How Does China Celebrate Halloween

How Does China Celebrate Halloween

01/11/2020 0 By christopher

Halloween 2020 Shenzhen China

Year after Year this annual event is a worldwide popular celebration



Samhain, Celtic ritual, Bonfires, Guising/Mumming, divination, feasting

most traditional activities, we associate with Halloween reflect the medieval or early modern periods in origin. Regarded also as a Pagan religious event


Halloween’s origins of the ancient Celtic festival of (Gaelic )Samhain (spoken as sow-in). The Celts, who lived 2,000 years ago, Primarily of Ireland, the United Kingdom, and northern France, actually celebrated 1st November as the change over the year, the new year!

Ancient Samhain

Of the 4 quarterly Fire festivals of the Ancient Celts, Samhain was placed as the most significant celebration due to it taking place at the midpoint between the fall equinox and the winter solstice.

At this period of the year, people would keep the hearth fires in family homes burning throughout the night to respect the gathering of their crop harvest.


Who Are Celts

A mixed combination of tribes who shared a common or very similar language originated in central Europe. Similar religious beliefs, traditions, and culture.


It’s believed that the Celtic culture started to evolve probably near 1200 B.C. and documented around the 7th or 8th century the period of the Great Roman Empire This Tribe was referred to as Barbarians [Galli].

The Celts spread by migrating throughout western Europe—France, Spain, Britain, Ireland, France. The ‘Galli’s marked legacy of Language and Culture remains prominent today and found in Great Britain and Ireland.

Sources on Celts

 How Does China Celebrate Halloween“Where from

“The Celts: Blood Iron and Sacrifice.” BBC Two.

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Druid Priest and Wheels

Following the completion of Harvesting, a communal fire By Druid Priests was lit using wheels, arranged strategically to spin-off sparks created with friction and capturing sparks to cause a fire.

A representative of the sun the Wheel was Key in this ritual and prayers chanted. The flame from the communal bonfire was the means to return home Late and relight the hearth in the participant’s homes. Selected Cattle were also sacrificed, during this celebration

It was also understood that the Samhain event may have been a mandatory celebration lasting both 3 days and nights, Failure to show yourselves to chieftains or Kings were looked down on, perhaps a lack of respect and believed to result in punishment from the unhappy gods, with an illness of death on people.


Drinking Mead and Feasting Indulgence

Documentation also suggests a gorging and drinking spree, of beer and mead for six days, Where excess alcohol and feasting was typical during this Festival

Military Standpoint Ireland

Samhain was a celebration that prepared holiday thrones to Military commanders and soldiers, and anyone uses a weapon during this festival would be judged as committing a crime and face certain death


Halloween Worldwide

Great representations both historically and Commercially are depicted in today’s Flavour of the once Harvesting ritual and event.


A notable late Summer to Autumn event that brings families and friends together, the addition of ”Trick or Treats’ to your neighbor is recognized and performed by young children


Halloween China style

It is well received as primarily a family fun celebration, a dress-up and party thing, a concept that allows a certain level of personal escapism, and international communities to share a day and evening of alter egos and creative costume displaying.

Party all night and as of past history of the pagan celebrations, consuming a large quantity of drink, food, and young teenagers and party people, including gurus, ”burning the candle at both ends”.


My Opinion

It’s Surprising how much I have missed in past Halloweens, to be honest, I never saw it as much of interest just some silly commercial Game ploy! and found anything to do instead.

Anyway never too old to teach an old dog trick or treat Haw! Haw! my motto!.  how about you have you taken this seriously, playfully, or is it just an annual ”let your hair down” get pissed and gorge yourself Silly kind of Celebration?


Reading to Keep your Hair on End

I learned so much from this published History of Hallowe’en

This occasion is very historic in its origins that has eventually grown into an international global, celebrative festival,

All participants take great pride and pleasure in the dress-up, drinking eating, and merry element in a harmless enjoyable celebration as opposed to its ancestral beginnings.





Families – ‘Trick or Treat’

”Trick or Treat’ to your neighbors is recognized and performed by young children during the early part of the evening

Families also prepare their children for showing and performances, with much humor, cake eating and presents, a great time seeing children totally absorbed in this traditional event.


WeChat Group- English Corner China

Joining this group has been a good move, with constant chat and dialogue on many topics, many are passed on people’s experiences and time in Shenzhen working environment, also dreams, families, and future plans.

How Does China Celebrate Halloween


Sunday Meetup

Weekly meetings are on Sunday afternoon and evening, they last around 3 hrs.

Topical, introductions, speeches, talent events, catwalks, group discussion, and presentations, planed off work social events,( tennis, ping pong, hiking, clubbing, restaurants.


Wednesday Meeting

Are normally in a host home, living locally to the group. This seems to work well as the group has now found a strong core member team and traction and interest are well-established.

  • Have you participated in this ever? What was your appreciation of the celebration did you like it?

Similar Pagan Events Existing Today

What is Solstice?

The winter solstice was historically a time when cattle and complete preparation of drinking wine and beer were fermented

As an important time Globally for cultures. And what is referred to in ancient time as ‘Julian’ calendar, and Dec 25th was the day Winter solstice occurred

However moving this to the Gregorian calendar the solstice Event was drafted forward to the 21st, Oddly though Jesus’s Birth of Christian celebration remained steadfast on the 25th of December.

Irelands Church and Monasteries

Notable places of pilgrimage, of literary and artistic history or achievements, enjoying the patronage of both Kings and Chieftains,

How is the Winter Solstice Celebrated in the UK?

Solstice days December 21 as many may be aware, though, in the druid / pagan communities 22nd is the true day of the celebration.

2020 celebrations fall on Saturday 22nd Dec, as the sun will be rising at 8:03 am.

Participants in these communities adorn traditional costumes to mark the 1st sunrise after the astronomical event.

As an Officially dated prehistoric monument, Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, England. The Random Array of Stones were Wilfully and Strategically aligned on a Sight-line that aims toward the winter solstice sunsets.


Research Documentation and Archaeologists claim the site was assembled from 2000 BC – 3000 BC,  Additionally, primarily winter solstice was assumed more crucial to the beneficiaries who constructed Stonehenge than Summer solstice proceedings.


Other Significant Pagan Sites

Megalithic monuments in Great Britain Isles that duplicated the alignment strategies with the sun are found in Ireland’s Newgrange- County Meath, Maeshowe on Mainland –Orkney, Scotland.



This has been the first experience of Halloween in China for me, also for my partner who is Chinese, strangely enough, we both enjoyed it and fond the experience better than expected.