no other comparisons perhaps not even SEX.

The foundations are set and the Cosmetics industry are rubbing their hands in utter delight and expectation, in view of the Revenue to be had particularly in China’s Market and Volume.


Ladies will pay the earth for this Redressing and Augmentations, China’s Cosmetic Surgery,Women’s Lifestyle,Working Opportunities and Importance to preserve one’s Face, position and wealth, in the community lends itself to this culture perfectly, now expectations and values can be met on a superficial Level and aspect.


Beauty Factors play heavily in this game, impact on one’s life, higher possibilities and leverage that a person has in life is a high gain and potential to get what you want. Research shows real existence of Biased views to beauty in job markets globally is bent to Appearances and attractiveness of applicants giving better than normal emphasis on their success in acquiring a Job position.


Chinese Rationale: to Increase chances in relationships, marriages, Jobs, business and seek international looks and features to face world perceptions of ”BEAUTY”

The Ever expanding middle class society and its increased ”throw-away able” income is rising thus, more money to spend on something like plastic surgery. As the middle class continues to grow, the popularity of plastic surgery procedures inside China will likewise continue to increase.



The Most Popular Cosmetics Procedures

These popular plastic surgery procedures in China typically include:

  • Face lift procedures
  • Brow lift and forehead lift procedures
  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)
  • Rhinoplasty (nose job)
  • Mini face lift


The Purposes of these Procedures vary considerably depending on patients. In some cases, these procedures are used for aesthetic purposes, in order to achieve desired balanced feature. Other minor upgrades are reduction of age and crows feet around eyes,cheeks, mouth and depreciating neck lines in Cosmetic Surgery China


China’s jobs requirements is undoubtedly more intense, more over students and graduates are supported by families, believing that cosmetic surgery is a way to put their kids in stronger positions for Jobs and careers even finding a future partner of high quality and position –more so international university appeasement with counterparts, there has even been cases where breaking someones legs and augmenting bone to give height is conceived as a viable option.


Popular Surgery such as BotoxDouble Eye-lid surgeryNose and Ear, Chin reshaping and Grafting to improve possibilities and impression for and during interviews, unlike international CV’s Chinese employers love photos of the candidate, Dubiously biasing, which leads you to understand why.



Scope of Participants for surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Scope of Participants for Surgery

Cosmetic surgery allows another level of achievement, those that have money can seek out betterment, personal upgrading, if you don’t fall into a bracket of beautiful you have ”Magic Wand” Effect Option.


The Truth Equality is not just a payment away, and then supply and demand is all too clear and Growing


You-Tuber Naomi Wu commented, ”another aspect of society that is resoundingly unfair”. ”Normal” no one cares about in China, Fact remains brains can buy you beauty but beauty can never buy you brains.”


For many, this trend is frightening. While those of us who were not raised on internet were told that beauty is only skin deep, increasingly younger generations are bombarded with Photo-shopped, filtered pictures of physically enhanced models, actors and superstars. The age of social media is seemingly ensuring that a new phase of beauty has arrived.



China Being second largest beauty market world wide and still exponentially growing, Some of China’s largest corporations like Ten-cent, Baidu, Alibaba are adapting to demand opportunities, it would be foolish not investing heavily in Start-Up beauty companies.



body beautiful after cosmetic surgery

Body beautiful Improvements



The Future

The Asian Market for Plastic (aka) Cosmetic Surgery is growing like a Crazy Dog. Previously recognized and Prime leaders South Korea were placed well above the rest or Pan Asia Arena in Cosmetic Surgery deliverable service’s industry. Business Insider had Gauged in the region of 33-50% of South Korean women aged 19-29, have had some form of cosmetic surgery. Making Asian’s the highest rate of plastic surgery recipients per ca-pita Globally.


Unfortunately for Korea, this was unsustainable as everything man made is their society rebelled and wanted to again embrace natural and redefining what beauty was not what was brainwashed into women


Souphiyeh Samzideh
Associate Professor in UK

China reflects this now and a parallel resemblance to the beauty industry as was in South Korea. As the younger generation, are the needy groups predominantly Higher expectations and needs are drawn to this new Science of beauty Fixes,Ready for the better good,Getting under the knife as young teenagers is not uncommon, some as prize from family even graduation gift.



MY Opinion

As a Man Criticism would be too easy, disseminate, negate or even find rational reasons of distaste to this world of the ”Unnatural” in cosmetic surgery, though for many men maybe the plus’s out weigh their criticisms, when your woman is an almost perfect dream doll? I can only say that any woman especially the younger, inexperienced and doctrine ones, need to be absolutely sure this is what they are willing to live with for their lifetime, some operations less obvious, but still likely to bring back the memories of not being Completely ”natural or normal”, it could be a trauma they are not ready for in later family or relationships ahead. But it is about choices that make us feel confident, assertive, ‘FIT- IN’ with society if weaker in esteem, a tough choice but only you can decide


New Stream of Business Creation

It can be seen that this craze has now escalated in women going online to show off their new found beauty creating a New Streaming Business, Fashionable Advertising for companies, ready to milk it for all it is worth!




China’s Ladies Dreams come true, to be able to raise the bar on beauty and personal development through artificial reconstruction and augmentation, nips and tucks in every place to present themselves in a better Version. Whiteness and Whiteners in Skin was an important key several years ago, together with cosmetic surgery we have the Penultimate Expectations in Body Enhancements and transformations


The question pertaining to ethics of plastic surgery always will been frowned upon yet the need is clearly Visible and Roaring, It would seem to me here in china that girls and older women embraced the features of their foreign counterparts with a childlike awe, in that they are Designing Oriental features to match international concepts, offering a mixture of uniquely but odd features and beauty. Will demand be saturated to a point of dishonesty and poor service even malpractice, even unqualified operations taking place, only time will be the redeemer to that question




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