Daily Fitness and Motivation

Daily Fitness and Motivation

How Do You Stack Up: Daily Fitness Motivation?

Did you know that 90% of people over 35 lose enough muscle every year to burn off an additional 4 pounds of body fat? What does that mean? Your not only losing the only thing on your body that creates shape, tone, and strength—But you’re on your way to Putting on more unwanted fat every single year, Regardless of remaining stable with your calories?.

Yep, Scary Shit right!


Daily Fitness Motivation

Negligible Sporadic Selective Applied Great


Today I Want to Discuss  ‘Chris’s Daily Workout Blog’

As a Contribution to Mindfulness, Well-being, Training, and Daily Activities, I have developed this DAILY and everyone is invited. My Systemic Flexible Workout Routines ”Ad hock ” they may are But, purposeful and effective” Workouts are Free ”Chris’s Daily Workout, China” Found on You-tube



I also have a group on FB initially and primarily the videos were designed to assist my own family and close friends, However, one such participant ”Grethel” Mum at a fighting age of 80 loves to keep in shape suggested and encourages me to release them to others

She claims it works well for her and daily in maintaining a nice level of flexibility, toning, and functionality in her life particularly as in the USA you drive every damn place, am I right or am I right?.

Anyway, this comes after a [cancer-op] she came to realize health and well-being are of paramount importance. Now there is no stopping the old girl and fitter than most half her age.


A Legacy Perhaps?

What I aim to Achieve, May seem too bold a statement ”Legacy”, but promoting daily, Based on my own experiences, life cycle and personal goals, Anyone following and working with these Videos will benefit and see practical changes with their commitments. Your Health and Well being is Just as important, so awareness and some guidance will surely bolster your confidence as I continue these daily short workout programs.


Join Me! (Give your Feedback too)

Isn’t it always the case, when something Ail’s or Brings change in health, do we realize, how important Mobility really I, Moreover we did ”Sod All ” preventing it a reality?

I am not here to make revenue, No I am here to show you how I manage the daily routines that I believe sincerely will help you too!

It’s not rocket science, nor is it difficult beyond anyone’s ability be it impeded, compromised, or otherwise.


What’s Needed Daily:

A little of Optimism, A slice of Energy, A Sprinkle of Drive, A Belief in Yourself, A Taste of Honey i.e. ‘Your Progress and Development’, it’s not too much is it?

Videos Raw, Simple, Standard!

Nothing fancy, just me and the environment, a determination to keep improving, and to show and guide you in the process.

Your you-tube Link:

daily fitness and motivation

Glad you took the time to visit and perhaps participate along the way my offer is not compulsory, But your health. LOL!

I reside in China, and my workout drills are every morning, Keeping things simple, but consistent, my aim is always to be aware that everyone has a different level of abilities and Mobility in movement, so this said, my routines incorporate, stretching and toning, rotating and elasticity, flexibility and Focused actions.


Chris’s Daily Workout Videos FREE!

My 50 + videos averaging 2-mins to 12-mins duration are There to encourage viewing and practice concurrently daily.

#Outdoor Activity

videos will vary from parks nearby, to mountain visits as time goes on, My community apartment Beautiful setting in Long gang Shenzhen, ad-hock travels and Meetup, even tennis, cycling, swimming, and hiking, etc…

You are able to Review All randomly or sequentially, Note My earlier attempts were not the best apologies in advance, I was developing Video recording skills. However I want to state frankly I am not going to beautify the videos, it’s raw it’s real and it’s me on the day, so love it or hate it that’s how it is people.

#Indoor Activity

apartment a 3 level good size layout with space for this sort of activities, bay windows, and balcony areas to also utilize.

Indoor tennis, ping pong, events, and Tai-chi in due course, you name it and I will most probably cover it for indoor workouts

What I want from my efforts is to give you the reason and optimistic mood to be consistent and guide you daily as a partner in crime, lol

daily fitness motivation

Essential Eating

Balancing your intake of salty, spicy, carbohydrates and saturates is important, and as a busy worker or business person in china it’s easily forgotten or sidestepped, this is disadvantageous to your health and system, but similar examples of this exist in other countries in the west with frying and fatty foods, blood pressure, diabetes, and coronary system Issues can arise if not managed and closely

Can’t Quite Make the Changes?

