How to Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness In Asia with Daily Balanced Food and Drinks


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How to Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness In Asia with Daily Balanced Food and Drinks?

It’s Super important we consume Daily plenty of different fruits and vegetables. Rich and easy Diets of fruits and vegetables have clinically been proven to reduce potential risk of cancer and related chronic diseases. From time gone by we are introduced to fruits with the saying ‘AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY’.


Well I remember my grandparent and mother stating this regularly, not that I fully understood this saying at the time, however, over the years and progressive test Fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals, fibre, and other inherent substances that are fundamentally crucial for develop and maintaining good health.Many fruits and vegetables are organically naturally low in fat and calories and provide a full feeling to appetites.


The king of fruits,Durian is a native of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia,Thailand being the major exporter. It is a tropical Durian fruit health Benefits fruit and can be grown in any tropical climate.

KING OF FRUITS, Durian has rich properties and a very healthy fruit

This mindset needs time, investment, perseverance and nurturing for good short and long-term results

Many people are now considering, deciding and preparing to move permanently to another country, perhaps still uncertain but the days of sitting out your life in the country of birth has had its day.

Might i add to this paragraph as its popped into my head, that before you leave your country to travel be it long term or short term, i would recommend a Doctor’s checkup this ensures your status on arrival is good and you are confident of your family and you being up to the coming activities and changes living abroad or during travels, also insurance cover for all travelling


Super properties attributed to Jurian for the body

Super properties attributed to Durian for the body


Whether you are 19 or 50+ the experience and choice is still yours. I recently read that everyone should and must look at moving to another country at least once in their lifetime, even if for a short period.

The Durian fruit as is the Jack fruit are similar but not from the same types species.

Delicious, soft, Durian fruit is a popular tropical fruit known for it’s pungent fragrance and flavor. Durian (aka) the “King of Fruits”  are produced many South-East Asian countries.



This apparently raises our game and understanding of a bigger picture and acceptance of variables in life! Embracing cultures, lifestyles, traditions, values different to ours, habitat differences, social expectations and daily life locally.


Health and wellness are essential human qualities and endeavours wherever we live, be it from Istanbul to Timbuktu,

Finding local resources of natural life-supporting Nutrients from fruits and vegetables benefits our body, mind and spiritual lifestyle is a must.





Let’s put some focus on Asia why? well because I have spent over 10 years on and off living, working, starting a business here in Asia. This differs incredibly from what I come to know and valued Lifestyle and maintaining a serious attitude to personal health and fitness was never an easy task in the earlier days, this was partly because of the work regime, long hours and early starts with weekends almost none existent.

Many travelers fall into the usual eating drinking and chilling out Habits when abroad whenever they can, excuses kick in and time becomes the perfect excuse not to maintain or engaged in sports in regular way. So How to Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness In Asia with Daily Balanced Food and Drinks? selective eating fro supermarkets, Carriefore’, Walmart, BLT and Vanguard, here you can choose and mix and create your own bends and cuisine as you wish for hot sunny days or Temperate weathers


Only a few years back Gymnasiums were like gold dust to find and were in poor shape with simple equipment if your lucky. Now the reverse is seen on what seems like every two blocks, Sales reps are out offering you discounts to you get signed up, in some cases even allowing you an extra 3 months free on annual subscriptions.


  • Europe UK

UK country lifestyle

  • South America

The Toucan Southamerican Bird


EPIPHANY~Awareness and Understanding


UK, UKRAINE, USA, AUSTRALIA all have specific Values and education support to Health, and i have traveled and spent considerable time in each location

Eating balance meals, Nutrition, public health awareness, what hasn’t happened is the use of this information to a better good in many places and peoples life, hence huge health problems in obesity, heart conditions, blood disorders, mental disorders, infections and more people falling an easy prey to just about every small infection and disease that arise.

Could it be primarily a matter of our work commitments, tiredness and its intense daily patterns?, are we getting enough hours of Down time, family bonding quality time, personal Social free time? these questions we ask ourselves and maybe already have conclusive answers to them.

So what do we do about it? Continue as it is?  fact remains that turning back the hands of the clock is not an option, so what next?


Fixing Ourselves


Mathatma Gandhi, Health Quote

CALIBRATE : personal standards

REASSESS : our values and what needs a change

MOTIVATE : set measures and steps to upgrade our present thinking

MAKE TIME : allow daily period to execute activities no matter how small



Look at our schedule, disseminate, understand and make necessary adjustments, especially as we are not in our native country in this case scenario.


It is easy to let care slip and objectives that helps to keep us toned and healthy, no doubt the foundation is exercise, the significant major contributor to wellness and relaxation, but let us not negate eating habits, this is the Key to sustaining and keeping longevity, energy levels, positive mental thinking, [PMT] and so forth


Personal schedule to effective lifestyle

Eating Well
Healthy food and exercise Daily


So living in a country like Asia as an Ex-Pat where you have a hoard of choices for Fruits, natural ingredients, vegetables, nuts and fish, meat and dairy products be it a goat, sheep or cow milk for example, we can consume this stuff until the cows come home and cheaply in most cases. What I have found is that cooking at home works if you have a comfortable area and kitchen, when hot cooking is not as attractive and it’s easy to deviate to outdoor fast foods and restaurants.


So back to the drawing board, Lets consider the natural fruits of Local produce, in most cases these can act as a buffer meal when times rushed and not allowing, so why not make a fruit salad? a blended a cocktail mix to drink of high yielding body nutrients.

