Coronavirus china news, today

Coronavirus china news, today

Work, Play, Signs of Normality in China

Sports, Activities, Laughter and Fun!

A weekend of sport, activities, jogging, cycling, kite flying, yoga, followed by a nice steak and pizza, one I can’t remember tasted so damn good!

I am certain that China’s Aggressive Measures on Coronavirus is showing positive signs






Reason to Believe

Prior to the weekend’s events I observed local workers, why I channeled my interest in this area is anyone’s guess, but I put it down to simply the change of mood, smiles on peoples faces and kids,

Volume of cars on the roads’ day and night, bring an odd consternation of how did this return to a norm so quickly, when last week we were restricted in metros, buses, taxis, restaurants and shopping malls, even some hiking mountains and parks?


Red and White Snake

Now I see a snake of cars streaming across the city and its highways daily during busy hours morning, and evening. The evening is so contrasting as the Car Lights both tail and headlamps are mesmerizing to watch as they wind and intersect in every direction, flickering on and off and glimmering below the dark evening sky from my perfect view point on the 16th floor,


City Lights and Show

I am fortunate to see this delicious colors and buildings in full bloom of advertisement and display showpiece, every Friday the buildings come to life from 7pm to 9:30pm as the city bursts into life with electronic lighting shows, The buildings are the staging, props and Landscape.


With electronic digital sequence display 3D images that changes like water effortlessly flowing across the faces and surfaces of otherwise bland China new buildings, now they are on stage and boy blazing a path of Colorful vibrant and positive vibes to music for all to witness and enjoy!


Prior to going to the market to replenish my stock on Saturday. I watched, A band of hairdressers relaxing outside the saloon shop playing on their mobiles some game or another, and roaring in excitement from time to time! music to my ears it was.


Sunlight and Pattern

dappled roads and path

dappled roads and path

The sun was out and dapple show of light was lacing the road and pavements in a network of patterns, this was almost a boost to the fact of recovery and none restriction of the new day.


View From the 16th Floor


Later I was casually looking out the window [after returning from the days activities] enjoying a cup of nice coffee and discussing the days events high lights and funny moments, of which were numerous. A sound of machinery burst into life.

I looked down to see a huge caterpillar [heavy-duty machinery[, starting to roll along the working site below, the end of the crane end was attached to a RSJ of what looked like a 100 meters in length,

Skill and Fluidity

The driver skilfully lifted one do the RSJ with delicate movements and finally maneuvering the item into a vertical position. he then Lifted it perhaps one foot from the ground, enough to remove a pendulum effect and causing damage, I was speechless at his skill like a hand to make this look so damn easily and with fluidity.


YouTube Video Upload

took a video I will load to YouTube in 3 separate parts due to the time it took to achieve this stunt like completion, He then proceeded to move the RSJ and his Machine doing about 5 mph along a narrow track to a point where fellow engineer workers were waiting to receive and guide this hefty metal girder into a perfect hole in the ground.

The guy received the end of the RSJ and aligned it to the Whole in the ground gently lowering and guiding it to a completion some minutes later, It was magic to see, not something I thought I would find interesting in

The work in china is returning to a norm,,the roads’ and people are returning natural state of daily activities. Pressure at work and meeting deadlines are back on the table I say this as my flatmates are rerunning later in the evenings, saying work load is heavier than normal, perhaps to catch up with backlog of outstanding orders.



Parks and social areas are on track, people flying drones, kites, playing tennis and badminton, kids running around without masks in open spaces as is adults, I have never seen [other than national holidays and labor day holidays] this volume or excitement in simple things with Chinese, can’t say I saw many foreigners though.



A great early diner sitting in the restaurant was a welcome treat again, watching skateboarding, rollerblading and frolicking around

Without doubt a great sign of positive side of people, the state of Quo, their happiness radiates outward like a sound wave affecting everyone around like another form of virus, one that does not debilitate or kill.


Positive Vibes and Laughter

No just raise spirits, allow laughter and presents fun! a weekend of Positive vibes

I am optimistic that globally we all share this Positive, happy state of Daily lives, in the near future or certainly once we have dispelled what hurts



The world has taken a big hot, China was the first link in that chain and then initiator was Wuhan city. Now several months later from December to end of March.

We see a positive and significant return to normality in Shenzhen south China, other areas are still undergoing restrictions in strength but seems the big Cities having been locked down and stringent checks implemented to travelers has taken steps to assure the people, by the government that business can be resumed

It is common place to see shopping malls accepting visitors, parks open with none restrictions on communal activities and facilities

Volume of traffic foot and vehicle is as normal as ever!

In places relaxation on security and checks are happening, masks are worn but can be seen not used as intended and not one to monitor as one week ago

Assuming all this we can say some actions by government supports this change and back to work status

In other parts of the country it would seem confidences are not so well upheld,

Wuhan is still under review as new reports of patients displaying the virus again

The world now has to administer stricter measures as China has shown and achieve results to protect their citizens Effectively and With more haste, Cov-19 is already attacking the old, young, preconditioned citizens everywhere!