If you find eating habits hard or getting into any sports seems difficult, because y9ou look at yourself and automatically assume you are not Recoverable, maybe putting age, past experiences, drinking habits, lifestyle, or just having needy family and kids, I have just the thing to show you there are ways and not as tough as you may believe, take a look at this eye-opener and consider what it can do for your particular situation.


What to Achieve with Expectations

Lose some weight, trim that gorgeous body, improve breathing and general mobility, well being is the goal!

If you have any suggestions or want to put similar [very similar simple routines here …no problem] I will review include.

This is a Conduit / Reservoir Videos on How to keeping Active, Fit, Sharp, Also guided means of Maintaining Body and Mind Healthy,

My Good Vibes Hub

  • Strength Infuser: Pit-stop
  • Age-defying Booster: Reliever
  • Weight and Toner: Tonic

Where Is this Crazy Heaven

As above, On you-tube, later [Facebook very soon]

You’re over the Pond, A City, A Country

  • We meet in the middle, YouTube /Facebook
  • You Student
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  • Let’s get Moving



Is that All?

Brace yourselves, Other Videos and categories of personal Experiences are also recorded for posterity and your enjoyment, these come by way of Curious, ridiculous, unbelievable, Stupid, Unimaginable, Cute and Dandy, caught on camera Videos During my travels here in China

  1. Chinese Martial Arts (Taichi Allan zheng Workout)
  2. Peculiar Chinese
  3. Chris’s Chinese Foods [Nosh]
  4. Chris’s Rooster Booster workouts [outdoor]
  5. Chris’s Rooster Booster Workouts [indoor]

Chinese and Westerners

Chinese and China Will never fall into the logic we westerners are acquainted with or encouraged from a young age to adopt and propagate to our families in turn, the Concepts are very different, mindsets, beliefs, attitudes, social standing, personal awareness, and hygiene, Cuisine and Social graces,

We are worlds apart in many ways yet getting closer as The World stage evolves and decades pass. Chinese are becoming wealthier and Serious International travelers globally, chasing every opportunity, skill, learning, culture, social ladders, and business-driven. Personal accolades and Money’s material aspects

Yet I still see they have a long way to go, still, short-sighted the majority, still living in a dream world, still doing everything to stay on top of the pile, the race, the success ladder.

These videos are taken as I found and I just see them as snapshots of time as a traveler, ex-pat, and businessman, Some funny too! so sit back and enjoy as they arrive.


China Traditions and Customs

Peculiar Chinese Category: include the following

National dances and styles, festivals, holiday celebrations, Botanical Garden, Kite Flying, Park events and activities


Taichi Online classes china

Taichi Allan Zheng Teachings will amaze you, My friend for over a decade is a Master of the Art, Many times over, won accolades and competitions in Hong Kong and Cities around china, this pursuit of excellence in his Philosophy and Technique is to be admired many years of training and a life of understanding the deeper meaning and scope of the martial art style.

You will have the chance to watch and apply some basic moves and relaxation techniques from his varied training to many newbies both foreign and native of China.

With these uploads and guidance, there is no way you can’t make changes in your lifestyle with only a few hours per week/weekends, most of all find enjoyment and pleasure from the new you, Right?

Lastly, Before I Go:

  • Prevent Dehydration While Playing Sports :
  • Both During and After Is super important
  • A light snack is a booster too


Fluid Drinking During Workouts

Some Pros are not savvy to this technique, but this guy has it well and truly sorted have a read see if I am wrong — <<<<getting the way you want without the fuss>>>

It is recommended to drink about 150-250 ml of water every 15-20 minutes. It all depends on the intensity of the exercise.

