Learn a Foreign Language App

Learn a Foreign Language App

12/01/2021 0 By christopher

Make the World Home: Learn a language app

Be Internationally Social-able

language learning apps

language learning apps

When we think of learning a new language an instant bubble pops up in our mind, like in the cartoons, Well today I am here to engage you in the best free foreign language apps. This has been a time to reflect on years of set minds and assuming if you spoke the internationally used English language that was enough, in days gone by with imperialistic ideals perhaps it was, however, Change is Here to stay, from unpleasant circumstances come the light of hope

The good ship ‘EL LANGUAGE’  is on the deck and taking control of your destiny and upskilling armory, Our global needs, and benefits are amplified following on from lock-down and loads of time to kill, ”pardoning the pun”.


Benefits Of Covid-19: Learn a Foreign Language App

Youths and adults have in some ways been corralled into finding something to occupy their constriction, boring and somewhat aggrieved homestays.

Covid- Catalyst Language Boom: Learning a new language app

Covid-19 has been the turn-key to this phenomenon in language Apps and online learning classes.

2019- 2020 will be marked as the years of great business for the app makers, more so as a pivotal point in developing new language skills, however little they may have been.

Could this be the Hot poker that was needed to skyrocket the UK and other countries’ imagination, commitment, and application to a 2nd even 3rd language skill?


UK’s Phenomenal Cycle: Best foreign language app

As it stands the UK has been noted as the forerunner in using and initiating this new wave of interest and acquirement in a 2nd language, the simpler languages like Spanish and French have been embraced, even German and Italian as runners-up

The English [British] are not renowned for their interest or passion in learning a new 2nd language, however, reports would signify that that has taken a big U-turn, it is also noted from firms like the US- Duolingo, the 2019 raise in new subscribers and higher still 2020 a bigger growth.

Being Multilingual is an Asset Like No other!

language learning apps

Language is Knowledge & Internationally Social-able


Reasons For UK’s Performances: Best foreign language app

Collin Watkins UK Manager of Duolingo is quoted as saying

“The UK has really embraced language learning during the pandemic,” says Duolingo’s UK manager Colin Watkins.

Before Covid-19 the Primary reason British subscribers wanted to learn a language was traveling. However, The travel industry freeze globally, found a more useful and profound rationale, time to burn, skills to acquire, New jobs, preparation for reopening of borders in 2021, and travel on the agenda, people were now learning with a passion and drive.

“Since Covid, there’s been a huge increase in people wanting to learn for a whole variety of reasons – whether that is for [helping with] school, brain training or culture. We have all wanted to do something positive with our time.”



FOCUS TRAVEL: Learn a language app

  • Travel and Socializing

After lockdown and serious social withdrawal, the impact is destructive withering for many of us, our natural desire for freedom, #to see, #to do, #to experience, and to interact with people draws us to another level of Social behavior and expectations as never before!

top rated language learning apps

Travel: Free-Trial

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Language is Knowledge & Internationally Social-able

An indirect benefit of the pandemic has been one of astounding growth and interest, Languages, many people across the globe, age, culture have exploded what was once a ”not interested or what’s the point” attitude to a second language. The mood and interest have changed and been supercharged we have reluctantly adapted to changes and difficulties, and all for the better!

I personally have been in china learning Chinese and watching the West chase their tails and stumbling in the dark, I love to travel and will never stop, there is too much love, experiences, knowledge, and incredible opportunities that just pop up by being in that situation, I see it clearly as a WIN-WIN situation.

My recommendation may come as a surprise but this is what makes the world go around, I scratch your back you scratch mine kind of karma. Below is found travel offer that brings knowledge and help to anyone embarking on that fantastic renewed passion of Travel

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How to Learn: The Methodology

Language learning apps


Good free language learning apps

  • Perhaps you’re dreaming of backpacking through South America. Or business in Beijing. Perhaps study spirituality in India Maybe becoming an interpreter.
  • Whatever your goal, there’s a language for You.  your Decision is which one to choose.
  • What is the best language to learn? Here’s good news: There is no “best” language. Every language comes with a rich cultural history (and a few words you’ll find a bit tricky to pronounce).


Rocket Language: Learn a language app

Rocket Languages knows more about learning a new language than anyone on the planet!

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Rocket’s multiple award-winning language learning courses are used by more than 1,200,000 people, to master a new language. With more than 1,400 5-star reviews you can be comfortable knowing that our products are high quality and engaging.

Plus, The wide range of foreign language courses makes it easy for customers to choose the right course for his or her needs. Rocket language learning system is based on both science and the practical success strategies that polyglots (people who speak 5 or more languages fluently) use. And our courses give the best bang for the buck, as every course has more than 100 hours of repeatable tuition.

Language Learning apps

Learn Japanese

good free language learning apps

Rocket language


Duolingo: Learn a language app

Duolingo Claims in 2020, globally the interest and subscribers rocketed 67% compared with 2019 figures, And topping the charts was the UK raising to a heady height of 132%, an unheard-of achievement which BTW closely doubles the worldwide average number.

