How to Prepare for a Trip to China

How to Prepare for a Trip to China

Civic city center Snapshot Shenzhen

How to Prepare for a Trip to China, What you need to travel and you’re touring activities, whether short or long holidays it is mega important to have your goals pinned, your family at the ready, the important factors and needs while away from ‘Home’

These steps are crucial for a smoother, healthier and happier transfer and time abroad.

When kids come into the equation that takes more planning and out of the box thinking and gearing up for eventualities


Personal Protection and Assistance Guaranteed

This always a bone of contention with many traveller how will it help me, what about different levels of cover, costs and options of eligibility,

<<<but researching you will find something that suits>>>

  • Travel & life insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Medical inoculations as required
  • Sugar level portable monitor /diabetes

Comfort related products, mosquitoes spray, sun factor creams, general sickness tablets and medicines, emergency contact information for home, pet care arrangements

Funding and Currencies, bank and card access, hotel home stay or residential living quarters in destination country, target country domestic travel or excursion plans, and freezing car insurances if away long periods, managing payments and securing things at home, leaving a key with friends or neighbours.


Health ~ Flight and Arrival Factors

Flight, health and in-flight benefits

Let’s presume your are heading to Asia, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, China and Hong Kong

Travel family health insurance

For the Records, it has become more serious for travellers arriving at airports and exit and entry ports to make sure your are in good health

Why I say this is due to many of these checkpoints and airports transit areas are now progressively developing scanning cameras that can detect and pinpoint travellers body heat and health levels.

Failing that level of ‘NORM’ can mean delays and even deferment to hospital or a doctor at costs to yourself, the potential to swerve your away or detain on the premise for sickness and infections are becoming more a serious concern for authorities.

So in a nutshell it is worth the time and effort to see your doctor prior to travel, especially I may add with children and infants. Hence, inoculations may be well worth considering earlier.

In some of these countries you need to have inoculations, yellow fever, diphtheria, malaria, and others, things like stomach bugs, blood pressure or Sugar level variations need to be considered and medical advice obtained with the essential medicines to accompany your and the family.

Though many international brands exists in these locations the ones your seek may be out of stock so if not taken with you, it may have to be substituted with a similar type, so be warned.

If You Haven’t Travelled to hot climates or fast moving lifestyle cultures this can be a surprise how tiring you can feel after a few short days at destination city. So to coin a phrase, assess apply and overcome, by way of changing your day choosing less hot times, or less crowded periods to walk about or travel.

Allow Your System to Equalise and adapt with the new Environment and surroundings, foods, lifestyle and society your are now Part of for the coming period.

Eating Habits may need to take on a more or less frequent approach, drinking and fluids are a primary reasons to lose energy and concentration or power to continue daily trips.

Allow Breaks off after a busy or intense day out, next day do the reverse of that and spread out your activities if your do it anyway. Coffee and tea products may affect your differently as strengths and level of caffeine dictates your body function.

Take Plenty of Water and Snacks with your whatever your can especially with kids s they burn energy doubly faster with the excitement.

A Good Breakfast and considerable lunch should your be out and about that day as energy levels will swing from peak to troughs in your new environment and new-found activities, From my experiences as an international traveler, especially in hot humid and tropical destinations, this is key to remember.

If Your Thirsty : Your already passed the fluid loss then body needs, what I mean is that if your body is telling your your need water or very thirsty suddenly, your have already surpassed the line of supply, your should have been taking fluids constantly on your trips to not arrive at this WARNING SIGN.

Similar to HOT overheating computer, ignore alerts it shuts down! Ventilation was not sufficient or cooling fan should have kicked right?

The Moral of This Story is don’t wait to feel hot and thirsty or hungry, keep a constant supply and in take of both fluids and food to remove risks of fainting, Nausea or loss of power and energy.

I Know, it happened to me, in the past for stupid reasons like distraction or girlfriend’s change of plans, ….lol!

Travel the Unknown is both exciting and disconcerting depending on where and with whom, I for one love this sensation, not being sure of all your are used to that out of the comfort zone aspect and having to use your wits to resolving facing problems or unexpected changes.

Everyone wants to be tested or awed in some way or another, some degree or another, I put that down to human curiosity and spirit of the journey ahead.

There are Certain Products I am definitely packing during any trip, if I may I would like to list then here, though some seem obvious your will be amazed how many times I have been asked if I had any to spare?

OK HEADS UP ~ Call This Line-Up!

Save My Ass List!Must Have-things buy for Travel


Accident and emergency kit, plasters, bindings, cut Iodine, scissors, tweezers, nail clip, beard or hair grooming,

  1. medicines for Flu, Insulin, blood pressure tablets, Diabetes care supplement, aspirin or similar for blood thinning and headache, pains, indigestion tablets, eye and mouth soother wash, Calamine rash and skin problems, sudocrem kids, anti heat atomizer cooling spray
  2. Sun cream lotion factor 40+, mosquito bite cream and after cream soother, ear infection drops, foot spray anti mold, hand germ wash
  3. Games, puzzles, E-book, drawing books, magazines, music or videos access [computer not phone easier on eyes]
  4. baby, toddlers, teenagers stuff
  5. portable and light carry case, back pack for destination , use on tours and scheduled trips
  6. Hats caps and skin cover clothing for days out in the sun, not excluding the absolutely necessary Sunglasses
  7. Cooler for drinks and possible a light ice pack for snacks

This Just About Covers all but of course let’s be honest and realistic your need to keep it small quantities for weight and portability and space-saving right?

