Cultural Differences and Relationships

Cultural Differences and Relationships

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Labour Holiday: A Personal Perspective

Does Respect for yourself deliver a better outcome in life? Cultural Differences and Relationships

This week is a week for relaxation, family togetherness, local travels, and valuable time away from the workplace

Chinese are enjoying a 5-day period of good weather, social interactions, dancing, swimming, sharing stories, engaging in social groups, and making full use of this annual festival period,

Many still don’t go home as the distance is too far for a 5-day holiday, instead, they remain locally in the majority



Cultural Differences and Relationships


Prepared for maximum revenues, heavy volume, and quick turn-around of visitors, the commercial Chinese world is on the ball and ready.

Traders and Students

Market traders and young students with creative arts and crafts are out in numbers everywhere they can set up stalls

I have it on good advice [ a party member] that The Chinese government is fully behind this entrepreneurship and businesses.

Government Intervention

I am also privy to the fact that even the government officials are running a business online promoting sales and encouraging a better economic boost, within the economy.

The Obvious growth in china’s internal economic status is evident, sales rocketed, more millionaires appear across the board and that does not deselect any particular groups, anyone with attitude has the equal opportunity to become their own Bosses and market themselves, on any product.


Step Back in Time: Cultural Differences and Relationships

Today With my Friend and guide, we decided to seek out some local side streets anyplace we have not already visited, as it turns out on our Line-3 was the metro station I considered checking out several times, well now was the perfect time and mood to follow through, We ended up at Deng Zhoutou,


Eating and a Simple View:

Eating an Italian meal we Quick pressed on to some small streets off the main road and was instantly impressed by the hoards of street fruit market bikes and portable shops, this was the place to get fresh fruit in good condition at damn good prices,{after all they don’t pay shop rents
and overheads} Resisting was futile so tasted some and bought for later consumption.

The street ahead was inclined steeply filled with more food shops and close approximate buildings perhaps 5 -10 meters apart, entrances were compacted, instantly thought that ran through my head was also voiced by Friend, ”what would happen if a fire broke out here”?

Memory Lane

We both commented on the emotions it evoked seeing this place for real, me from south America childhood and she from north of china small town, poor childhood and without supporting parents. the flashback for both of us was real and profound, but we embraced it leaned into the emotions it provided, with a sense of comfort and respect.

Friendships and Love manifest themselves in curious and varied ways, So being receptive to them is Super important and to be treated with utmost care.


Foreign Cultural Differences and Relationships

Many Interracial relationships are noticeable during this period, lovers and wives are part of the daily throng of people going about their business looking for social places, and eateries, groups, and singles intermingle everywhere.

Enduring Relationships?

Cultural difference relationship breakdowns are evident in china, great start-ups but much goes on behind the scenes, fights, and inability to agree on simple aspects of daily tasks and approaches

Marriage Longevity and Belief

Today the reverse of racing to marriage and a family is obvious and significant, men and women, in particular, are making decisions to remain single, even the ”partner with benefits” concept is taking hold, meaning having a man or woman around for a specific purpose creation of a child, but not as a family unit.

Women in China have taken that power of choice further, and play the field more than ever, these financially independent women are seeing new personal freedom that they have control of completely


This book I read explains why the marriage system needs overhauling before it is too late

———-<<<<<===== watch the video =====>>>>>>

Saving marriage

Saving marriage

Chinese on Chinese Failures

The figures also show that relationships between Chinese of different social levels, locations, and work or wealth are under pressure, with divorces at an unprecedented level.

My Personal Story To Share

Today after a Chat with someone I helped in 2021 Lynne needed a systemic change to her rancid love life, the guy was a ”Control freak’ who obviously twisted her to his wants and played her guilty conscience to his benefit SCHMUCK!,

This Lazy computer game-driven, moronic American partner is a time-waster, china is just a playground, with no future plans apparently, he teaches English to kids but spends his weekends and evenings on the Games consoles, a bone of contention existed on that regularly.

Today’s Miracle update!

She advises me that she actually left him a few weeks back and returned to her home city shanghai, where she has opened a dance school with English tutoring for kids,

  • She asked me if I can visit and she will book me the flight ticket when I am ready!~nice!

Further to that she inquired if I need help, I did but I wanted help for a better cause than my personal needs, so I engaged her in supporting the Yemen cause, she without hesitation asked me how to continue with this help I gave her the international donor site link and she has moved that to an actionable support

Moral of The Story

When we think we are in a terrible fix and Bleakness is All around, holding us back, festering every thought we have, the best thing is to become selfish, why because it allows you to focus on what is necessary to rise from the mindset, critical self-assessment is the key to redefining the root cause with positive steps in rectifying the problem, there is not better need change that to redeem ourselves and be the better version of what we are, remove what hurts us and move on.


Tell-tale Signs of a Dead-End Relationship

  • You have a persistent, nagging feeling that something isn’t right.
  • Your relationship has shifted in a negative direction.
  • Your tolerance fuse is shorter.
  • You feel unfulfilled and unhappy.


What’s Missing and How to Resolve:

Personal Development is Crucial to understanding your strengths and weaknesses, your self-esteem, and your views of others~ review how this helps you to achieve a unique way to systemically improve your ideals and idea!

personal development

Point to Note

It’s like the advice you get on an airplane, the crash steps

Put on your air mask then attend to children afterward

How can you help others if you can’t help yourself?

Forthright friends

Forthright friends

Blind love & Stupidity Rules!

The Phrase ”love is Letting go” does not apply in this case, there was no love just a need!

she was confused, frustrated, and loved someone that didn’t give a shit for her and their future, he played her and she fell for it because she loved him more than he obviously did her. I was tough with her when she continued to complain to me for months and wanted advice

Relationship on the rocks

Relationship on the rocks

Exiting a Relationship: Cultural Differences and Relationships

I may not be the best example but I couldn’t sit by and listen to her going around and around a month after month, ”same old situation” we met many times to exchange views and for her to express their frustrations.

However, when you’re doing all the work, trying new things, receiving reactive responses, not appreciated for your efforts or as a person of love, get told your misunderstanding things, get a few moments of passion without foreplay or real intimacy. When you are out with friends receive calls for an update, You have met that Wall, that threshold no one should have to endure longer, get on your bike and ride Dear!

Months Later

She contacted me today to tell me the decision and her present status which has changed for the better drastically. I was delirious she actually made the changes, and now she has a business to be focused on and a driven purpose, to that end I feel part of that change, helping a Chinese friend has given me happiness.

Well done Lynne!