Head vs Heart Decisions

Head vs Heart Decisions

Plans and Spontaneity

Have you ever taken a turn, or without a plan make a decision that brings more benefits than you could ever dream for that day, what happened, and did you believe that the benefits outweigh the worries, efforts, or otherwise plans you would have made?

Well Ditto!

This is the feeling and awareness I have experienced today, Spontaneous reaction Yes, this was a last-minute change of heart vs head, and you know who won

A Brand New Start

Today after my usual workout in my community, the decision was set I Got ready had the all planned out, it was to visit the city check out some places of past haunts revive some memories, and maybe some fresh ones in the process, yet as I arrive at the metro station, I was immediately reminded of a stream I saw and had decided I would try when the moment was right, well why not today my little shoulder devil said? when would the time ever be right I pondered!

Having this epiphany, I considered how nice the day was and the cool wind to assist my walk, it seemed perfect a choice.

Where it would lead me to was not important, I would just walk as far as I felt and make detours as and when I needed, let’s be clear about one thing here, I am not one for trails and serious trip planning, so this was going to be a baptism of fire in a good way, a test of what’s to come.

Arriving at the place of the stream, I surveyed the scene, and looking up and down I could see that it had great potential, why? well, the flower blossoms staring me in vibrant pink and purple beckoned me on, enticing me to commit on this river escapade, and so I did!

The stairs to the river were filled with overhanging trees and all filled to the brim with these vivid flowers, birds swooped around wildly, butterflies chased each other in a kind of erratic love mating madness, the mood was set and I was primed to get underway.

People’s Interests

A few fishermen sat on the river’s edge, some of the young families hunkered around the waters edge with fresh catch, discussing what to do about it, if to throw it back or keep it in the jar of water already holding a few fish.

Walking past I focussed on putting one foot after another in the direction of my goal, I could feel the rush of a cool breeze full in the face, It was refreshing and inclined to welcome the effort ahead, Mobilized, invigorated, and fired up my stroll became faster, but with a casualness, I might add all was looking good!

Breakwater Crossing and Scene

Coming to a bend in the river I came to a small breakwater but well designed allowing people to cross by standing on strategically equally placed slabs of stone, this sure was a real treat, with added interest as I also noticed partly hidden stair, with a cultural building above on the other side, additionally further down the river loomed a bridge in typical Chinese style architecture, this I had to see up close.

Chinese Culture and Myths

Ascending the stairway I entered another world, Chinese cultural  buildings and garden was already promising, greeted by a small secluded gift and snack shop, further along, were avenues of trees and outbuildings all in Chinese traditional designs, one was a 9th story tower, [akin to the ”tower of Pizza’,]


Walking towards trees judging to be over 100 years, I was pleasantly confronted by a huge building in the shape of ”long cheng” Dragon in Gold and Red, holding what can be described as a LARGE  pearl in its mouth, If there is a significance to that but I am not privy to it.

The body of the creature disappeared into the trees and snaked away around the bend, appearing from time to time between the tall trees for what looked like 400 feet or more. the tail was somewhere in the distance there!

Chinese Dragons

The Dragon is a Mythical creature of great strength, power, and a signature of Chinese culture, from ions ago, Just watch movies like Bruce lee’s ‘Enter the Dragon’, China State shows of Men in Costumes and a big Dragon Head, performing incredible acrobatics on stilts and in the streets, a culmination of musical cultural dances, beautifully and skillfully in an extravagant display

Deciding to check out the size of this structure I came across many other interesting activities and objects,

This comprised of a communal area with outdoor working gym apparatus, children’s play area, and gardens in full bloom and shockingly vivid colors

Strikingly Beautiful Path

The Bridge I saw earlier was a more attractive close-up, with an arched body ”like in a fairy tail” elaborate carvings and painted archways hung overhead, on those were many typical red lanterns, all along with the structure of the bridge, People stood taking photos and some resting on the wooden benches either side of the walkway it was the place for a photoshoot

People and Interaction

The day was filled with more interaction of men, women, Students, even the older generations than I can ever remember in my years living in China, this day brought it all together without even trying other than an impromptu change to my plans, the scene was here people were enjoying the environment and perhaps by that very nature receptive or susceptible to making an effort in conversation, I can count at least 7 people from school kids, young ladies, grandfathers playing instruments, guys working out on the bars, and kiddos with mums running after them, incredible and yet unusual in my years of experience in china.

Finally, I arrived at the entrance of what was a park, Another huge dragon was also there spouting out water from the mouth as an ornament statue, as a quiet day I was lucky to appreciate the item without too much interruption, my perfect photo shooting began again.

The Early Bird Gets No Breakfast.

Of all the days I decided to give my usual cereals and nuts a rest, I needed something else, but by the time I arrived at this park it was perhaps 2 hrs later, so around noon I was starved and had only a flask of Chinese tea to stave off hunger and a rumbling stomach. Restaurants I could not find al were working small shops, so I elect to find a corner shop and purchased a cola and a large tub of ice cream with nuts, Witting on a chair outside the Shop [usual in china] I sat to enjoy this treat.

Inquisitive Passersby

Kids from school passing by curiously surrounded me and inquired who was and why I was in China, my name, and so on… asking if they could be my friend, lol attracting two passing young women also curious about what was going on, more conversation ensued.

The crazy thing was that the shop owner came out shortly after the ladies had taken my contact details and left, He began asking curiously if I was wearing some special perfume because he couldn’t understand why I was so popular only after being outside the shop some 30mins?…lol funny guy!

I must say that being to communicate in the language, (though not fluently in Chinese,) Without the ability this would not have taken place, the natives survey you as just a foreign traveler, leaving a void which they feel unsure, and most likely not approach.

More excitement was in my mind as to how the rest of this day is likely to unfold.

Rosetta Stone

Finally a Late Lunch

Making up for the loss of energy and being absolutely starved, arriving at a nice restaurant near home, I pushed the boat out ordering two delicious dishes a soup and a side dish of green-leaved vegetable, that hit the mark 110%,  Lovely!


This Story’s Morals

The moral of this story is that no matter how unexcited, boring, set routine, or dismal it seems, there are times where rational vs intuitiveness decision making takes the back seat, In many cases, I find myself whether they be in UK, Kyiv, Europe, Asia or with family, it pays off than not!

Getting out and exercising both your legs and mind puts you in the social scene, places you in situations of possibilities, not just for you but others out there perhaps also in the same frame of mind or situation. looking for alternatives and options.

We all want, even desire change, interaction, social connections, interventions, inspiration, and conversation to exist as normal people, without it we surely will not grow, be what we can be, achieve higher or better self-esteem, grab opportunities, To be in the Game or on the playing field.

You don’t need to be a guru, a socialite, an extrovert, or some smooth-talking chic’ or dude, Instead just get into the stream of others’ view, bring forward awareness and it will happen naturally.

As I see it, every day we have is a gift and one to pursue with fear, but with open minds and hearts!