For travelling, I would also suggest a baggage strap restrain to support and keep your luggage from busting open due to poor manhandling at airports? yes again I confirm has happened to me in Asia and in Eastern Europe, there is nothing like be shown all your naughty and privates are now scattered on the floor? ha ha!

Many Flight Companies and Airlines are pretty cool, they are more professionally aware and adept to handling things with care and attention. Qantas, Singapore airlines, Qatar, for example.

Comfort and In flight Benefits

By the way these airlines offer your more that your are used to and with style, snacks and water on then go, sealed in flight comfort accessories, socks, earphones, wipes, toothbrush and paste.


<<< great books new and used and great prices>>

As a constant traveller, i find myself at a disadvantage, and constantly in need of distraction especially in long haul flights, so what do I do other than read books, humm…

Music is literally my saviour, and darn good pair of well ”Baffled headPhones” with cool tunes works every time.


When my daughter does the short haul or her cousins that is what they slap on with videos or with apple tunes. That way i have a lot of peace and grab the window seat

I get tired after 1hr on the flight and settle down, She gets irritable so plugging into our specific genre of music is a saviour!


I am well pleased with my Boltune 2019 ”Upgraded version” While she is into funky grey Mpow! says its perfect fit around the ears and don’t sweat too much.

I read reviews on the 2020 version of my boltune, it sounds better performance than my 2019, but i am good until Christmas


Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Boltune[2020 Upgrade] Bluetooth 5.0 Over Ear Wireless Headphones with Mic Deep Bass, Comfortable Protein Earpads 30H Playtime for Travel Work TV PC Cell-phone


Mpow Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphones, Hi-Fi Deep Bass Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, Wireless Headphones with CVC 6.0 Mic, Soft Protein Earpads Headset for Home Office Online Class Cell phone PC TV


Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Boltune 2019 Upgraded Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone/Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over-Ear, Protein Earpads 30H playtime for Travel Work TV PC Cell phone


Researching your destination is Primary,

Flight duration, times and schedules

Where to go and Why? is it good for everyone in the group or family, if not flying in pairs or sole? what are the attractions, ease of travel at destination, cuisine, interests and nightlife maybe
Does it have the comfort level you expect or seek?

How about Cultural and social scenes, what mode of transport during your stay, private or hired motor vehicles, internal additional interconnecting flights. Accommodation and residential location and setting

Do you want to be impressed entertained and be involved or just spend time relaxing and taking it at a slow pace

Preparing for Your Trip and Flight

Bags and accessories for luggage, then safety locks with Common padlocks are best, Research has proved that These new TSA LOCKS are in fact a joke and easily opened in minutes,[airport officials have been train to have access to these types of cases locked or not]



If your have these types of cases and have locked yourself out, here is the way to release the stress and access your things, Again I have to say this I have done this and paid to get it open in the past in Ukraine, until I found this information!. Hindsight is a great thing/


Leaving Home and arriving at least 3 hr prior to departure is the norm, as anything can change with flights and your journey to the airport.

Check Passports, Visa, Currently and funds, Credit cards as a contingency, [ it is wise to advise your banks of your travel to prevent blocking of transactions happening at your travel location, this is more so if your are staying longer than a 14-day period. The anti-fraud system in banks will auto activate.

Confirm Health and life insurances are in forced and for then period that you are travelling [health normally max 31 days


The Upcoming trip to Asia, china, Malaysia Vietnam or Indonesia will be your focus and primary objective. This is Holiday time and whether with family, friends, partner or alone, you are going to have the time of your life,Simply because it’s like nothing else you experienced

Trust me on that point, no matter what you will  realize that the best approach on How to Prepare for a Trip to China is to arrive and be mentally adaptable, no predetermined or Pre-conceptions just open to variety and quick changes in your daily life

The orientals are just deceivingly enigmatic, friendly, helpful, unassuming and attracted to foreign faces and customs as we do then, so look at this as another planet, another dream it is our playground for whatever age we are currently.

Engrossed in cultures of thousands of years gone by, we are in for a roller coaster of a ride, with swings and roundabouts of course!

whatever it is, lets keep this a positive, beneficial and satisfying time in life and experience, so all there is to say is, I wish you a happy trip and do make every moment count.

I hope this Post has been of particular interest and has energized you to see Asia,  Do remember when travelling abroad especially far flung destinations. i.e. Asia and south-America to be prepared with Health Insurance.

Travel, health insurance

I can’t stress this enough as i have witnessed many troubled situations in Asia and South America, it’s bad enough in USA with mind boggling costs for Dental and hospitalization. My brother in USA said in a quote, ”come to USA and be ready to bite the dust if you don’t have insurance”!


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