Facebook Money Giveaway Scam

Facebook Money Giveaway Scam

18/04/2021 0 By christopher

Facebook Money Scam

My recent week has been one of fascination, misrepresentation, selfish and distracting people, strangely enough, 80% are from international locations.

I put this down to one major event, but I hold my breath to possibilities of human traits to screw their fellow humans for everything they work hard for in their lives,

This is no surprise I might add, it’s just that the Pandemic of covid-19 has released the raw animal instincts in this civilized sector of animals called humans, another level of intelligence and social respect for others they share the same basic rules of life, social bonding, and values.


Facebook Money Giveaway Scam

Breaking This Down: Facebook Money Giveaway Scam

A fortnight ago I received from within Facebook social media platform, news of a lottery winning list for which I was also one of the participants, and that I was randomly chosen as a winner, though at the time this was not clear, it was a clever ploy to draw me in for further discussion.


Note at this time I was already suspicious and kept it as an interest to be reviewed later, I love to play along with such unsolicited approaches, it’s the Leo temperament I guess.

I let it lie low not following it up with much else than, ”what does my Zuckerberg have in mind?”


Dialogue Thursday 15th April: Facebook Money Giveaway Scam

Again I was approached, there was a casualness to her intentions and clearly, there was intent though subtle it was intriguing, but things to point out should you encounter such a person.

  • None native, grammatical errors, spelling, and sentences, I have corrected below to give you an easier reading
  • How are you doing today and the weather over there

Facebook Money Giveaway Scam

Thurs 12:55

You sent 15 April at 12:55

Debby is cooler but great to work out and travel how about there?


Thurs 19:46

Debby sent 15 April at 19:46

Am doing cool and thanks for asking


Thurs 21:25

You sent 15 April at 21:25

what do you do Debby?

You sent 15 April at 21:25

You look like a big wig from your profile


Fri 06:39

Debby sent 16 April at 06:39

Am Debby by name and I work for Facebook INC here in the united state of America...And you?


Fri 09:18

You sent 16 April at 09:18

hello Debby, thanks for the info, it’s not often to find a cohesive reply from anyone, so a Facebook executive? fascinating

You sent 16 April at 09:19

I am Christopher, from the UK living in china, I am a blogger and YouTube fitness instructor

You sent 16 April at 09:23

Coincidentally and for the records, someone who claims to be contacting me from the offices of FB and on behalf of Mr. Zuckerberg, wanted to discuss something? I asked what it was in my reply and no further response? so either it’s a scammer or halfhearted enquirer?


Fri 20:58

Debby sent 16 April at 20:58


Debby sent 16 April at 20:58

I was authorized to contact you by the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg concerning your Facebook account.

Debby sent 16 April at 21:44

Before I proceed I will love to know how long have you been making use of your Facebook account?


Fri 23:40

You sent 16 April at 23:40

hum, I expect 8-years may be more

You sent 16 April at 23:49

just saw one of my albums Dated 12 august 2007,


Debby sent 16 April at 23:53

Have you heard about is the ongoing 2021 Facebook international pool promotion going on yet?


Sat 06:22

Debby sent Yesterday at 06:22


Sat 08:38

You sent it Yesterday at 08:38



Sat 23:10

Debby sent Yesterday at 23:10

I am pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded annual final draws held 2021 by The Facebook group in cash promotion to encourage the usage of Facebook worldwide.


You sent Today at 09:43

and what does the mean in real terms?

You sent Today at 09:48



You sent Today at 09:48

here is my YouTube fitness channel and my website blog of china, http://bit.ly/chinaworkout https://chinese4idiots.com

Debby sent Today at 12:03

Your profile was selected among the five(5)lucky winners that were selected randomly for the winnings.

You sent Today at 12:07

Now your talking Debby

You sent Today at 12:07

so what now


Debby sent Today at 12:08

The Promotion was initiated to be as compensation to customers and to assist them financially(Annually) with the total sum of $1 Million United States dollars and a car which will get to you as soon as possible.

You sent Today at 12:10

I never heard of this, to be honest maybe being focused I missed the advert?

You sent Today at 12:12

can you tell me how this started and how Mr. Zuckerberg sees the benefits of this

You sent Today at 12:13

I am in China and though I read a lot of world news and so forth, it kind of takes a lot to keep abreast of everything


You sent Today at 12:14

as a blogger and YouTube fitness goer takes up most of my time


Debby sent Today at 12:14

Here is the list concerning winners 2021, kindly check if your name is on there?

You sent Today at 12:15

OK let me have the list


Debby sent Today at 12:16

according to that list, it is me

You sent Today at 12:18

Christopher e Jones

facebook lottery legit or scam

Facebook lottery legit or scam

Debby sent Today at 12:24

The promotional program takes place every six-year and you are the 7th winner in the promotion, you may rest assured that this is real and legitimate

You sent Today at 12:30

Debby, let me recap on this and excuse me for being cautious, I am sure you understand this sort of thing does not happen in many people’s lifetime,

You sent Today at 12:31

so if I may pin this down with crystal clear clarity

You sent Today at 12:31

1. Are you saying this is a foregone conclusion, that I have actually won something?

You sent Today at 12:32

I mean of this list of people [ I am a winner]?

Instant Research: Facebook Money Giveaway Scam

The Bells and alarms were ringing like crazy here so let’s check out this person’s profile for validity


Google Results Profile


Kevin’s Case Study: Facebook Money Giveaway Scam

I had a person named Carnes Benny Lee that contacted me through Facebook to be my friend then started to contact me through messenger.

He said that Sheryl Sandberg the COO of FB told him to add me as a friend and to let me know I won the Facebook International Pool (FIPP) for $950,000. I knew it was a fake so I played along with him.

He spoke in pretty good English but it was broken up a bit. First I had to give him my name, address, age, etc. (which I did because it’s not anything that someone with google could not find).

I asked if this was a gimmick and he assured me this was totally real. He went on and on with information that made it sound very legit.

Batch number and serial number and ticket number and so forth and told me to write it down and not lose it. THEN came the bite! I needed to send money so the money could be sent to me.

Anywhere from $560 down to $385. the address to send it to was Facebook Inc, Attention department 415, PO Box 10005, Palo Alto, CA. 94304,

He even included pictures of people that had won in the past!!!! I mean this guy is/was good! The major goof that he made was for some reason he included a map that once clicked on brought up a google map with his coordinates!!!

Once I did the squeezing motion on my screen(mobile phone) I could see it was from somewhere in Nigeria, Africa! I have heard in the past that there is a lot of stuff going on from there.

So watch out people they are getting better and better at getting your money!!! Asked about 6 years ago


My Concerns: Facebook Money Giveaway Scam

My follow up research on the Facebook community page shared a similar case see below:

What is being done on the Facebook platform to eradicate these unwanted people, does Facebook’s social media strategy, set more definitive algorithms or administrative safety for the smart scammers and attackers now and in the future.

Can it ramp up Security to deter and punish through aggressive legal measures on these parasites of social life?

Strategy to protect the users on FB, what is being done to promote awareness other than the community, is there a tool to identify and relay back anyone’s findings easily



I admit I let this run on longer than I intended but I wanted to see how the minds and patterns of these people, could I learn an important lesson for future attempts to scam me on social media, emails, or phone calls.

The fact remains that if you didn’t apply, or be part of anything you know, it’s going to be a scam, If you believe that you can get anything in this life for free and certainly moreover in any random process, you are living in denial, you are already a fish on a large hook to be reeled in by the fisherman, so in a simple statement



Stay safe be cautious!