Disabled Living Facilities

Disabled Living Facilities

Disabled Facilities and Apps For – Special Needs – In China



China has seen a great change in social understanding and awareness of the needs of the minorities, aged, disabled, needy, Feeble, Pregnant Women and Young children.


These Activities for addressing the question of Humanitarian that they are accused of not Displaying in general. How many times have i heard Chinese are Selfish, have no soul, only focused on Money, shameless, well maybe that does exist as it does in many countries across the globe, however in my time here i have seen great strides in accomplishing social changes that out reach the ‘Developed countries”


China Portable Kiosks

Walk-In KTV Kiosks

K.T.V stations:

To make your own recordings, exchange and share with a friend anywhere in china [ maybe abroad]

Removable and fold away seating for ”Special Needs” people, many of these have replaced then larger KTV establishments, allowing flexibility for passers-by, removes booking reservations, just randomised use for anyone.


English and other languages are being loaded for songs and video’s

China Buses:adaptible buses for disabled and infirm passengers


Electric Suspension: lowers to boarding customers, specially arranged seating positions for disabled, mothers with prams or elder trolley carriers.


Sickness bags provided, Blinds for sun screening, fire extinguishers,


Payment options, card, mobile apps, travel cards, most with added benefit discounts and easily credited and charged. Full audit trails available to your devices to check costs


China Metro:

metro stations shenzhen easy access


Many auto sensing escalators with warning advisory, more Lift to platforms, platform assistance guards and on train security to remove peddalers and beggars, to also monitor eating and drinking and unwanted and unpleasant waste disposal litter.



easy access metros

Video LCD Info direction, door opening warning, station by station announcements, scheduled safety videos on emergency action in fire or terrorist situations


Platform Ready waste disposal and [toilets in many] Maps and local interest posters and guides.

China Trains:convenience apps and use



Online ticket purchasing, and route planning, main station better speedier ticket service, baggage porters and wheelchair assistants, Updates on train times and delays, early gate opening and orderly ticket processing to boarding.

Clean toilets often services in transit, food services on wheels, and shop. 1st class and 2nd class services which are monitored.



China Airports:


Clever layout and ease of use, easy access to facilities and WC food stalls and shops, luggage trolleys and clear signs, rest rooms for not only VIP’s watering [heated] dispenser machines for tea, coffee. Modern able and disabled toilets with space and emergency cords



Other Special Needs | China Airlines provides a series of special services to help passengers


China Roads and Pavements

Roads and crossings are well displaced, drivers stopping for pedestrians without having to jump out to initiate this action. Taxi services arranged with DIDI or similar services easily, Drivers must display ID card and start the meter on every trip, China Convenience Facilities and Apps For: ‘Special Needs’ Kids and Adults is improving using Payment with mobile apps, special cards, scan QR Code and pay. clients can escalate dissatisfaction Report to the taxi provider is available if you are not happy with your trip or charges



.pedestrians tram line guide for the blind

Pavements are now better equipped with tram lines that clearly assists disabled pedestrians buy means or tram lines with stick leading guide markers imprinted into the concrete bricks, dots and vertical raised lines are useful tools to assist individuals to their destination.

China WC Public:

Are being upgraded and very technically advanced with auto dryers, toilet flush, wash dispensers, lighting and air-conditioning in cubicles, these are prevalent in Malls and city areas in the main, All equipped with special requirement facilities, for old and frail or restricted people, it’s an epidemic in the cities this investment and a good move to attract travellers too


China Charging Stations Mobile:

Appearing in every shop, restaurant, metro snack areas and Malls, Carry battery charged packs for all uses, you scan and remove one, then when you are done return them to the Docking station and pay the charge for used time, losing the item will charge you more, what a great way to keep you on the go and providing emergency service.


China Computer Charging

Available at Most Coffee, restaurants, snack bars and shops, then emphasis is on keeping the customer happy and in the shop to levy more from them, so Starbucks, KFC, and others had started this feature and it works, now its a standard in many shops.



China Library Book Return Stations:

Library book return and collection station


Located outside designated buildings for out of hours use and accessibility, fantastic idea, borrow or return using your ID, Passport. Books are replenished every following day.

Chris’s Thoughts:China teaching the world Economics


Convenience Facilities and Apps: For Both Special Needs and Able People In China’s Cities


It Should be Noted that as a Resident of a Developed country like UK i have come to expect improvements in china, certainly as i have been coming here since 2006, And sure as Hell it’s happening and in a flurry of activities across the board especially in the big cities.


With every new application of The government comes improved technical and modern approaches with cutting edge and sundry of trendy gadgets, designs and Eco friendly devices, Cars Busses, Trains, Infrastructure supplies, machinery and utilities.


If there is ever going to be country to make staggering changes and how we perceive the future in the 2021 century it’s china and in a big way.


Forget the criticisms about NOT CREATIVE ENOUGH OK that may be the case from a concept aspect, however take it a step further and you will see the upgrades, copying, duplicating of all things Chinese do, they Do it with style and Better by a long shot.


Isn’t This Similar to the Japanese Period of manufacturing and development, they also took this road by making what they had and others and taking it to a higher level through technology, feg shui, and philosophical approaches, they sold appliances like Hitachi, Sony, Mitsubishi, Samsung and others into the European and north American markets and homes.


Even Though Cynical and critical mindsets were faced they broke into the markets with solid and reliable products Delivered good backup support services which could not be denied, America and it’s big engine cars were out flanked and out manoeuvred from a sales aspect, the smaller Japanese cars like Nissan Datsun, Subaru 4×4,  Toyota Corolla gave the people what they wanted RELIABILITY, VALUE for MONEY and Performance! A Killer Trio.


Sink or Swim in China:

Walla!!  here in china the possibilities and endless and resource held by the Government is said to be in the region of the Trillions of YUAN/ RMB/ KUAI in the Bank support their goals, Products are even more being exported to North & South Americas, Canada,Australia,

Europe and they find themselves being Leveraged to join forces called ”collaboration” with the Chinese manufactures as they see a huge benefit in this cooperation in their failing products or market sectors, so better an ally than go under against the better man with resources you can’t match right?




Future generation Chinese

New generation Chinese with education from international institutions, are trying to prove themselves and their skills, education, application to the Digital age and what it can offer



These very people will define and make landmarks on the millennium of technology and modern thinking, what with travelling and being part of the bigger picture The holistic view stands to reason that the bar is being raised and the competitors and challengers better be ready for a tough competition ahead, this generation and onward.china is teaching the world Economics, growth, organising, technological innovations and rapid implementation


China Government:

Fall of Discrimination

Jul 15, 2013 – China:  Exclusion of Children With Disabilities that domestic organisations provide services to people with disabilities ‘SN’

Would still need to apply better means and resolution, to imbalances in Education for Kids and Adults with disabilities and ‘special needs’ and i would like to think this is in the pipe line as a priority mandate, but we are talking about a percent of 1.5 billion people right


The ‘special needs’ professionals are also being given opportunities in the workplace and home based entrepreneur types, e commerce and Digital 5G will be a blessing to those with creativity, passion, spirit and drive, also financial markets and management skill set.




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