Fly to Kyiv Ukraine or Shenzhen China?

Fly to Kyiv Ukraine or Shenzhen China?


The city of incredible growth and infrastructure, it is said that the Chinese government’s goals on this development of Shenzhen were to overshadow the Hong Kong ”STATUS” of being the ”Hub of Asia” it is also a rumoured that a greater plan is afoot to outshine Hong Kong and its semi-autonomous position.

During my 9 + years of living in China, working and setting up a business I have seen incredible changes in Beijing, shanghai, but not so much as Shenzhen City in Guangdong province!

This once wet farmland has grown in stature and recognition in just over 35 years.

Buildings and edifices breaking out everywhere and completed in a miraculous development time period

The Metro

There are 13 lines, they encompasses the city and like fingers of a tree spread fruitfully in all directions and to the suburbs efficiently.

Quickly and with style and cleanliness. These ultra-modern towers standing over 40 floors for residential and 50 floors for business buildings is staggering!


24 hrs development around the clock 7 days per week is out of this world. You can see workers upon the apex of the building working in pitch dark and only spotlights to guide them.

The attractions for foreigners in business, backpackers, casual travelers, and holiday visitors are increasing by the thousands annually, being 40 mins throw from Hong Kong acts as a perfect spring board to traveling and curiosity from all over the Globe.

Work possibilities with skilled individuals is attractive to Chinese business and new business starters, Shenzhen is the home of electronics hardware devices and furniture reproduction


full-on with more clubs, restaurants, and bars you can shake a stick at and all night too! The added benefits of choosing to live in the city limits or indeed the suburbs is just as easy with the metro system, buses and taxis.

The more significant aspect of this is the costs of living in an apartment, the outer limits are less refined but better rental costs, and then inner city is better equipped newer and more ”Foreigner intended”

Interesting places cultural, socially and children drove and provided evenly, seaside and promenade is great on weekends and holidays.

Parks and areas for kites flying, Latin dancing outdoors, skateboarding and libraries are plentiful

Living in Shenzhen

Can be fast paced and business orientated during the day but just as full-on also in the evenings relaxing and entertaining.

If you wish it may be gentle depends on your game and your needs it is a place to experience as a traveller in Asia .

News Update! 2019

You can now fly to Shenzhen directly from LHR to SHENZHEN [stop BEIJING] so unless you want the scenic route through HONG KONG this is another way with fewer worries?

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Fly to Kiev or Shenzhen?


zoloti voroti ukraine

zoloti voroti Kyiv golden gate)

My visit to Ukraine Kyiv, one of inspiration, history, rawness, and strong religious drive, I was there on Two separate occasions and spending 3 months then 2 months.

Each was very different as the weather created very different moods and social situations, in the winter I travelled with my girlfriend saw then motherland huge statue, Golden gate Tourist attraction’

St Josephine church, then Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Monastery or monks tombs walked along the Dnieper River!

National opera house KYIV, UKRAINE

National opera house KYIV, UKRAINE

Experience Opera at The National Opera House.

Kyiv is and was an enormous surprise for me from the point of view I had some apprehension of what to expect The Russian style buildings and boring Grey sad long faces with bad attitudes, well I was wrong sometimes and it was good to see better things in fact.


Motherland STATUE KYIV

Motherland STATUE KIEV

Motherland Statue

Coffee shops and stalls riddled the pavements CAVA coffee I recalled, McDonald foods tasted better and more varied to what I was used to elsewhere.

The selected local food shops we tried were good quality and well presented,

clubs and entertainment were full-on from late to mornings and plenty of choices, some aimed to the richer segment of society and foreign trade, Men’s clubs and similarly placed in strategic locations around the city

English is not a 2nd language, only in hotels and some restaurants when I travelled alone

Saint Andrews church KYIV, UKRAINE

Saint Andrews church KIEV, UKRAINE

These or monasteries, this was the perfect place to visit it will awe you with variety and history


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My first excursion into the city by metro was one of doubt I never let that impede traveling, the complicated routes of walkways underground is not for the faint-hearted. Trains are old Russian built and very robust which worked efficiently.

I recall a funny experience where; the door closing mechanism worked as in the old movies where someone in the driver’s cabin pulls a long metal lever to make all doors slam together, that’s what it was like! So if you were unfortunate being trapped between these doors it could be painful and awkward.

Kyiv Pechersk Larva Monastery

Christmas and New Year!

Celebrations were jovial and vibrant and in good spirits with everyone singing and hugging and special shows in the centre of the city followed by the firework display.

many eastern men were standing with flowers attempting to attract women openly in the streets.

Prices are cheap to rent apartments while traveling and then the currency is a good exchange rate to Euro-Pound or Dollar

I enjoyed Kyiv it differs significantly from Cities of Europe

I hope this post has a particular cultural interest and it can energize you to go see China and Ukraine Kyiv, Lviv or Odessa. Just for the sheer experiences and cultural infusion it is worth Effort and respectable costs.



These two very different cultures and mind sets are contrasting, yet the family values have some intrinsic measurable parallels looking after family mum father are ingrained in the system. The union of home grown family values co-exist in many ways.

Compelling Country and historical differences are as obvious as Chalk and Cheese, UKRAINE KYIV~ OLD CHINA SHENZHEN~ NEW

The traditional and modern growing mix cities of china for Eastern Russian styled buildings and religiously steeped tradition of Ukraine, Kyiv with elegant Beautiful women

Both are rich in their own ways, it depends on your particular interests and passion


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