International Sports Arena Shenzhen

International Sports Arena Shenzhen

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International Sports Arena Shenzhen

Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre (also known as Shenzhen Universiade Centre, Longgang Universiade Sports Centre) Designed as a multiPurpose International Competition sport facilities complex in Longgang, Shenzhen China.


Completed in 2011. It is used mostly for association football and athletics competitions and hosted some events at the 2011 Summer Universiade.

The stadium has a capacity of 60,334 spectators.[1] The arena has a capacity of 18,000 spectators, while the aquatic center has a capacity of 3,000 spectators.


International Sports Arena Shenzhen

Stadium Development Facts

Gerkan, Marg and Partners

Architectural Company in Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 1965 by Meinhard von Gerkan and Volkwin Marg, and now has more than 300 employees in 13 offices.

Design Style

The impressive crystalline exterior is made of triangular panels made of laminated safety glass and polycarbonate panels which illuminate at night for a remarkable effect on the stadium.

polycarbonate shell, Shen zhen’s International Sports Arena


Universiade Shenzhen (Long-gang sports center)

This Mammoth Construction cost grossed a $530 million budget. Primarily designed for football and athletics competitions.

International Sports Arena Shenzhen




SWIMMING POOL ( 800-m Olympic)

Master Pool and Training Pool



Charlie Doing very well after a long spell of running inactivity. last known occasion was in University in Shanxi Province, She appreciates that her health and well-being is super important

What Sports do you Follow or Participate in?

Are You a Betting person?

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Manufacturer Car Show

As an added side attraction the car show was set up to attract visitors and funnel them into a sales pitch and sales, needless to say, I didn’t buy into that, lol

Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Four Chinese manufactures, Volvo, Rowe, Mazda, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, MG, Buick


Homeward Bound

Returning Home we Came upon a kung fu training for kids, very effective seems

Time Out

Later in the evening, we applied our learned observation skills to improving our swimming in our apartment Pool


China does have a lot going on and with together working conditions in the cities, there have to be ways to release the tension of the week, there are many places that Chinese visit during weekends, in particular, Museums, art studios, dancing, KTV, jazz bars and live bands, mountain climbing, hiking, beaches, cultural heritage spots, skating, rollerblading, sailing, boating to name a few, group activity is primary perhaps allowing more interaction and confidences, I was wondering how the Western world was dealing with this.

Has all access to facilities in your country still under restriction? Must be incredibly difficult to find activities in stadiums and larger arena’s