Good Things that happened during Coronavirus

Good Things that happened during Coronavirus

Trials and Tribulations

the question is simply


It Was a Late Lay-in after a Friday of Winds and a Chilly evening we were worn out, The plan was set to get up at the break of Sunrise and amble off to Central Park to Jog for Two miles

Well, that was a Great Plan, However, during the night I had a Nightmare, we wouldn’t go into that now, but was one to forget.

We struggled to come to a decision at 7 am [Mainly due to my sleep was poor most of the night. All the same, my partner insisted it was a good idea, I wasn’t convinced and remained in bed to enjoy another few hours of the weekend.

She promptly got up dressed in sporting attire and disappeared out the door!


a great sunrise


After The long Restrictions of the Coronavirus, I wanted to be out and about today however, My Previous night’s Nightmare should have been the signal to what was to come in the form of a unique and interesting day, So to skip forward let’s move to the part where we took the Metro and headed off to SHEKOU. This is approximately 45 mins from our apartment,

The Day Sunny and Warm, promised a nice gentle outdoor change from the local area we resided, especially with this Coronavirus stuff in Shenzhen.

Arriving at Our Destination we were surprised how we both displayed a similar uneasy feeling in the stomach, but putting it aside assuming it was just the trip which in most cases train or metro rides tended to make us feel lethargic and sleepy, it’s like being on a boat and the rocking motion tends to give feeling tiredness.


The Barber Shop

We Arrived at the Metro Station that I often used to visit my Barber, [strangely enough, each time I return seems a new Barber was in place, but I am a creature of habit in this situation and still make the especial trip] either ways I had to wait for my turn and had no problem with that.


Charlie my partner, was happy to bask in the sun and walk around outside reviewing the newly opened local food shops. only still accepting a collection of orders and not allowing sitting customers, [we actually did go in and eat after some discussion with the waiter, we were the only clients may be why that was allowed]


I Was Ushered to Sit, I gave some instructions on my choice of haircut and styling, charlie came in the shop to confirm my requirements removing the potential for any misunderstandings to the barber, with all this done Mr. Barber set-about hacking away what I had left of this rather thinning mop, it was a pity to see what curls I had disappeared onto the floor, but win some lose some!



then new dry cut

Cut and Dry

Opting For the Simple Cut without the additional wash and scrub, my calm moment of being groomed was over and I paid my dues waved goodbye with a quirky moment of chit chat about foreigners [laowai not having wash hair] this caused an outburst of laughter and I grasped the not so subtle humor therein.]



glorious day shekou shenzhen


This Location is Well-known for foreigners establishing into the Chinese community and with some money, those who choose to move to Shenzhen on a permanent or long-term basis as residents, ex-pats, and retired businessmen/women.

The area boasts expensive apartments, good location on this Peninsula south china opposite Hong Kong territories seen clearly over the water in the distance.


Modernization is Constantly taking place and reclamation of land from the sea is amazing and inspiring, there are family areas, evening and weekend staged water display shows around an old french cruise liner ship placed in dry dock and converted to bars, restaurants and a hotel, worth a peek if you are in the area. this was given to china some years ago by the French government.






Our First Bike Ride began here in Shekou, knowing the area very well, I spent much time here in the early days living and working in the area previously, I was nominated to take pole position and lead showing my riding skills and knowledge of the local interests and cute highlight spots.


Away our rented bikes are easy to use just scan a  QR CODE on the bikes with either ALIPAY OR WECHAT you can ride and pay, [time-related costs] pretty cheaply and most importantly of all Swanky new bikes not worn-out, squeaky or rundown rusty aged machines, (in less popular areas on the outskirt of the city you will inevitably find those)


  • Then riding does literally become a pain in the proverbial backside
  • Our Banana Yellow Bikes were well built, purpose-designed for casual use and activities, single gears more than suffice too!






This 20 Min Ride was just what the doctor ordered, a breeze on our faces it was just a ‘cool’ start. We negotiated small streets and markets, admired the buildings and courtyards, further on we couldn’t resist stopping for a McDonald’s Ice cream cone each, why not the sun, bike, and ice cream it was perfect!

Back on The Bikes and arriving at our planned destination we parked up and pressed on walking through a small communal park, A quaint creative landscaped area offering clean toilets, a beautiful garden, and gorgeous big trees, some colorful and in bloom.

We took a turn to keep watch on the biked so while see visited the toilet, I made a video for uploading to YouTube later.

