King Cobra vs Python

King Cobra vs Python

09/10/2020 2 By christopher

The Worlds Largest & Deadliest Serpents Discovered in Shenzhen,

Snakebites kill at least 80,000 people per year and more in unregistered or unmonitored areas of the Globe

Shenzhen, China

Not Often we hear or are faced with wild animals that are dangerous and life-threatening in Shenzhen


1.# KING COBRA 2Kilo X 3Meter Universidad Park

Found King cobra at the Universidad Park in Longgang, Shenzhen During National holidays

King Cobra vs Python

King Cobra

This Prize Fighter:  Weighs in at At 2 kilos, the 3-meter king cobra, must have been trying to negotiate, the protection net to cross the main road, possibly due to the recent activities it may have been drawn out by people in the area who came to greet, welcome and admire the Full Moon during the National Holidays, a special Chinese cultural Event period of festival and celebrations.

Management Assistance

Staff management centers were promptly advised by the police service. An ex-soldier working as park staff and apparently experienced in this matter was notified to catch and safely apprehend the creature.

Captured and Safe

King Cobra vs Python

king cobra

Safely in custody, it was delivered to the animal sanctuary group of Shenzhen King Cobras are an Especially high-risk reptile and internationally rated as one of the most dangerous and venomous snakes in the world.

Bigger Still?

2 #Python ‘Burmese’ 10kilo x 3meter Mangrove Coastal Ecological Park

Strangely and coincidental enough, on that very same day, a huge python, The Burmese python at a hefty 10kilos and 3-meter length. Was reported by Guards

King Cobra vs Python

Burmese Python

The Mangrove Coastal Ecological Park.

This area is near a High-end family residence development, near Hongshi-wan opposite Hong Kong.

Security officers patrolling from a sub-district of Futian District. Came across the wild creature and Immediately informed Shenzhen Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau.


Gathering Dispersed

A crowd was gathering but was defused and sent on their way.

This snake believed to have lost its way, perhaps arriving from Hong Kong, being that these creatures are competent swimmers it could quite likely have traveled the waterways.

The other Possibility and purely my assumption could be it was illegally brought to Shenzhen as a baby, a pet but later, found not wise to keep as it grew? so released into the local park as i have ”seen” done with other creatures less dangerous. Frogs, turtles, cats, and dogs even birds.


Release Plan

All the same, rescue services authorities will consider releasing it into the Yanzao Reservoir Nature Reserve pending quarantine and obvious health checks to eliminate the possibility of transmitted Infectious disease.


None Indigenous to South China

Not generally found in South China the later recognized and confirmed species of snakes revealed it was the giant Burmese python perhaps the largest known reptiles next to the Anaconda of Latin America.


What’s Next

Authorities are now primed for the possibilities that other wildlife may be ‘scared and unknowingly’ actively meandering and searching naturally prey in Shenzhen’s undergrowth and parkland


Citizen Awareness and Action

Therefore much awareness is promoted when visiting thick foliage bushes and larger unkempt areas, not treated or managed. The Community and Citizens of Shenzhen and surrounding cities are I’ll advise tackling anything suspicious, instead contact the special services group, where listed emergency given numbers are posted along with these higher-risk areas.


Dangerous Reptile Pets: China

Special Group and Bureaus

The tasked groups are specialized in capturing dangerous threats, should you encounter snakes or any other wildlife including birds injured.

Bitten or Injured Urgent Action

Should you be unfortunate to be bitten by any animal or reptile your first action is to get to the hospital emergency asap delay could prove fatal or paralyzing


Travel Must Have’s

Traveling and Safety is Key importance to everyone, Solo travelers and Families, especially if you are visiting areas of higher possibility, street dogs and cats, rats, snakes, and wild animals even birds, we can never be too complacent of our fragile life and health, I for one travel and live in China and Asia,

I make absolutely certain to have super important Mosquito repellent, bite sting ointment, even take some insulin, swabs, and throat wash. antiseptic wash Breathable plasters, Gloves, and Good quality UV Sunglasses. ligament strap or muscle support

These are Some Obvious Recommendations

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  • Emergency Comprehensive Survival Travel Kit:  ==>>>here>>
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Many people take this as a kind of challenge or just stupidity, believing that a wild seriously venomous man-eating creature will bend to their charms, will, friendship, love, as though it has the concerted ability to remember when it’s hungry that you are not FOOD? a PREY? Come on now, Really?!!