Hakka People China

Hakka People China

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dragon full length

dragon full length

Chinese Hakka Minority Worldwide

Following a very thought-provoking experience last weekend where I traveled locally in China from my residence in Long gang south china. We came to see a traditional residence a family with considerable wealth and position, but was over a period of hundreds of years, With a group of Five Minorities of HAKKA .

This particular family rose from simple beginnings then via international slavery later by the English to be recognised as an internationally Chinese ancestry group, Generations who have married, integrated, networked and survived around the globe and living normal and lives today.

Many Achieved professorships and educators with businesses in their own rights and sphere. the Melting pot of cultures offers different creed and colour generations, some taking time out to return to the source and land of their forefather, to revel at this incredible beginnings in China.

An Estimated 36 million Hakka people are scattered throughout the world. More than 31 million lives in over 200 cities and counties spread throughout five provinces of China (Guangdong, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Fujian, Hunan) as well as Hong Kong.

Taiwan Excommunicated

The Early Years Qing Dynasty Period an emperor of China having difficulty with Taiwan ruling and administration, came upon a brilliant plan to draw them back to the china and government administrative control.


This Ingenious Plan was applied to the coastal areas Chinese living on the southernmost tip of china directly adjacent to Taiwan, Being that they traded vigorously with the offenders the Emperor removed all coastal operational workers and residence bring them in land approximately 100km, This was to ensure that no trading was possible with Taiwan.

This Process Reclaimed and establish an order and Taiwan was forced to return to china, purely as they were unable to continue surviving as a small island, out in the china seas without importing important living supplies for its people survival.

  • Needless to say the Emperor’s Plan Was successful.

Let us begin from a simple yet substantial community and residence in long gang, Shenzhen, Guangzhou. China

This Residential Community built with high walls and two perimeters inner and outer walls, essentially the 4 Watchtowers on each corner of the Fortress like building, offered protection and defence against attacks.With a watch tower, But the real core ancestral design was inside the community walls

A ring of roads surrounded intricately the core and living quarters of the supreme owner and master premises.

There were recreational areas, inner and outer rings I am told for the different levels of workers, and the master who had his own private garden and walkway for contemplating and reflection. All were of fair size but the master was more spacious and well landscaped.

 schematic of residence

schematic of residence

Residence Configuration

The outer walls were the backs of the residences, worker, servants etc small yet clean living quarters, the front of these rooms faced out into the gardens and recreational areas, perhaps for families with children to play.

The cubicles and living, dining, private offices and other spaces housed a multitude or activities and creative aspects, Teachers and private champers, interconnected with class room suitable for up to 10 approximately,

Education Private Tutors

Hehu residence shenzhen

Hehu private tutor

I was advised these private tutoring was paid for by the master of the building, and allowing others externally to the Enclosure to be included in the tutorial, however they had to pay their way separately.

Hallways narrow and interconnecting lead to art and crafts rooms, looming and weaving, iron monger, food classrooms and cooking kitchens, dragon making [dance structures and modeling, painting and calligraphy, clothing and design,

Hakka Workshops

Craft Workshops

Dragon Dancing Costumes

Food Making Workshops

Hakka food is generally Sweet to taste and many desserts are beautiful in colour and flavour and variety, but not good if you have sugar related aversion

Oil Making Press

Collected Fruit prepared and pressed manually with these Bashing methods, pummeling the captured fruits in the centre of these devices drains out the oil for cooking and other uses.

Shenzhen Longgang Museum of Hakka Culture

Hehu Xinju, is a Hakka Enclosed Residence and located in central longgang city, the residential group referred to Luo Ruifeng, inside the Nan liang community,

The Descendants 7-8th  generation

Family Residence Built by Luifeng, Hakka born from the city of Xingning, Guangdong province, This residence was established around the Qing Dynasty, In the 2nd year of Jiaqing’s reign the Main residence was built approximately (1817)

Many years was envisaged in this construction starting in the center hall and core of the City, in china historically founders are held in high esteem and regard.

Photo placards on the walls depicts the importance of the past generations efforts and importance within the family historical tree.

The outer section with living quarters Grew to accommodate, the family as they marry and had families of their own, Chinese had a rigid structure of importance in age, seniority, knowledge and values

The Residence was later Claimed by municipal government as a Museum in 1996, later begin declared a historical building site of long gang City and a protected historic landmark.

The Acreage of this building is 25,000 Sqm and one of the largest recorded Hakka existing enclosed residence of China, In 2017 it was also declared the base of Anti corruption education.

The ”Living Fossil of Hakka Architecture Culture”

The specifications of the design states 166 meter wide by 116m (a later part) and 104m deep, designed with inner and outer rings then inner is squared and the outer is trapezoidal, there are four turrets on each corner of the edifice and a watch tower

This Encompasses more than 300 rooms ancestral hall is centred of the design with courtyard halls and corridor, known as the ”nine hall eighteen wells” there is also a secret passage above the residence. considered a typical design of Guangdong castle style referred to as ”the living fossil of Hakka Architecture Culture”

The Essence or Fujian Guangdong, jiangxi with special care to absorbed the elements of guang-fu local style residence, and as with many similar Chinese designs residences the emphasis of Feng shui is Key to well being,

Hence you will find in the majority a large lake or pond at the front gate of the Building, Some even had boats or Live wild Ducks as an added feature, representing longevity, for the Dwellers and Owners.


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Hakka -Marriage

Marriage is an delicate and complicated process, requiring varying stages meeting family and preparation


Cultural Events

Hakka Dragon Boats

Renown annual events in china and Hong Kong, a history of boat making and sculpting of high quality and skill.



As Minorities in china [one of 5 Han groups] this minority has proven resilient and strong in tough situations and slavery, now an international minority they continue to develop, take on Important ranking tasks and positions of authority.


It is possible many of you are unaware that you are part of this History, perhaps you have a great grandfather or mother that links you to this minority in some inextricable way, Maybe you should do some research and find out.