Difference Between Race Ethnicity Nationality

Difference Between Race Ethnicity Nationality


Travel Culture and Experiences are Essential to Learning and Developing into better people, appreciation of what we see and participate in will never be substituted or rivalled by reading books or watching TV

Must venture and adapt to new things, fly, bus, walk, hike, ride, sail, drive Get on board and make it happen or Miss or regret the thrills and infusion of richness that envelops your senses


chinese v american differences

Achievements and Inventions Chinese

I have to say that Chinese people are true patriots,love their country what it has achieved and its historical contributions to the World:

family time coronavirus period

To Name a Few

Chinese achievements

Compass, Movable Type, Paper, Silk, Gunpowder

  • Woodblock printing,
  • Paper making,
  • Abacus,
  • Fireworks,
  • Kites,
  • seisometer,
  • telescope,
  • Bone china,
  • water wheel,
  • Tibetan culture and beliefs,
  • Porcelain,
  • Printing,
  • trading silk road,
  • Mao,
  • Taiji and Gong fu
  • Great wall,

Patriotic Chinese

patriotic youth chinese

Their History and Current Time, New  lifestyle they are proud of and rightly so. The country’s evolution and growth over a very short period of time has been promising and internationally recognised

They show willing and assist casually but don’t welcome or endear themselves quickly to foreign nationals, Race Ethnicity and Nationality is growing faster with multinationals arriving, it takes time and confidence building relationships, either by the foreigners’ participation in events games, or companies arranging then same activities

Communication directly [preferably in Chinese no matter how little is known] effort is rewarded with laughter and kinder eyes and finally some acceptance to their community

Other means are teaching or working within a foreign company or business or associated language driven marketing

By not accepting [outsiders easily] particularly small towns and villages, they maintain a distance sometimes even divert from sharing or being alone one-to-one with you in situations.

Chinese and Religion

confician & taoism

Modern Chinese in general don’t seem to support or follow any particular religion but, in parts of china they have embraced over the centuries, Buddhism, Muslim,Taoism beliefs,

Recently Christianity is now showing and inserted into the system, I have seen in Shenzhen an orthodox church in Bao’an district, in its splendour it was built over 10 years ago and has a following

World Religion China

Chinese I have met are unaware of other religions they
simply are not interested, They do however have dislikes to certain cultures
and appearances they encounter in daily lives or while travelling abroad

Multinational China

China is now quickly becoming a melting pot of nationalities, some passing through others arriving to work and live long term even marry orientals

Multicultural china

An Opinion

In my honest opinion Chinese, regardless of its Historical feuds, Foreign
invasion and violence, racism exists due to how Chinese perceive our differences culture and appearances

Activists/ Radicals

What activists in china have managed to do is bring leverage to bear on this society hence we see more of the problem

Many Chinese from small towns and villages live out their lives in somewhat simple settings, with little needs and wants,comfortable daily things is bliss, to regard any outside occurrence or influence beyond periphery is neither considered nor important.

Colour, Race or Creed

mixed race and creed in china

Colour and Race carries stereotyping and Social or financial equation, and rise in social misconceptions. Citizens of UK,PORTUGAL,GERMANY, FRANCE or USA are expected to be Caucasian,

Others are Tagged as Minorities or Black, For Chinese Black is Perceived as ”Brown” Black and ”Others ” anything other than white from my experience as a teacher, lol

What Colour are You?

multi-ethnic society

A discussion with my students a few years ago, where my question as to what color they were [Chinese] I was promptly told ”White”

Question on Colour

Black Or White

When I posed a view from the world’s aspect that
Chinese were considered Yellow there was a blank look and mumbling but not a direct agree or disagree was offered.

So I take from that they didn’t wish to be regarded as any other colour than white.

Cosmetics Companies for Chinese Markets

chinese hot yellow on whiteners

‘Must Have Whiter Skin’ Chinese are  obsessed with fair skin, white They are pushing the manufacturers to provide whiteners for their skin to be enhanced and boy the manufacturers are rubbing their hands with excited glee




Another point is Wealthy nations, i.e ITALY, PORTUGAL,FRANCE, USA UK GERMANY, RUSSIA,AUSTRALIA CANADA to mention a few,are perceived as Wealthy, Rich, or Powerful Nations and highly followed and sought after for immigrating and studies,

From an Historical Aspect, hence they are given much
more credibility and value when in business and social settings

trading with foreigners

Reasons Why?

The reasons on reflection I expect are past historical events between these countries, trading, and political standing.
Chinese are avid TV viewers so movies are part of this doctrine, advertisement, trading in specialised products and services too

Personal Experience China

I Live and worked for many years, teaching in the early days in china since 2005. Started an e-commerce business with a Chinese partner, returned home to UK and back again managing the office I have witnessed the attitudes and psyche of the orientals and lifestyle and it’s people.

Travelling China

Teacher and Business in China

Living and traveling from Shandong, Beijing, Henan,Guilin, Hainan, Chengdu, guangdong, shanghai, Beihai, Tianjin, xi’an, Guangzhou

All offer a wider scope of lifestyles, Experiencing incredible differences in Local people receptiveness to foreign interactions and faces

prejudices at home chinese

Chinese Ethnic Prejudices

Students Abroad:

Chinese Prejudices heighten Post Cov-19 Brings Ethnic Chinese Abroad Problems

Recent reports has suggested Racism of Chinese against and Among Chinese is appearing, following The corona-virus outbreak which has spread not only a Deadly virus.

But Punishing racism among the ethnic Chinese Groups that study or live abroad Casting unpleasant accusations and derogatory scathing names


The topic of Power, Discrimination, Influence, Ignorance and Naivety will always require further answers, this is worldwide and infiltrates all our society. Now that we are faced with tough life threatening decisions, this may seem Unimportant,

However the reason for this post is to extrapolate how closely linked we are and joined at the hips in all of life’s ups and downs

we bicker on differences yet we come together for the greater good, my question is simple, if this is so important to collectively align ourselves to what threatens our society life and world

Why do we not just as easily appreciate how other precious attributes, cultures, lifestyles and other people’s plight in other threatened Scenarios

How we are inextricably common to each other reliant on each to survive, we have a domino effect that will bring us all down or raise awareness and bring about good result