Garden Communities Apartments

Garden Communities Apartments

08/10/2020 0 By yi Yang

Oct 4th 2020 Finding a New Apartment before November

Searching local and city areas alike we. Arranged 4 viewing, locally where tower blocks in nice surroundings, offered clean and purpose styled room sharing, box tucked as a possibility, 2ndd community, seemed obscured not seemingly modern or exciting, but the room size and community though older had an appealing attraction to both of us, believing. This a perfect setting with an established community.

Fired up and curious we tried not to expect too much, we needed have had any concerns, this was exactly what we wanted and thought was never possible, 6th floor buildings of mixed architecture, huge bay windows some square the majority rounded. the instant sense of satisfaction and expectations where met, doubt was removed and only wanting to find out more of the place was on our minds, we looked at each other in total agreement and awe how well this was going to suite us right down to the ground. Excitement grew as we waited to walk up the stairs to the 2nd.floor.

Kitchen, access hall and inner staircase was like a colonial house on 3 floors. Each floor presided 2 rooms each with their own balcony and large window.

Ours on the 3rd floor was a sight for sure eyes, opening into a large 19sqm bedroom, fitted wall-to-wall red wood cupboards, full wall size round bay windows with green tinted to reduce heat, where also fitted with screens on each panel, to keep out the mosquitoes. A great big Ahhhh we voiced.

View of the inner gardens and path where warming European, unlike Chinese in any way.

Discussing our options. It became clear that the agents where not making profit from this community, therefore where removing themselves from the contract end of this year 2020. This put an different twist on our perfect place, digging deeper the agent claimed that we could still negotiate to stay on longer by communicating directly with the landlord again our Hopes where rising.

Saying farewell and promising to complete the contract this evening, we watched him walk away deciding we where already here, the opportunity to find other apartments where very possible. Walking around taking photos and discussing how we could contact other landlords was the focal point of out talk now.

With renewed vigour and passion Charlie began searching WeChat for this community and websites, she was successful in locating and communicating with an addition 4 landlords, and get this, all their apartment prices where cheaper than what we just viewed, similar sizes and in come cases more rooms and facilities?

leaving messages in hope of receiving favourable responses, we sit waiting in the community recreational area, not wanting to leave just enjoying the earthy and resident only environment, that does not promote commercial shops and malls. Something rare to find now in Shenzhen’s developments.

One agent responded and one of the better properties, we researched, with a price of 1000rmb, 600 cheaper so far, excellent. our meet up time is planned for 1.30 mins later

A Better Apartment Option?

Reviewing the company history of Tenants, we happily found that it was a poor relationship with their clients, professional ethics and bad practices and even not responding to contractual obligations during and at the end of contracts. Reclaiming payments for your deposit reviews claim are shockingly difficult, they even push all Tenants to apply for loans via their own dubious networks to pay their mandatory one year full down payment of rent, Poor service support and WiFi facilities.

Nothing short of criminal activities, basically an unscrupulous and disreputable company, who has no bricks and mortar offices, but use the wechat groups to make a killing on unfortunate newbies and trusting individual’s who fall prey.

I am in a gaming mood, now armed with crucial information I will make her work hard and get nothing in the process, a fun time is ahead today ladies and gents.

Playing the renting game this alternative apartment proved fascinating, good decoration, appeasing colours and general internal décor was a tick better than our previous good choice. What it also succeeded in a longer rental period without fear of ousting as previous agent told us, additionally it 1100, an astoundingly 500 rmb less expensive per calendar month, with the option to pay monthly quarterly or yearly. Choices, choices, choices. Lastly the only fee was administration charge, zero Agent fee? hooray

Taichi  Morning Groups

Set  you daily Clock by this group, my routine is pretty well Synchronized to theirs now, this Mix bunch of matured, Also young participants enjoy and teach each other movements, Fluidity and essence of the Taiichi style.

I attach a video if interested to watch Resource <<<Video Taichi>>

Majhong Groups

each block seem to consist of groups is players, both ladies and men groups, also card playing is another major game with the ladies in particular.

Howls of laughter, banter and playful jesting goes on. constantly. A truly agreeable established community and friendly atmosphere.

Chinese and international chess I like to play whenever I can, what is your poison, obsession of indoors games? In my collection of games the number 1 game of course everyone has one is Monopoly aged but sweet absorbing and relentless fun! looks like I am now going to play that tonight, haw! haw!

Christmas Hilarious Games


Closely  followed by Uno Card game, Domino and Chess, Draughts, here are some other popular items I hope to collect on the run up to Xmas

I love to experience these attitudes and personalities of friendship. It exudes a feeling of bonding and trusts.

One elder fit looking dude sauntered over to us and smiling broadly looked at me, I responded in kind and there was a connection we continued initiation of a dialogue, very helpful and approachable man indeed.

Moving Out Moving In

All contracts signed and resolved, out plan to move in the 2-day search has gone smoothly, by that I mean start searching one day and finding and plans for the move then next day is super efficient, we are pretty chuffed to have achieved this stat of completion in 48 hours,

A van was ordered and collection of all items prepared, delivered in 2 hrs to the new apartment, all for a low price or 200rmb.

Moving in and out

Spending the rest of the evening 5pm to 00:00 midnight arranging things was fun yet proved tiresome, Strangely enough we where up on the 3rd day to complete all. Even arrange an engineer to check out the water pressure as our shower was not as expected in power.

Well Worth Local Lunch and Dinner

the local cuisine of noodles from xinjiang and later dinner in a fish restaurant was perfect for a smooth transition and new apartment feeling. Its incredible how a new change of environment even a few mile away can boost spirits and appetite, always worked for me.


Though not planned our move, when push comes to shove, in this case agents breaking the contract, we had to get our skates on and take action to secure a Nicer place than expected. This apartment is in an almost surburb-like environment with all the feel and mood y9ou find in such a place, very different to where we came from previously. We are both of the mind that this has to be the best location and living quarters ever!

The moral of this story is not every thing planned is good or offers the best outcome!


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