Expat’s – Why China?

As a Newbie to China some 10 years ago I was afraid, awed, compromised, cautious toward this move and living in china, I made the leap of faith and it worked, with persistence, self assertiveness and a good lady to pass the time, lol..

family care and attention

family life and care




This is a life that is  an ‘Acquired”  taste, opportunity and inspirations. so, say anyone with a willing attitude, adaptive and open to fresh and illuminating changes can make something happen in china



earthenware china

Chinese Vase


but you need to cut ties from your norms, comfort zone and your safety net, your immediate families and friends, those are some of the sacrifices to bear! the plus side is that you make new friends, develop new skills, make new love, and test your character, learn a language or some of it. but you become independent and assertive and ”CAN DO” person


I would endorse a trip to china if you can it is truly a feast of beautiful and culturally informative life

To me living there for a lifetime would be one of risks, being as you get older the risks exponentially rises, and unless you can ”speak- a- the lingo” sufficiently at that stage, it can be a difficult situation when feeble or frail.


So whats it to be?

Stay and take your chances or go propagate, enjoy the experiences and return to family and Home”country?

what would you prefer! are you Avant guard to take the Plunge, Leap of Faith? to find what you want to Do?


I hope this Post has been of particular cultural interest and you can be energized to go see China it is certainly worth Effort and respectable costs.


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