Daily Exercise Fitness at Home

Daily Exercise Fitness at Home

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In July 2020 I had the misfortune to lose a good friend, an ex-forces Dude, a real salt of the earth Type!

He understood the risks of his employment, However, what shocked me more is/



Military service

His life was not taken in military action, no it was taken one cool night after leaving a bar not far from his home a few blocks away.


Ironically this all stemmed after trying to assist a bar owner who found himself in an awkward and heated argument, For Leon, This was what he was trained for, special skills in diffusing difficulties in communication and Eminent possibilities of a fracas.

He was followed and beaten to death by this So-called brave Group, the same ones he calmed earlier in the bar, I see this as an utter waste, and certainly, no words can be used to convey or sympathize with his young 7-year-old son and wife.


Memory: A Good Healthy Life

I am here to remember good times, also to continue this plan we had to get people fitter through Awareness and education, a simple structure, and implementation utilizing our own ethics and workout on a daily basis.

Being from the UK I have seen the huge difference in stature of westerners, ie Europeans in particular, our eating habits are getting better but still, a long way from where it can be to maintain a balanced lifestyle, coming to China has opened my eyes, I expected to get fatter with oil-based cooking cuisines but with the incredible balance in menus. like vegetables and fruits, it sure helps the system to keep a good diet if you stay alert.

If you are a little heavy on top I would suggest checking this out to see if it’s your thing ————–


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Additionally, relay something of my background in this Post.

On a Brighter Note!: Daily Exercise Fitness at Home

Free Always!

Having lived the majority of 10 years in China and Asia pacific, considerations and decisions on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle has troubled and dogged me, at times causing minor setbacks, be they only short ones


None Negotiable Health :

It’s not that I don’t take great care of living abroad or not having a healthy approach to my daily health and fitness, Adversely, it’s my observations of those around me. I see many travelers, ex-pats, business associates, backpackers that don’t do a damn thing about it?

Why Is This Problem: Daily Exercise Fitness at Home

Why I ask myself, why is it not important to so many?

The answer as an experienced traveler and ex-pat is quite obvious and simple when you focus on the problem.

Let’s list them as a reminder of excuses, and reasons this is ignored

  • Don’t have the time due to work schedules
  • Can’t utilize the environment effectively if not registered in a gym [also too expensive]
  • My girlfriend is not sporty so I don’t
  • I prefer to socialize with friends or go to bars and clubs
  • Don’t need to I am already healthy enough
  • Don’t like working out in Asian environments, parks, street, cycling in crowded or polluted cities, also they stare

Excuses and Poor Reasons

Well, all these I have heard, over and over from foreigners, also from Asians.

I can honestly say that the mindset is all wrong, dysfunctional, deflecting the lack of commitment to personal health as a Priority.


Costly  Gym Membership

Gymnasiums are everywhere in China However, memberships are expensive, Chinese in reality took a while to embrace ‘GYM fitness” generally, Opting for age-old Tai-chi, and Gong-fu, Latin Dancing

however, then millennia age want more, perhaps modern trends and international alternatives, Hence heavy advertising by foreign and domestic brands have pushed these succulent Novices toward wearing Funky nice sports attire, looking good is key to getting them on board and ‘boy’ they took that ”line hook and sinker”.



Many companies like Decathlon, Nike, Balance, Puma, Adidas in china, are rolling in the cash, And the ”Follow” Self – Pressuring  in direct Competition to foreign counterparts, Asian super athletes and Constant incentives have prize open Buyers pockets and needy minds to what they dream.


Real and Surreal

All in all, it’s good, however, many so-called gym-goers have drifted away from the true form and purpose of fitness Goals, where the emphasis is more about posing, wearing outrageous sporting ‘costumes’, setting up Cameras, Vlogging and live chats, This is what their membership represents,

My Observations

Spending 60-70% Gym time posing in mirrors, taking well-planned photos and making Videos to impress friends, bolstering identities, and blasting the Chinese and international social networks with fodder and pointless short videos. In contrast, their actual workout wouldn’t amount to a warm-up. Paradoxically They occupy the apparatus and talking as if they are home, no respect, shame, or care you will get from them, strangely enough, some foreigners also develop this poor habit.

Exponential Changes Elsewhere

Changes are progressing making headway activities like cycling, hiking, dancing salsa, pop, and other interests as Music and Singing, I am Thankful and happy to see the genuine application is growing and thriving in better in other areas.


In China I live and move apartments in 2020 4 times, the times I could easily have thrown in the towel, not be bothered, or joined the silly boy’s brigade of beer Belly followers and womanizers, But who am I  kidding, find genuineness and grounding comes from other avenues with long term benefits.

So independent and assertive decisions and a true goal is the way forward, not distractions by fly-by-night friends needing a buddy to share the guilt, Plan of action was needed because, I know interests, social passion, or filling in the gap with other useless pastimes can screw up your better judgments

Is It Just Me?

Maybe it’s just me but the corny phrase, ‘’your body is a temple’’ carries weight,  no matter where you are a balance of  ‘Yin and yang’’ exists. I see this clearer than before, but it is not ju

st wanting it you have to work at it.

