Inspirational Children Poems

Child Poets from China Mountains


For all You Avid Readers and Poets worldwide spend a short time of our life reading this about simple dreams and wants of Children living on mountains away from the glitz and buzz even modern lifestyle of the big Cities


This is a Heads-up on China’s celebrations and continued revelations on sharing, supporting, reading, studies, and superb libraries! A Collective drive to promote awareness and hope!


Mountain Children's Life China

The Drive to Promote [Poverty reduction]

Inspiration From The Mountains and it’s Children’s Poems

Young Children in Impoverished or Mountain regions living very simple lives what seems like a ”Million Miles” from Bright Cities Lights and modern equipped lives others lead, these residents are optimistic and show an incredible tolerance to what they have to deal with every day in these areas of China.

Children have Been Mentored and guided to raise their hopes and aspirations in this wonderful and challenging role but exciting and rewarding knowing that somewhere someone is reading their simple poems, they have great imagination and writing poems is a podium and platform in showing their skills and application to get involved and make things happen


Display Stalls have Been Set Up in spacious Metro stations, to promote and advertise with several dispensing machines on the walls, [ a resident hosts is always available to explain the background of this promotion and phenomenal insight and goals

The Dispensers are updated via internet and emailing systems to issue poems that are being written daily by these children of the future. I was advised that thousands are being written and made available to the public not just local but nationwide in particularly the bigger cities.

So As You Can Imagine 1 rmb is not asking much for a superb cause and building bridges for these kids to perhaps travel one day to see the real cities and towns, wouldn’t that be an unparalleled achievement for such a small investment?

So How To Get Involved? And What You Get!

What You Get:

Is About a Foot Long Printout of poignant, short, cute and endearing but personalized poems when you contribute One YUAN.

Payments: can be made via the systems on the receipts I have attached hereto.

Alternatively, my website is a place designed to bring awareness to these Children’s Poems and Cause seeking sponsorship, If I may be so bold and audacious, all I would seek from you is to propagate this in your blogs, links, emails, twitter, Digg, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others, make a small contribution not for me but for a better opportunity and chances to less fortunate or prepared Kiddos.

What Will You Lose other than a few mins of your time, If memory serves me correctly the Movie ”Matrix” when Morpheus quote ” isn’t it worth fighting for?, isn’t it worth dying for?” but not so Dramatic as that, However, still carrying the same emphasis or importance holistically.
Awareness Wheels in motion China

Please Follow: This cause if you possibly can no pressure, via my website Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, below:

This is a practical and meaningful approach to raising funds through the effort and participation of the children themselves.

November 2019 Shenzhen is now entering the reading month, with aged traditional and historic books protected in full display glass stalls, anyone can view and other books to handle and read.

The interest this promotion and well managed display is receiving is astonishing from ages young and old.

The Book City areas are designated and prepared locations decorated and displayed ready to receive everyone.

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Strangely enough there is also, recognition of beauty and delicateness China’s flower show which is also in Full Bloom and Displayed everywhere in its Autumn?

My Opinion As An Expat China

I have come to see things [maybe as Chinese do], the reasons and drive to achieve the impossible a decade ago, I see experience and travel with a different viewpoint now, appreciation based on understanding this real life events of what, where and why foreigners would perceive these people as simple or even none creative thinkers.

This is not the case there is a range and discrepancy in living standards from province to province, convenience, support and availability from good to poor. But don’t be mistaken against all odds in a society brought up in a structured schooling, you can still find creativity. And changing by the day.

When You Consider Cities Dwellers and Workers and farm or village as contrasting different, you come to respect where they come from to where they are now. These very same small town, villagers have traversed difficulties and serious studies to arrive at the doorstep of cities with good jobs and futures.

Is it No Wonder that many still are in that minor status, striving to get past the cultural barriers of education, age, position, locality and relevance to what you have access without support and finances. These means to encourage young children to express their interest, wants, dreams and more is crucial and positive.

I have Stories of friends in china that have survived very traumatic and difficult life styles that would put western complaints to shame. Yet these individuals still have the conviction, Drive and belief that their lives are totally in their very hands, and to by duress and or situation to risk all and go out to face uncertainties and the unknown, whatever it takes!

Children are Always the Real Game Changers, the ones that look at things simply because it is, not what it might be, they have the playfulness and dream of better things and can often achieve them with family or single-minded driven passion to get out of what they are displeased with in their growing lives. This is the human spirit I admire!

These Children want to experience things like these in Shenzhen


Visit Children’s Palace Auditorium

Children's Palace auditorium

Sit, Read in a Proper Classroom or Library

Reading in book city room

Ride a Metro or Train

Ride a metro China

Ride a metro China

Experience The Big City In Glorious 3D~3D~3D

Visit Shenzhen City China


We are born into what our parents provide as children, we don’t choose it nor need to adhere to the parameters it offers.

These lost Children of Society have a mouth and mind, they will make changes and express what they have experienced, so this is a perfect opportunity to engage them in the Medium of Writing Poetry. The best vehicle to articulate and bring attention and recognition to the plight they suffer.

In China as it is in other countries Africa, South-America, Eastern Europe, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Pan Asia Countries

These Vast Deficiencies in today’s society, can be compared to a blight, it submits People to grueling and unnecessary lives that is questionable and unfair. However, from this those that come through this baptism of fire, running of the Gauntlet, they are made stronger

The Quote ”IF IT DOESN’T KILL YOU IT MAKES YOU STRONGER” carries significant weight and meaning.




    • Does this Post change anything for you?.
    • Would you consider living in Mountains or a big City?
    • Would you support is so what way?
    • Is China now a more interesting possible destination?