Whatever your particular interests in sports and activities, the must-have ingredient to achieving better results and the prime condition are water

Some may say that additives to promote better energy levels are effective to give the circumstances and your training or sport, things like Protein, Sugary induced products is an added bonus,

The other intake, is food a light snack, like a health food bar, enough to boost sharpness and energy levels for longer duration exercises, and workouts, but a light one not to laden the stomach.

But Fluid in the body during any form of exertion maintains good blood circulation flow through the veins and heart that much easier and less load on the system as you continue to exert more.


The Professional Stage

Professionals are constantly absorbing via consumption of water, just look at Olympic runners, Marathon runners and Gym enthusiasts, even Cyclists grueling fights to be first in tough terrain and competition need huge amounts of water, Boxers are also constantly sipping to conserve and distance their energy consumption by the body

Scientists think we should drink cold water instead of hot water to keep the normal core temperature balanced.

The hypothesis of the present study was, cold water improves thermoregulation and performance

Of course in a Cold climate the reverse may be better suited, not shocking the body, it is easier to maintain the quo temperature during high load circuits.


If you are thirsty, it already signifies you have under-exceeded the amount of fluid you should have absorbed and it’s the body’s ”alarming or flagging” this lacking deficiency.

Headaches and disorientation is also a sign of insufficient fluid or dehydration

  • 6 pints is advised per day, what is your intake?

Do not drink more than a couple of pints within an hour. Additionally, avoid drinking more than 6 pints per day unless you are a professional athlete with a trainer.


Best Recommendations Drinking Water During A Workout?

  1. Speeding The Unwanted Aging Process

Trials prove sports claim a rejuvenating effect on the skin. Blood vessels and active blood flow [oxygen] around the surface increase the quality and appearance of the skin, the cells are enhanced with life’s oxygen, collagen levels increase, giving suppression to wrinkles. As in everything in life the body needs an optimum amount of fluid to help blood circulate optimally.


  1. Fluid, Not Fat Loss

Some people think that if they don’t drink water while exercising, they will lose weight more quickly. Yes, you will see the effect on your scale right after a workout. But you don’t lose excess fat, you lose water. And as soon as you drink, your scale displays a different result.

Lack of water does not allow us to burn fat cells effectively. Normal blood circulation that enriches cells with oxygen is not possible due to a lack of water.


  1. Toxins Stay In Our Body

During physical exercises, The body cleanses by filtrating through the blood flow and intense sweating. Needless to say, if the deficit to supply the body with enough water, toxins will remain in the body as sweating levels will fall.


  1. Workout ‘Quick’ Tiredness

Tests by Scientists Suggest, dehydration has a reverse impact on the effectiveness of workouts. For example, losing 5% fluids, Degrades training effectiveness by 30%.

To lose 2% of fluids from the body suggests not enough fat burn or muscle building is taking place.


  1. Muscle Pain becomes Frequent

We expect the mandatory Muscle pains after a good workout. Not drinking enough water, Tissue and Ligament Damage together with pain may extend for days.

Microtraumas: are small changes and damages to sinew, muscles, tendons, and the constant repairing process therein

The microtraumas that occur during exercise are cured if the muscle fibers are supplied with protein and carbs. And possible only when there is enough fluid [water] in our body.


  1. Cardiac Rise Occurs

Your blood becomes thicker and your vessels constrict to save on a low supply of water, If you don’t drink enough fluids the result, your heart rate increases Attempting to force the thick blood quickly through your narrow vessels. Heart  workload increases unnaturally, again not what you want

This can cause shortness of breath, and elevated blood pressure readings. Your heart is under strain now and though you are healthy and exercises regularly, this is not good.


7.Facts About the Dehydration

Drinking & Snacking More, Replenishes Body Needs

Thirst often is confused for hunger Post exercising. And Not consuming water regularly during your workout manifest as being hungry, oddly enough  its watering time, a glass of water followed by a snack if required is advised

Pre Training Preparation

Taking Measures to ensure you are prepared with liquids, snacks and loose clothing is essential to blood circulation and air ventilation, yet keeping body temperature that does not give rise to Cold weather chills or Summer sunburns.

Now with knowledge, there is nothing stopping you from getting fitter and healthier!