I’m Certainly ‘Not’ a Fanatic – Just a Realist

This Positive mentality and never submitting to anything that is possible and in the best interest of my well being, give me direction and becomes my driving force and achievement factor-X


How to Fix a Common Problem


Appreciating the Best & Taking Action

Promoting in myself what seriously passionate about is the hallmark of my character, from an early age, moving later-on to join HM Royal navy ” The Forces background” has undoubtedly crucially assisted in guiding my state of organized and focused mindset, to create a plan and execute them to the best of my abilities, for this, I am thankful today, [though it was no piece of cake at the time]

I empathize and sympathize with varying situations others face daily, trust me on this I have been there too many times, those dreaded ”bad habits”, Whatever we not applying ourselves to what we know is good and for our well-being, It’s never deliberate or intentional, It falls clearly on effort or commitment, time is arguably another one we use, but as I see it we all want fast results to easy quick routes.

Excuses are the ”Get me out Clause” I wonder what words we should use for ”Get me in” or ”responsible me” Clauses? ~ lol

Whatever the reasons there one’s that need to be ‘booted out of our thought pattern if you are to regain control and make satisfying changes.

Let’s ”knock this for 6 and leave it there”, I know a bridge to the other side is waiting with a happier healthier Resolve!


Are You Interested: Daily Exercise Fitness at Home

Skipping Fitness Weight Loss Sports Men And Women Adults Special Children Students Professional Wire Rope Skipping


Good, as I was going to do it anyway,

I now record my exercise on a daily basis, I have considered how best to relate it to you whether you are traveling abroad or at home.

Energy Levels, Self-Esteem and Fitness

My idea is to keep it simple, remembering others are at different levels of health & fitness, Even lower self-esteem will review my videos so the emphasis is on appealing to the majority with a wider range of activities and effort levels


What’s the Feeling Like?

I also dug deep to appreciate again, how I felt starting in something new it’s not comfortable I know,

KISSE- { Keep it Short, Simple, Effective }

So my approach is not to bamboozle you with Jargon or even to promote this in some dazzling way I am not seeking the limelight this is farthest away from my goals here.


The Medicine- Booster a Cure : Daily Exercise Fitness at Home

What I aim to do is synchronize my sessions with a grounded simple daily ”measured spoon of Medicine called [ exercises-fitness] this has got to be interesting and engaging right?.


Energized and ‘Smoking’

I want you to feel the real deal, the excitement it can give you when applied energy and interest in each session. See improvement, shape, feeling a buzz, miss it when you miss a session, have strength where before little existed, lose body fat, firm, and tone-up, experience fewer aches and pains from your static lifestyle.

My Wake up Call

For the record, I have been off-key with my religiously strict methods on myself, Since the Cov-19 outbreak I too have put on a few pounds, guess where? No ladies not there! Guys, you know where it hangs, the Belly area, right?


Better is Good!

So we all have to improve, a little or a lot, it’s relative but increasing your calorie burn, cardio and metabolism and toning counts as a major factor. Want to shed this unwanted fat, don’t you?

Off Key Days

There will be days I don’t feel energized, even out-of-sync body rhythms,  this being the case, it is no wonder then that you also will feel like this. However, it should not be a norm or frequent.


Indoor & Outdoor Kick-Start

So, my indoor and outdoor fitness patterns aim to bring variation and user-friendly interaction, focus on strength-building, endurance, losing fat, minimizing stressing, certainly not putting the fear of God in expectations above your capabilities in any of these workouts.

Just take my activities in your stride, your pace, increase, or decrease as you see fit to, all my workouts are based on simplified routines to support your level and needs.

Of course, later as the lessons establish themselves, I will naturally add more to the routines, but by this time you would have also gained traction in your level of fitness right?


Fundamentals- Therapeutic- booster!

Race this not, it’s a therapeutic and healthy buzz, I get and like every morning, [unless an urgent situation crops up]

HOLACZES Fitness Tracker Color Screen, IP67 Waterproof Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, Calorie Counter, Smart Pedometer Watch for Men Women Kids


Upload Videos

Ideally, my videos will be continuous and adding slight changes to each stage progressively, but fundamentally you will be geared up and informed on previous episodes,

Heads Up My time will not be spent on Funky special editing, it will be raw, like Sushi, what you see is what you get. It’s not ”Hollywood or Bollywood”

What you ‘Do’ or ‘don’t do‘ is entirely your choice, I am certain you will make the right choice for your health’s sake, that’s my point.

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business process

Videos will be uploaded every morning Chinese time, so staying tracked, keep checking it will never a problem, If you miss one, catch up next time, My folder will give you access to all.


This is my already initiated up and running plan.

Indoor and outdoor workouts will vary depending on my commitments, but you will have either of them regardless.

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A Better Version of You

Break into these patterns with me and enjoy that feeling of control and va- va- Voom Feeling of strength then you can tell me,  F++King Good Stuff Chris!

Let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas of specific Areas of concern/s, I can integrate them into my routines which are around 15–20 mins daily


FREE! Means FREE! {Not the American FREE}

Everything is free and will not change, I do this because I like what I do for myself, as I hope it will propagate upward to you too, inspiration is what I hope with this and you People out there.

Are you ready? Let’s do it then!

The future is Brighter the future is Orange – C health!

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