A 5-min walk through the Thoroughfare to the peninsular promenade was both relaxing and gave us the opportunity to discuss how the day was developing so far, we agreed it was promising and  ‘Enjoyable’

The Seaside was not busy as expected being that officially people are still returning to the city from their hometown after the Coronavirus outbreak, so perfect time to make the most of the weather and weekend before the crazy rush time starts on Monday.



We Deliberated on how people can live in these expensive huge homes, even asking ourselves why would anyone want it that big?. The question of ”DO these people feel satisfied with their lot or seek more”?. We concluded that it was human nature to look for more and always unsatisfied with what they attained, driven, and striving for better and more, perhaps just to accumulate wealth and power.

We Wandered on along the winding road reviewing the landscape and back to the sea and its strange collection of boats, these consisted or Junks [ Chinese private homes on water] speed boats, powered military security crafts, and police boarding vessels private jet ski, and one manned small powerboats all sitting together in a neat line.

It was a Strangely odd combination, some a real eyesore others sleek and designed for speed or specific tasks quite contrasting.



Further on we stopped to sit and watch kids and mums play on creative play areas, we were starting to feel thirsty a drink was forthcoming, so our trustworthy flask was out and tea quenched the need.

The evening was drawing in and the sun was setting, small fruit bats appeared diving and swerving dangerously and erratically sometimes taking drastic action to avoid collision with each other, a real acrobatic display and great to watch. I had this realization and wondered what do they eat as there were no visible fruit trees around here?





Circling Around to finish our walk we couldn’t help noticing the amount of ex-pats bars, restaurants, and 3 medical shops alongside each other, 2 medical shops closed, under-subscribed maybe?

Once Upon a Time, this was a thriving heaving bar and nightspot area, now it’s difficult to say as many seem permanently closed, whether because of the coronavirus knock-on effect on the business or just outdone their useful time is anyone’s guess, but I dare say this coming week the reality will confirm if this is just a temporary blip.

We Arrived at the metro boarded and headed home, but shortly after deciding to go to charlie’s home to collect products we ordered on-line called [sha ji] [sea buckthorn].

Its Potential Ingredients help with my blood pressure, and now I don’t rely on prescribed medicine tablets since returning to china 8 months previously I applied this alternative and gradually reduced my intake of medicine as it stands recent BP check show a near-normal pressure reading so hallelujah!

Of Course, i use to continue with other antioxidants in conjunction like drinking green tea and eating other fruits, I feel better and my blood pressure has improved considerably.



As passionate bike riders, we are always drawn to utilizing every opportunity to use one wherever we can, but Shenzhen is not like the countryside in the UK where freedom to navigate lanes and tracks is standard, anyway, we have to use what’s available to use and we did

Arriving at Charlie’s Metro Station: This is where the fun begins folks, fasten your seatbelts and all hands in the vehicle, please!

Charlie wanted to walk, I wanted to ride, Riding was decided [i know she loves riding bikes for hours] Anyway after collecting our bikes prepared our bags and set off, it was less than  50 ft when an array of yellow/black and orange bollards came into view, charlie negotiated and passed I, on the other hand, didn’t.

Crashing Into the Tallest One, legs one way, bike another, everything was a whirl, finally getting up checking the damage, I found a bruised shin and inner calves, not bad brushed off and followed her [at which time she turned to ask if I was OK].

Steadying Myself and try to catch up with her, I witnessed her go down one Kerb and approaching the other one in readiness to mount, however, suddenly the pavement was higher, not inclined or sloped as expected for cyclist.

Charlie hit the brakes, what follows appeared to me in slow motion as she partly flipped over the handlebars falling and trying to protect a face on impact with the pavement, she turned her head to the side with some grace and went down on the ground.


damaged legs in bike ride

damaged legs in bike ride


I Have to Say This Looked Serious and the Sound of an ambulance was ringing in my mind. I dropped the bike and ran over where two other passers-by rushed to the rescue. She was noticeably shaken and tearful, sat for a while and collected her senses, we didn’t move for what seemed like forever.

I Checked Her Over and realized contusions to the chin, legs and knees started to appear in dark patches, shaken we ditched the bicycles seeing she showed no interest in riding on. We slowly limped on discussing the unique calmness of this day and how it changed to this calamity.



Minutes Prior to the Incident: In the Metro, I took a photo of a BIKE with a professional terrain cyclist wearing full protective gear and we discussed using it in my blog. Little did I know it would be so immediate, relative, or profound to our current situation.

law of the times we live

law of the times we live



The Moral of the story is We never know what’s coming around the corner in life’s intricate tapestry of events, so live the life to the full where y0u can!









  1. Have you ever had a day like this?
  2. Have you had an intuitive session like this before
  3. what’s your opinion on Murphy’s law