Get a Tourist Visa China

Get a Tourist Visa China

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Covid-19 update: Get a Tourist Visa China

Much has happened worldwide with covid over a 2 year period, Here in Shenzhen, and China in general, we face sporadic cases of infectious imported goods or travelers arriving in the country, and through stringent checks are carried out at border control,

Random Outbreaks still occur, In some specific findings it would be found that Chinese Nationals from provinces traveling the country were the infected carriers in China

Restrictions on travelers, and production of negative proof of Covid-19, set high and difficult measures to access china, especially if not for a specific business, or political invitation.

Access to foreigners to Get a Tourist Visa in China, as I understand not available, alternative visa codes are issued like SF/TL for those as I already reside here.


China’s Source of Infections: Get a Tourist Visa China

Products from abroad carrying variants of the virus are also infecting shipping personnel and handlers at ports, Cases are up recently though suppressed and contained quickly, the outbreak I believe fear of something larger for the Chinese Government is evident.

get a tourist visa china


Wearing Masks:

Get a Tourist Visa China

Get a tourist visa China

Masks are Are none negotiable, especially in busy social places, metros, trains, buses, airports, social organized settings, and meetings, with the mandatory 3-meter spacing safety

Shopping centers are a primary high-risk area as you can imagine particularly on weekends and holidays periods where volume is at its highest.

Public Places Checks

Many types of AI or Robotics checking stations are now in place as a replacement to manual security checks, this being the case China has managed to keep on top of the returning variants as I know.


Throat Swabs: Get a tourist visa China

Nucleic Checks are well administered across the cities in outdoor stations and governmental establishment areas, cultural and library locations

Covid-19 Injections: Get a tourist visa China

Are regularly publicized and promoted on TV and billboards in metros, large outdoor screens, and restaurants

  • China’s ‘zero-Covid’ approach has been successful, but it risks leaving the country increasingly isolated as other countries open up

Pharmaceuticals: Get a Tourist Visa China

Sinovac Biotech/ CanSinoBIO/ Sinopharm

China’s 3 Pharmaceutical companies that offer vaccination, for citizens and foreigners are dependent on supplies given to the local hospitals, but online bookings are simple enough and you may even see the manufacture’s info


Stay in China: China visa extension

There are more rules and regulations on this from travelers coming in from abroad, but for those already in China we are faced with proving our worth by our balance of the account in RMB, The clarification of this new introduction measure, remains a mystery to me, the scale of funds to stay per period is now a balance the new rules have applied to get longer stay permit visas.


Clarity Can’t Relate: Get a Tourist Visa China

UK £ deposited in my Bank Of China seems to make no difference, though I have printed and offered to the administrators for my application, even highlighting and arrowing the balances to direct attention.

Discussing seems pointless and none eventful, sometimes, experiencing dismissive official behavior, so the word ”proof ” should use loosely, from experienced funds in  RMB balances are all they look for, never mind that you have £ on the Chinese bank balance.


(BOF App) Bank of China

A special trip to the bank and assistance with the APP install [security reasons] takes me back to square one (no UK £ Balance displayed) the bank app does not show UK pounds, like Desktop,  instead, you get all in RMB,  for example, I had 1000rmb in Chinese currency and £3000 in Pounds sterling on my account, but, it shows it as 3000RMB?

The bank teller has no explanation for this anomaly, so imagine what difficulty there was me trying to explain this to the Visa office? yeah!


Using Mobile Hotspot: Get a Tourist Visa China

Trying to connect at the Visa establishment is a no, and using my Mobile hotspot for the  Computer was impossible, the PSB Building does not provide WIFI for public use. Yet people are supposed to provide the necessary documentation there and then.


3Monthly to Bi-Weekly Visas: Get a Tourist Visa China

Previously and since May 2021, I received 3 monthly visas, and 6 months prior, 1-month visas, As you can see change is happening and rapidly in China, I can appreciate the merits of the Government’s purpose of identifying foreign illegal workers but for god sake offer consideration and support for your changes. it’s a two-way street, isn’t it?


Travel Around Difficulties: Get a tourist Visa China

Options AvailableNavigating or planning travel around China now proves NEAR impossible, having to get a tourist visa china, is having fortnightly Issued visas, not many travelers are able to allow for that kind of incurred expenses to return to visa office if they are in another province, the flights, trains and time for travel costs would be unbearable,

  • Stick it out see if new policies take over soon
  • Return to your country
  • Stay out in the principality you are currently, to keep costs lowest


Don’t have problems Travelwise  International transfers offers are 7 x cheaper than banks

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Knock-on Effect: Get a Tourist Visa China

Process Visa extension, Our Passport has limited usable pages, and bearing in mind you need to have a minimum of 6 pages that qualify for applications, This Forces unwanted Embassy Passport renewal visits and costs to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, once again more flights and hotel costs. and you have 2 weeks to do it Perfect!?


Local Intertainment: Get a Tourist Visa China

Moving briskly on let’s consider the positive aspect of staying in your locality, there are always engaging activities around and local gems, museums, art shows, park displays, and cultural-historic buildings to enjoy!

Get a Tourist Visa China

If you are into Nightlife and the social scene, bars and clubs, outdoor sports activities, promenade walks and parks, hiking and mountain walks, business events, shows, and so on…no problems


Canadian Coffee Shop: Get a Tourist Visa China

Yesterday I came upon a Canadian Coffee shop, These coffee shops ai am advised are new in the area, fortunately, a good experience with discounts on their coffee and food wrap at a respectable price.

Intrigued to find out more, I started researching the company a conglomerate from Brazil, Yet managed by an American group, This Arm of the Conglomerate is based in Canada, and extending into the China marketplace

Opinion on Product

  • Standard Coffee medium Cup 18rmb ~ good balanced beans taste!
  • Wrap (scrambled egg and ham) tasty and nutritional not salty, good size!


Business Expectations: Get a Tourist Visa China

get a tourist visa china

Quite recently I received interest from SME’s to cooperate in businesses wanting to get on the European and international platforms. Well works for me, however, each fell short digging deeper their agenda and required was not investment, instead, looking for an established retailer, company, b2b, b2c, and not interested in investing themselves, only at supplier basis.

Forging cooperation in business is possible in China, but you need to be clear on their agenda and be an established player coming to the table with SME businesses in China.


Personal Space and Friends: Get a Tourist Visa China

Personal Space, is only as good as the quality of Friends you keep, relationships I found are plentiful, be aware that relying on them may be costly and a fool’s errand, many see a target on your head with their personal benefits, ”give nothing take all” mentality in the majority. Don’t be fooled by foreigners either they have another level of greed. Caution and awareness will be your Best Friend and Alliance

get a tourist visa china



Stormy Weather: Get a Tourist Visa China

Shenzhen is weathering Bouts of Sporadic infections, together with Nature’s Very own late Summer Stormy Periods. traveling requires careful consideration, I personally hit the (EC) English corners randomly, partly because I need another level of communication and variation, sometimes, fortunately, I meet other foreigners seeking the same outlet, also meeting a few traveled and seasoned Chinese who speak acceptable English. It’s an amusing setup with intriguing responses and attitudes in unusual ways



2021 has accumulated changes for me as a traveler and ex-pat, and the world changes do impact your cross-border travels. The ability to rebound when things go downhill or sideways is essential, the lifestyle by its very nature is open to unexpected incidents some turn sour too.

It’s the price we pay for following our dreams and inspirations. What we should take from these episodical experiences is what doesn’t break or kill you makes you stronger, wiser, and character-building

I believe it’s a test of our metal, our capabilities, our capacity and freedom