Get New Job While Working

Get New Job While Working

Strength of the human spirit

Strength of the human spirit

Power of the Human Spirit This world with its trials and tribulations, bring out the best and worst in us, however, the unparalleled power of the human spirit, has to be said ” to see is to believe”,

Don’t be afraid to Fail – Motivation Video

It’s remarkable and inspiring, bringing satisfaction beyond anything you’ll ever encounter. Strangely and Incredibly these experiences appear during moments of Pain, adversity, tragedy and Life’s difficulties.



  • The Conversion or Weakness and negativity to Strength and Positive outlook reveals our core values and Character strength, compassion, love, hope, and integrity.

Let’s Look at One Topic Today

The English Corner:

Implies an informal instruction in English held at schools and colleges in China. These sessions sometimes are led by native Chinese teachers or less often by teachers who are native speakers of English. The emphasis in these sessions is on improving the oral English skills of the participants.

As Informal Session Goes, Topics can be far-ranging. Usually English Corner activities held on Friday afternoons after lunch in many schools

New day New Ideas

New day New Ideas

Quit Your Job Start a new Job 

  • First point DON’T BE AFRAID TO FAIL
  • [its the risk and benefits of this path but, not the end of the road of experience.]
  • what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and wiser yes?
  • Don’t make this be the 1st stumbling block
  • Do you think all business and entrepreneurs had a smooth or easy road?.. so why would you not put this into the equation?


Someone I Met recently here in Shenzhen, China, I returned to Asia early last month June 2019 and have since renewed old and found new acquaintances and friends in the process.

A Remarkable Experience and insight into someone that I can call a friend and budding entrepreneur.

The Dedication, courage  against STRONG Competition in the City of Shenzhen, China.

With scarcely 2 Yuan to rub together, no resources and sacrifices on living standards he has endured is his Spirit and belief in what he has tasked himself to accomplish, Starting a Business..

I Contribute this post to Kevin. It shows that Sheer determination and diligence is key to what they can achieve in life

English corner Thursday 4th July

Kevin’s World

An ordinary Chinese English teacher and his pursuit for recognition, creativity, and helping others in the process to learn ENGLISH through ENGLISH CORNERS around Shenzhen city.

Kevin’s Brief story

Born in the City called Chaozhou, which is famous for its entrepreneurs.

guangji gate


Chaozhou people have been going out to earn a simple living for hundreds of years, if not thousands of years, seething footprints worldwide, I’m also one of them.

After graduation from hometown college, He was excited to travel to the Big City, With its dreams of better life and opportunities,  However, He found that to be the Opposite in reality

Finding a Job was Difficult Temporary work started and failed from 2008 to 20013. His longest employment totalled one year. The work I did was terminated after probation period

ideas and possibilities

ideas and possibilities

One Day My friend Invited me to an English corner, It was organized by Tony in Nanshan. Immediately, I fell in love with it and took part regularly as a member and Eventually a Host.

Even after work, Kevin found energized buy this EC. He loved the environment and situation, so Kevin resigned from his job .Deciding to go to the City of Guangzhou with an idea to start an English Corner

His Fears was Starting a Business: New and without much resources, Only Having very few friends and Not familiar with Guangzhou City. Struggling time after time, He failed to develop anything and Finally gave up. Returning to Shenzhen to work with a friend.

He was still passionate to create an English corner again, He began Organizing Free sessions in small shops gradually building his customer base, The real problem was now no income

Unable to Pay the Rent, neglecting food After borrowing money from  family and friends. He was forced to levy charges for classes This was a risky choice but Luckily, people subscribed, its now 3 years and charges are still in place. Funding was there for life!

sacrifices and changes

sacrifices and changes




Purpose of English Corners  Extends to more than LEARNING ENGLISH

English Corner

  • English. This is an English corner, it encourages people to speak English and you’ll get your fair share of time to practice your spoken English. Besides expressing yourself in an English-speaking environment helping to significantly improve your overall listening skills.


  • Public speaking. Halfway through the English corner, you will be invited to give your understanding or topics in a three to five min summary. This allows you a great opportunity to improve your public speaking and logical thinking skills


  • Reading. On Sunday in every two weeks, organize reading activity, sharing discussions on what you have read. Through taking part you are likely to read more and by sharing, you will understand more


  • Life problems.  life can be tough, that’s why his slogan and business name is ” Better Life English Corner”


  • Friendship. People who attend English corners come from different education background, and cultures. You are likely to find people with similar interests, values, even aspirations. Some students may become their mentor and help in career guidance. Some find love and  business partners. The possibilities are endless



Starting a Business ~ Online

The Digital Era is The Perfect Period to begin your new business ideas

# === Read More How To>>

How, What, Audiences, & Cost

  • Getting Paid to Review Products, or Sell  to – eBay – Amazon – Spotify and more Out there.
  • Promoting Services as an Affiliate
  • Consider This:, Market leaders, Manufacturers, Traders, Merchants Want to use a third party Source for advertising, getting their product and services to viewers and hopefully conversions
  • WHY:
  • Savings on Advertising and Competition, Cut Throat Fierce Market Place is rife and out there.


 You and I

Our Social Network links, Emails, YouTube, Digg, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and offer the perfect solution,

  • We have Traffic Visibility, Credibility, Credence and Communities
  • NO knocking on doors, Back and Forth to Offices and Peoples Homes, Cold selling Via Phones.



# ==> Success comes with Failure and Sacrifices

# === Read More How To be Successful>>

The View Person Ready to follow their dream, be it in business, sports, commerce or others, knowing what you want is the difficult choice, understanding, implementing and executing it is another, Whether we achieve the goals we planned or imagined is maybe what we all expect in life, after all, no pain no gain right? It leads us to financial security, less stressful and comfortable lifestyle.


What Would Inspire You to Consider leaving your current job and embarking on Entrepreneurship or business?


Have your Say

  • Does Failing scare you?
  • Do you believe Failing Scars permanently?
  • Can you bounce back?




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