How to Quit Your Job to Follow Your Dream to Happiness, as an Entrepreneur

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Power of the Human Spirit This world with its trials and tribulations, bring out the best and worst in us, however, the unparalleled power of the human spirit, has to be said ” to see is to believe”, it’s remarkable and inspiring, bringing satisfaction beyond anything you’ll ever encounter. Strangely and Incredibly these experiences appear during moments of Pain, adversity, tragedy and Life’s difficulties.

  • The Conversion or Weakness and negativity to Strength and Positive outlook reveals our core values and Character strength, compassion, love, hope, and integrity.





The English Corner Phrase implies an informal instruction in English held at schools and colleges in China. These sessions sometimes are led by native Chinese teachers or less often by teachers who are native speakers of English. The emphasis in these sessions is on improving the oral English skills of the participants.

As an Informal Session, the topics can be far-ranging. Usually English Corner activities held on Friday afternoons after lunch in many schools


Quit Your Job to Follow 

  • First point DON’T BE AFRAID TO FAIL
  • [its the risk and benefits of this path but, not the end of the road of experience.]
  • what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and wiser yes?
  • Don’t make this be the 1st stumbling block
  • Do you think all business and entrepreneurs had a smooth or easy road?.. so why would you not put this into the equation?


Someone i Met recently here in Shenzhen, China, I returned to Asia early last month June 2019 and have since renewed old and found new acquaintances and friends in the process.

A Remarkable Experience and insight into someone that I can call a friend and budding entrepreneur.


The Dedication, courage  against stiff Competition in the City of Shenzhen, together with skeleton resources and sacrifices on living standards he has endured is a commendation to his Spirit and belief in what he has tasked himself to accomplished.

So as an Act of Friendship and congratulations of his Enthusiasm, I dedicate this post to Kevin. It shows that Sheer determination and diligence is key to what they can achieve in time.


English corner Thursday 4th July


Welcome to Kevin’s World

An ordinary Chinese English teacher and his pursuit for recognition, creativity, and helping others in the process to learn ENGLISH through ENGLISH CORNERS around Shenzhen city.


Kevin’s Brief story

I’m From a City called Chaozhou, which is famous for its entrepreneurs.


guangji gate


Chaozhou people have been going out to earn a simple living for hundreds of years, if not thousands of years, seething footprints worldwide, I’m also one of them.


Chaozhou population info


After my graduation from hometown college, I was so excited to go to see the big cities, imaging a wonderful life there. However, I found out that life was so hard.


I couldn’t find a good job for almost five years, from 2008 to 20013. My longest job I had lasted one year. The only job I ever enjoyed lasted only six because the manager there dismisses me for some reasons before the end of the probation period.


During this time, one day my friend brought me to an English corner organized by a guy named Tony in Nanshan. Immediately, I fell in love with it and took part regularly as a member and a host.


Even after a whole day of work, I would be energetic once I joined it. I knew that I found what I loved to do. Therefore, I quit my job and went to Guangzhou with an idea to start an English cafe for English corners where people could come and speak English and make friends.


However, starting a business is always difficult. Having very few friends and being not familiar with the new city, I failed, gave up and came back to Shenzhen to work for my friend for one month.


Then I began to hold the English corner again because I just enjoyed it. Organizing it Free gradually I got more and more participants. But the problem is I have no income.


I couldn’t pay the rent or even food from time to time. After borrowing money from my friends and sister for a few times, I thought I should charge people. If they didn’t want to pay me, then I would give it up. Luckily, people began to pay me, and now it has been three years since I began to charge people.













I Call it Better Life English Corner.

Because I hope people can have a better life after joining it.

We will discuss one topic at a time and share so that people can learn from each other.

My goal is to become an expert for helping others to achieve goals, improving life. To become a great entrepreneur is my goal.


Introduction from a Student!

I’m Daniel Z. Chinese born.

I want to talk a little about how I met Kevin,

And why I continue going to his English corners and recommend how it can benefit you.

Kevin and I connected over 3 years now, in my previous job, I was a loner and a little depressed, as I sometimes I had to work on weekends, making a poor social life with no new friends. My degree in English major

I had considered a long time, organizing an English corner but unable to, therefore, failing to do so. Eventually, I joined an English-speaking class, I luckily came across Kevin’s English corner on the internet.


One thing I want to share about myself is that, until that point in my life, I was a silent, introverted young man. Who never met, let alone speak with strangers, as I do now. One day on my way to attend Kevin’s English corner for the first time, I felt incredibly nervous and anxious about what to expect from it. However, All my anxiety was soon gone when I saw him in the flesh and for reasons, I still can’t figure out until now it’s a mystery


Perhaps it’s the determination I Saw in His Eyes.

I arrived early  So we had time for a private talk before the English corner. He told me that he used to teach at an English training center., but quit his job a few months ago to start his very own English corner. On hearing this, I was quite shocked. ” why would someone quit his job and decide not to find a new one while he could have kept his job and organize English corner after office hours?” I thought to myself, ” it must take great courage to do so”. With this thought in my mind.


I Asked Him Why?


risk, problems, uncertainties


He Replied there were many evil companies in China and he didn’t want to work for such companies anymore. “I believe in the entrepreneurship, and I want to start my business”, “I love English, and enjoy speaking English to people, How wonderful it would be if I can make English corner as my career.”


I Remember Vividly, the first few meetings we would have around 10 to 20 people standing or sitting in a circle under the strangest and biggest “roof” of the Civic center government building, Shenzhen. We would discuss different topics and have everyone in the group share his and her’s thoughts one after another.