It’s tastier, and exactly the ingredients you want, this is just bloody marvelous, a paradise on earth!

healthiest fruits for better lifestyle
The Variety found in countries like Asia is mind blowing, and the only difficulties you have, choice, remember it in the majority of cases is cheaper.

Now sorry to bring you down to earth with a bump, but as rational and obvious this all is, them tendencies are still there to do the BAD stuff, the KFC or MC Donald’s Syndrome comes to us, FAST FOOD TIME !

To see something or smell a tantalizingly delicious cuisine or snack is like a magnet to metal, this fragrant cooking and scent is ‘I KNOW’ irresistible, and no matter how strong our principles and convictions are, we get drawn to the Nasties, Quickie Snacks and fast foods. The taste and promise of a mouth watering rush of pleasure is to much to bear, the  compunction to do ‘MUST HAVE ONE OR MAYBE TWO’ now!



The Quo ~Putting Things Right

Chart on healthy daily lifestyle


How to Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness In Asia with Daily Balanced Food and Drinks

Well not to worry, help is here by way of detoxing the system of cleansing the body and its unwanted bi-products HA! HA!, unlike having a drinking binge but not so nasty!

Detoxing can ease the Guilt, so again certain elements of fruits and vegetables and dairy produce can eliminate or put the body books in balance again. Our body has an incredible internal mechanism and abilities to regenerate and correct most things, which it does.

Personally I like to Introduce suitable, consistent, rich in-take drinks, like smoothies, shakes, fruit and vegetable blends.

To Super charge the core! and whats better than Beautiful colour fruits,seeds,flowers and bright vegetables are indicative of their health giving nutrients for the body



Earlier I spoke of age not being a major difference to being healthy and well-being, I stand by that as I am over 45.

If I was to compare now to 10 years past in terms of well being I would have to say that my sense or awareness has heightened, my understanding of what needs to be done is clearer,

Put this down to taking the time-out to appreciate my general strengths and weaknesses, to channel efforts and resources better, collectively use what is natural and organic to move forward and make tweaks as I go along easier, does his ring any bells in your head?

It may sound strange and I hope you are still following me here. I feel younger inside but wiser outside perspective?

Q: How about you what is our current situation and standpoint, are you mentally geared up to wellness and health?

Q: what experiences would say brought about these changes or decisions, was it a natural process or guided by situations or others

Q: Are you an expat or a traveller to Asia, South-America or similar continent have you been able to maintain your objectives and stay the course was this easy or a constant battle to remain true to yourself.


Irregular Patterns in Maintaining Health
Lifestyle and health depends on Little distractions


I believe Exercising is probably the hardest thing to maintain due to heat, or the change of country elements and lifestyles. Working Commitments in Asia is tough as  long hours seem to be a normal, and expected without question especially in china.

Leaving at normal work hours is taboo so many hang around until finally groups appear and safety in numbers make things happen, its a protect my ass situation and not to appear singular in decision.

Many on being asked, do they have spare time during the week, will say no, hence Health and Wellness bites the dust.

How to Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness In Asia with Daily Balanced Food and Drinks has to come from

Eating on time and enough and quality, so NOT doing this, you have another factor to diminishing the body health’s Core, mental and focal strengths.

If you are working abroad, planning this is a must or things can easily go downhill rapidly.




Time is not on your side, everything else seems to take priority, what to do about this then?

Health, wealth and position or power, doesn’t always work well together, so sacrifices are a constant battle, the first to fail is personal time, social space, family quality time and finally health.

If we knew all the answers to this modern living and fast pace environment, then we would manage our lifestyle more effectively

but as it is, we can only work with what we have, ourselves and our tight schedules, once we have a clearer idea of this we can make our health, well being and lifestyle more meaningful. But let us not forget simple eating relaxation methods,

Quality food, walking, fresh air, some space for yourself when possible, time with family or relatives at every given chance.

Communication socially and outdoors, short trips locally, fishing, BBQ and most of all USING local produce to give you the best for body and energy, shakes, blended drinks, fish and white meat, pulses. Grain, rye and wheat.


These sources are plentiful and low cost in Asia.

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Your ideas or questions let me have below thanks.



Chit ~ Chat Corner!



Cultural Stories From China!     The Romaunt of Ne zha

.Old stories New Cities, Healthier Attitudes


Today I am going to share a well-known Romaunt in China, The Romaunt of Ne zha.

Ne zha was born by an unusual way, his mother had been pregnant for three years and six
months before his birth.

It is said bright and colorful lights shot around the house, a flesh ball born suddenly them change to a kid. Soon after birth he
could speak, walk and has huge strength! It shocked his family and neighbours.

his superpower is predestined to heaven. Nvwa (the female god in Chinese myth
who create humankind) had already chosen him to withstand evil strength. An
immortal called Tai yi became his teacher, gave him two magic weapons:


A cercle’ and red silk. He is outgoing, lively, friendly, active and has the advantage
and disadvantage of a common child.

As he was growing up, he became more and more
naughty makes so many troubles so that his father treats him strict with anger.
His father is a general who thinks him a monster, although his mother is fond of
him very much.

When he was
7 years old, an arid year, the farmland yielded no crops, many people starved
to death. But the eastern sea god (who is manage rain) didn’t care about people
life, and the sea god’s son even plunders many kids from the seaside. Nezha
discovered sea god son’s evil deeds. He was so angry that fight with sea god’s
son, sea god’s son die.

this isn’t the end. This thing causes a huge disaster.

When eastern
sea god found his son was beaten to death, he organised north sea god, western sea
god and south sea god together they make a long storm as revenge. Tsunami
covered ground, many people drowned.

How will Na
zha face this disaster?


To be continued….IN THE NEXT BLOG.

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