Internet Frauds Scams and Cyber Attacks

Internet Frauds Scams and Cyber Attacks

WORLD internet users
WORLD internet users


  •             Are you a Techie
  •             Computer literate

Understand the WWW or indeed Hacking METHODS that can leave your Bank account Empty and you PULLING OUT YOUR HAIR WITH WORRIES THEREAFTER!

Perhaps Trading Cryptocurrencies with a ”wallet” that protects your hard earn trading bitcoin or Ethereum coins Digital funds?

Perhaps even the Shaky Stock market

From My Technical Experiences, none of it is really secure, the powers that be rant on about protecting what you have with them, Banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges, and crypto platforms.

Security is hugely underrated in some cases but most overrated in the bigger schemes of things, the big companies have measures we don’t even begin to understand, however, they are all open to attack by Shrewd hackers, opportunists, and unwanted prying eyes.


Trends in cyber crimes for 2020
Trends in cyber crimes for 2020

My Recent Scam Attack 2020

email hacking
email hacking

Recently I was almost fooled Duped into following what looked like a legitimate email from HMRC UK

I was tired and worked late into the night after a grueling day out and about with annoying clients.

I wanted to conclude what I started a few days earlier with my inquiries on pension and claims in this area, reading the email I quickly launched the link [though I did check the page and information therein I was convinced all was OK.

Upon accessing HMRC SITE I started to log-in but decided to impulsively as I am sometimes gone back and review the letter I received, fortunately, that was what brought my attention to the header again, something clicked and I decided to check the email it was sent from, WALLA!

There in was the ‘sender’s email collapsed’ not to be seen naturally [he had obviously intercepted my initial inquiry email to HMRC and used the same channel to continue back to me.

Happily, the sender’s address was available under deeper checks. I have reported to the outlook email system and HMRC accordingly



Don’t get me wrong, everyone is continuously trying to improve, but the bottom line is simple, the very same tech brains are the ones that are applying their silent skills.


Covid-19-styled phishing attacks are now so pervasive that U.S. and U.K. issued a joint warning on what can be called ”internet pandemic” possibilities

News Notable ‘Historic’ Hackings


Covid-19-styled phishing attacks are now so pervasive that U.S. and U.K. issued a joint warning on what can be called ”internet pandemic” possibilities

News Notable ‘Historic’ Hackings

Many have attacked the US government computers, Like it or not the internet is like Our Galaxy perhaps more like a wormhole, Unknown and still unraveling its secrets.


devices at risk of breached security~~~
devices at risk of breached security

Most of us Joe’s and Mary’s, are not even skimming the basics or understanding the wider concept or picture of computers the ethers, and internet security, not everyone is technically minded I understand, so where does that leave us?

Well at the guidance of those that do or simply research each time you want to find out a specific issue you encountered on your device search engines Namely:

  •     Google
  •     Yahoo
  •     Bing
  •     Cnet
  •     Sargent Geek
  •     Wiki and similar informational sites


To name a few top sellers and performance offerings




Great market packages

The market is however flooded with hundreds of this software for firewall, Malware, Data Security Protection of our precious personal and private information.

Prevention is the Safest Defence: My Recommended Routine Checks

Some simple daily or weekly tips to purge, clean, and defend your systems, help yourself in keeping the Creeps at bay

I Apply These Simple yet effective practices in my everyday approach working from my computer, mobile, and other devices, it so far has proved effective [touch wood].

DO’s and DON’TS

  • Keeping password on your computer desktops
  • Leaving emails open and on the inbox
  • Starting a transaction perhaps buying a product or service payment but not using Browser Incognito Mode
  • Running malware prior to starting your financial activity.
  • Confirm webcam is not lit [on] as hackers can access and watch your movements
  • Using some shared application with fiends that make your computer accessible via Bluetooth, share, or similar app or software like TeamViewer


In any case, having someone access your computer [even a repair shop] must be regarded as giving access in all its forms. Any important info must be regularly backed up even removed To:


  • Portable hard drive
  • USB or micro SD card, this will reduce your risk factor of being taken for an unwanted ride


I personally would not advise a network drive Backup [It is a visible resource to those that have the skills to intercept and gain access]

What I have Done for You is provided some guidance Above, However below are some Resources that will safeguard your property and relatively inexpensive to achieve peace of mind


Effective but expensive long term, especially if you have family, 3 or 4 computers and devices all concurrently online, this can increase your outgoings financially, Even slow down the access point

VPN’s do have a big role to play as it was for companies and government bodies in the beginning, however, made public domain and hence saboteurs, hackers see it as an easy to inflict problems on society and governments


What is a VPN


Compare it to a Bullet train that only stops at the destination end.

Unusual Network services allow less security, Where your IP, Domain name server [DNS], and or activities can be monitored or tracked to use against you.

One I currently use in China after years of problems has held strong, funnily enough also by word of mouth recommendation, not believing I would find any better I decided to give it a try. amazingly it works effectively for over 4+ years now

Expressvpn has the support and rapid service to fix any reported issues I have just by sending a message from within the app itself not stupid emailing just a short note and it automatically attaches a snapshot of your connection status and connectivity issues.


Home Internet Annoyances: How to Fix

~The beauty of a home network is that it can make life so easy–what could be better than sharing an Internet connection so that everyone can be online at the same time?


With home networking you can move files from one computer to another, share resources, print to a single printer or multiple printers from any computer in the house

Cyber Security Hacking


Cyber Security: This Book Includes: Hacking with Kali Linux, Ethical Hacking.

Learn How to Manage Cyber Risks Using Defense Strategies and Penetration Testing for Information Systems Security Paperback 





Technical Researchers have discovered an advanced type of malware capable of Circumventing strict security platforms.

Company Cybersecurity ‘ESET’, This Ramsay malware seems devised to specifically infiltrate

Air-Gapped Devices and Networks”

Before this was an impossible task to breach.

The Agenda is such, that once a device was infected, the malware is said to attack adapt [scrapes] Word, PDF and ZIP files, and other sensitive information.

It lays dormant to be activated at any given time written by the programmer when triggered transport [export of your data commences leaving a system utterly opened.



We are constantly on the knife-edge protect the things we worked hard to attain in life

This fact that someone can actually have the compulsion to steal, scam, or hack our privacy is nothing short of an attack and intrusion of privacy and personal space

A serious criminal offense that deserves all That the law can level at them.