Get Job in China

Get Job in China

NEWS: Teaching in China 2019

The writing is on the wall for foreign teachers operating in China. Times have changed and continue to purge out unwanted unqualified applicants and present illegal workers, Those days of teaching here without the correct  perquisite  documentation or appropriate visa or education credentials appear to be numbered and winding down.

Since early July 2019, to Get Job in China it is clear that government departments and policing has heightened with spot checks on schools and teaching establishments, rise of a scale not seen since the beginning of international schools and employment of native and now none native teachers is scary,

Teacher detainment’s, expulsion and cancelled visas together with huge fines is taking place rigorously, tandem with several government announcements related to increasing education oversight and the policing of unqualified workers.



All teachers and professionals require certificates to work in in China,  qualifications, special certification and police registration on arrival is a must, This good and bad implications

  • quality of service and individuals for their particular sphere in business and educational establishments
  • better command on pay to procure these qualified individuals
  • Chinese government satisfied and leave you alone
  • removal of risks factors and deportation/ legitimacy to work


The Earlier Days



The early days finding a job was never a problem, 2005 and up to 2017  you could walk into a English school did a Demo after researching teaching technique’s and practices land a job

My first experiences at interviews were not good as a freshman but through these failures I began to understand what was required from my  interviewers, this is about learning from your mistakes and screw ups and apply to the task to get a job.


  • 1 : Degree Notarised / certifications/ previous background history/ criminal records letter/ etc..
  • 2 : International or State Employment establishments



Teachers for toddlers and children up to 10 years old is much needed for area of work , Teachers pay is higher and you are offered benefits outside the norm to keep you i.e. Apartment/ health funding/ flight/ good holidays


Early learning school

  • 3 : International schools finding a job here, will now tend to ask for Certifications, as mentioned above,

So this would show determination to teach.  Schools may consider this a passion and start you with the intention to continue your studies while in employment, with financial support its a small investment for them with high turnover and profits of new students



  • 4 : Online Sales and support for international customers,this area of work is under-subscribed and much needed English spoken job opportunities are available for thriving new companies and established ones



Modelling for Women and Kids is lucrative and quite easy to find as these sites promote this kind of work constantly, These are well informative popular English language sites and owned by foreigners.


  • 6 : Dance teachers-Latin-Modern and Pop

Have a demand as the Chinese are seeking awareness and equality with all things imported. They also have the money in the Big Cities, where families are constantly pushing their offspring’s to be everything and better than their counterparts so ”THE MORE YOU STUDY THEN BIGGER YOU WILL BECOME’ is the view i experienced living in china several years


  • The EMPEROR SYNDROME comes into play and being better and richer than your neighbour is ever more evident in this culture, found in the new China in such Cities like Shenzhen, Beijing, or Shanghai


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