Is Fitness in China?

Is Fitness in China?

23/04/2021 0 By christopher

Is Fitness in China

China has evolved especially the medium to large cities where jobs and employment is bolstering the economy, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, in particular,

An increase in minim wages and workers rights has vastly improved the living standards, wealth levels, social choice, and independence for the residence and temporary working residence

Physical fitness in china has seen astronomical growth Also China has overtaken the world in sales and importing,

Chinese youth and families are beginning to see the social benefits, health, and physical qualities in taking more care of their future wellness and health, the Chinese culture has had a paradigm shift from one culture style to another, this new concept and newly introduced is pushing
the stayed barriers further and radically altering the birth and process of a goods and service


Chinese Culture and Fitness

Is undergoing a systemic overall and integration to the western style and all that entails, Put that down to development, the internet, travel, and interaction with foreigner visitors to china


China Fitness Equipment

Away from the communal aspect of exercising, training, the youth are seeking more, wanting to be seen doing what foreigners do and becoming part of that wider social family be it still be it somewhat reserved.

Dance studios, Latin varieties, modern and pop genres, looking snazzy and cool-wearing body and sexually tight Lycra sportswear is a release of the old conservative traditions instead expressing what they really want in independent action and seeking adulation in the process, this is a young to the bigger world group of people, the millennia’s of the 21st century


China’s Fitness Industry Explodes

Overcoming every other country’s sales performance is big business and not likely to stop for years to come. The New Values and Clamor to Fitness is insatiable and relentless, the younger generation has embraced the ideals and hopefully the perception of balancing work with play.

Chinese Fitness

Starting front the top, the big city dwellers and money-makers, the stage is set and will certainly ripple downwards to the lesser cities, towns, and paid as the market prepares to offer to everyone that pays with levels to match their budget, why not it makes good commercial sense,
with this number of people available as potential customers, you can’t lose.

Physical Fitness

Is here to stay and the Chinese are gagging for it like kids in a sweet shop and not sure or care what suits, it just feels right and of course, it’s a status symbol, a face promotion concept to be better and
richer than your colleagues, to be at the top of the pile or ladder.


Chinese Culture Food Traditions

This is a huge area to cover, but all in all the cuisine is incredible, choices that will make your head spin for days, and then some more.

What I have come to realize and experience is that restaurants have also recreated menus, even finding new cuisine to develop especially for healthy living and consumption for the body, a focus on this the market is also growing like wildfire, and when Chinese businesses see something
working they’re all into it with an equal vengeance, the competition is fierce and merciless.


Food And Modern Society

Vegan, Low Cholesterol, Low Fat and High protein, Vegetable, salad, and tofu platters to
make your mouth water, glutinous, and mineral-based influenced options. Fresh fruit salads, juices, and none or low sugar choices to the health-conscious buyer.

Alongside the traditional Cuisine Below, you have a lot to consider and it’s all good when it comes
to having choices right?


What we see are the Chinese riding the wave of better healthier living and lifestyle and money is
no problem, it’s more a display of position


Ground Breaking Yoga Option

A no-nonsense Yoga course may be your course of action one similar to this highly effective program



Activities and Exercise

Interests and passions that are being followed with an unbelievable zest for change include but not only

  • HIKING: weekend and holiday group activities
  • CYCLING: evening and weekends group events
  • WALKING HOLIDAYS: family and friends activity
  • BALLOONING: in some supporting areas it is catching on
  • BOATING: sea races and lakes
  • CANOEING: Guilin and supporting provinces with terrain water rafting
  • MARATHONS: big in the Cities where awareness of health is significant and competitive
  • DRAGON BOAT: annual events in Hong Kong and parts of china where waterways are available
  • GYMS: the explosion of foreign and domestic companies, ladies and gents are shaping up
  • PARK SHARED MACHINES: communal designed equipment for all ages
  • RESIDENCE FACILITIES: smaller but just as effective daily used machines for the residents
  • DANCING: daily routines and varied types of dance techniques and styles
  • TAICHI: traditional form wish to focus on philosophy and cultural wisdom
  • KONG FU: the art of self-defense and protecting a proactive skill formed by the monks of ancient times steeped in cultural beliefs
  • YOGA: from India originally focuses on the inner self, balance and Qi, breathing, and body awareness
  • SKATEBOARDING: American influence making headway with the youth in china
  • SURFING WIND SAILING: where cities support this like Zhuhai, Hong Kong, Dalian, Chengdu, Hainan
  • PARASENDING: western influence on seaside and beach activities, including beach ball and volleyball

Major China Prosperous Cities

    • Shanghai — 23.4 million.
    • Beijing — 18.8 million
    • Tianjin — 12.8 million
    • Shenzhen — 12.7 million.
    • Guangzhou — 11.6 million
    • Chengdu — 10.2 million
    • Chongqing — 8.5 million
    • Dongguan — 8.3 million
    • Shenyang — 7.9 million
    • Wuhan — 7.9 million
    • Yangzhou, Jiangsu.
    • Chengdu, Sichuan.
    • Nantong, Jiangsu.


Chris’s Perspective: Reverse Engineering

I found that at the time of life experience I am currently appreciating, I find the outdoor regime of exercises and activities, serves me better, the days of gym’s fancy equipment and set routines, perhaps even trainers have been done and dusted.

My singular perspective looking at value is now on creating a style that supports international needs and requirements outside of the Gymnasiums.

Also in all honesty considering budgeting on what is necessary, westerners are on a tighter budget, and exercising gyms and membership is costly than here in China with only one choice of membership, whereas here you have more tariff choices, some even offer 24hr walk workout systems

This no-nonsense Yoga course could be another option that is a highly effective program