Later His English corner grew, we moved to a coffee shop.And it’s been this way since It’s incredible as I can’t believe it has been over 3 years now


coffee and tea shop

coffee and tea shop English corner location



Why I Continue at Kevin’s English?

My Initial Idea was to have some fun in my spare time, and make important changes to my otherwise singular life, the possibility that it could improve my English by practicing and attending meeting different people. It so happens not only have I enjoyed my time at Kevin’s English corner, but made many good friends and greatly improved my oral English skills.



English Corner China


The Result Was Clear, my self-confidence has been boosted, my public speaking skills honed, but most important of all, I’ve become more tolerant. so i urge you to consider on class and see for yourself

  • English. This is an English corner, it encourages people to speak English and you’ll get your fair share of time to practice your spoken English. Besides expressing yourself in an English-speaking environment helping to significantly improve your overall listening skills.


  • Public speaking. Halfway through the English corner, you will be invited to give your understanding or topics in a three to five min summary. This allows you a great opportunity to improve your public speaking and logical thinking skills


  • Reading. On Sunday in every two weeks, Kevin organizes a reading activity, you can share you in a discussion what you have read. Through taking part you are likely to read more and by sharing, you will understand it better


  • Life problems. Kevin always says life sometimes can be tough, that’s why his slogan and business name is ” Better Life English Corner”. He believes, by living together (in a community), we all can be much stronger and better off.


  • We give a topic related to our daily lives to each activity. Here at Kevin’s English corner, you’ll learn to look at life from a different angle.


  • Friendship. People who attend Kevin’s English corner come from different education family backgrounds and walks of life. Here at Kevin’s English corner, you are likely to find people with the same interests, same values even aspirations. Some students may become their mentor and help with their career. Some met their business partners, others found their true love too. With all the possibilities, what are you waiting for?


  • Character. English is more than a tool. Kevin’s English corner is much more than a place where people speak English. When you choose to join, you’re not only choosing a language, or a place to improve and hone your skills, you’re choosing a lifestyle. Choosing your lifestyle, building your character and self-esteem.



  • friendship time
      friendship time

Kevin’s Advice to Participating Students


First: The best way to hold the English corner. Foremost, the theme should be about life’s problems, because it is said that we all go through life with a partly broken heart


Most of us have a lot of life issues. So this English corner should offer people an opportunity to learn with each other and solve the problems. We should try to focus the whole English corner around that theme.


Second: we should encourage all participants to talk more with each other because some people like talking more than listening.






  • As The Host, we should not talk too much.
  • We should try to remind or stop people who occupy more than the allotted time frame. It’s easy to get carried away with emotions and passion, especially, the sharing part, we should limit the time to 5 minutes.
  • We should group the people in equal numbers, six people If possible.
  • How to conduct the EC.[English corner effectively]
  • Self-introduction by everyone ( encourage or remind people to speak louder ) Introduce the topic today and divide the people into groups
  • Group discussion one topic at a time, people will be overwhelmed and can’t focus on giving poor quality
  • Sharing time, be consecutive to maximize time and present a smooth and efficient discussion keeping it short and relevant equal.
  • Second topic discussion ( ask people to switch and talk with different people )
  • Sharing free talk


Christopher’s comment>

my say

Chris Input on This


Kevin I Agree:  None natives must be allowed to exchange opinions and express themselves with more freedom and time, this allows the to consider and to formulate ideas, then present them to the group in a clear and meaningful speech, making it possible for them to feel important and less pressured in their rendition from one to another in the English Corner group

They may still need some guidance not substitution during this period. After all, if this was a mandarin corner, we would expect a similar approach.



A New Business Seems Daunting I Agree:

But I Cannot Believe You Don’t Have These Qualities:


  1.  A Goal
  2.  Some Determination
  3.  Will Power to stay the Course
  4. Most of all Courage to take Steps on that 1st Rung of that Ruddy Unknown Ladder


These really are Key to making your future a Financially stable one,  These are huge advantages in your Favor.


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Read consider and make your decision is all i ask. See if its your cuppa tea, Imagine the  great changes to your life and achieving a No Boss or Office Scenario.


Consider My Information below on How to begin and with seamless support and mentoring in creating your very own Online Business and Future Financial Freedom.


I Was Awed How I Learnt This, writing blogs,E-commerce, now i live and travel in Asia, china.

Before I was in Offices in London and Southeast England


I Wouldn’t Swap it for all the Tea in China [pardon the pun]









Sincerely and Optimistically





The View from anyone Ready in following their dream, be it in business, sports, commerce or others, knowing what you want is the difficult choice, understanding, implementing and executing it is another, Whether we achieve the goals we planned or imagined is maybe what we all expect in life, after all, no pain no gain right? It leads us to financial security, less stressful and comfortable lifestyle.


What Would Inspire You to Consider leaving your current job and embarking on Entrepreneurship or business? what would be your immediate fears and concerns, feasibility? Risks?




  • Did this post offer useful info for you?
  • Did it answer Questions or leave you wanting?
  • Is China now a more interesting possible destination?


All comments will be responded to below.



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    • Hello Kiki
      yes i guess as it may not be your Language it would be a little hard going reading, but i am happy you took time to do that and respond in comments
      if it helps you to learn English then that is one purpose that i surprised and happy to know, Naive English speakers will hopefully see this as a way they can also learn Chinese, even basic sentences and words to prepare them for travel right?

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