Duolingo Language approach is impressive and clever playful aspects of the learning tree is a lot of fun, I personally like learning Spanish and DL for its user-friendly, quick lesson recapping, and extra learning tools

language learning apps


Busuu: Learn a language app

{ check it out here} Chinese Mandarin

The 10-min vocab trainer daily will energize Learning a new language at your speed at home, a more serious contender to Duolingo it offers

Comprehensive grammar explanations, good audio, and all-around fuller online course, each of these languages do have strengths and weakness when compared

Progress Screen Tracker

In your created Profile, a progress screen at the end of each unit can be accessed. This Fluency tracker is an indication of your learning proficiency and is linked to the different levels of the course.

Free Version & Discounted 20%

 10% off BusuuWorldWide

Basis version is free, however, you must register on the site a small price to pay for learning, but a premium version upgrade is available too

Co-founder Bernhard Niesner View {Coupon Redemption}

“The best way to learn a language is to be in the country, and be fully able to speak with native speakers” but says that “we want to replicate that with Busuu”

language learning apps

Language is Knowledge & Internationally Social-able


Rosetta Stone: Learn a language app

Beginners to Tourist levels languages fluency platform, ability to scale up advanced learners with supporting add-ons

good for diving head-first into a language and challenging yourself by only working in that new language

As a newbie to languages wanting a solid base of vocabulary and grammar. RS is structured, clear, with a sequential and deliberate pace. Apply to the task at hand faithfully and in a few months you can expect to speak, read, write, and appreciate basic words and phrases


28 Available choices of languages costing $80 to $250 (discounted.) Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices

language learning apps

Language is Knowledge & Internationally Social-able

NOTE! No end date Coupon: TUTOR60 ~Get 60% off Rosetta Stone Online course with native TUTORS.



Rosetta Stone and Babbel: Learn a language app

It May is not be for every type of language learner

Free and Paid Services Apps

free and paid premium versions Are Supported with Duolingo and Busuu, The idea is to get your interests after building your basic skills in multi-question and interactive composition short lessons/ words structure

This is a great way to ascertain your abilities in any chosen language you prefer, before signing up, I myself have tried these applications for over 1 year without paying a penny, though the program repeats I am still learning more than I would have not getting on board, Spanish I have since moved towards.

Others like the well Promoted ”Babbel” give you a one-week taster. These services and their apps have evolved and adapted to the needs and busy lifestyles we live, To learn effectively and with stress these apps have refined the ”tutor-less” non-classroom environments, even allowing you the option and capability to learn a few words and sentences per day and recapitulating them again the next day, before moving on, this learning process I found to be particularly effective.


Effectiveness and Value: Learn a language app

Scholars and Fraternities may show their heckles at this method of language learning and regard the process as not being deep, rounded, even devoid of a human tutor the essence of the student-teacher relationship, is this Criticism warranted?

      • How does it stack up against conventional education?
      • Are they without Bias, and right with this opinion?
      • How significant is the learning curve, is proficiency attained with the majority of subscribers, does it really work better?


Synergy Spanish: Learn a language app

Easily Get By In Real Life. Enjoy growing freedom & confidence as you speak more of this beautiful language every day. This step-by-step system starts you speaking in minutes. Spanish For All Levels. Suitable For All Ages. #Personal 1 on 1 Coaching. 60 Day Guarantee

“The teaching of colloquial expressions has greatly expanded my comprehension because these are difficult to locate in dictionaries or lists of idioms”

This course is wonderful! Hearing the language spoken in conversational rhythm has helped my ability to distinguish words and common phrases the way they are blended together by native speakers of Spanish.

The teaching of colloquial expressions has greatly expanded my comprehension because these are difficult to locate in dictionaries or lists of idioms.


Top Rated Language learning Apps:

      • Duo-lingo.
      • Rosetta Stone.
      • Open English.
      • Busuu.
      • Memrise.
      • Voxy
      • Mango Languages.


Top languages for Europe

      • Spanish ~ Synergy 
      • French
      • German
      • Italian
      • Portuguese

Internationally Business Languages

      • Mandarin: most spoken language
      • Arabic: 422 million speakers
      • English: 983 million speakers.
      • Spanish: 436 million native speakers.
      • Portuguese.
      • Russian.
      • German.
      • French.


Languages English Speakers Struggle learning

Fascinatingly the hardest language to learn is also the most widely spoken native language in the world Mainly due to its Volume of Chinese (3rd of the world population)

      • Mandarin. China Mainland. [5 tones]
      • Cantonese [Hong Kong 8 tones]
      • Arabic.
      • Russian.
      • Polish
      • Ukrainian
      • Turkish.
      • Danish.
      • Swahili


Can I learn Multiple Languages: Learn a language App

Fact:top rated language learning apps

Yes, to learn two languages simultaneously. The human brain is adept at in daily situations learn similar topics at the same time. Studies show that all educational curriculum relies on the fact of you being able to analyze, process, and filter information via multiple sources and categories concurrently.


Fluency in a language [Example]


A Beginner studying an average of 1 hour, can achieve conversational fluency 8 – 12 months.

That translates to roughly 250 – 350 hours


Technologies and Learning New Skills:

how technological innovation is set to shape the newly emerging economy and learning to the landscape.

Some Great Options to learn on the go I have reviewed and recommend right here.

#language learning apps

Language Translator Device with 223 Languages, 2.4 Inch Camera Language Translator, Portable Instant Voice Translator Offline and Recording Translator for Travel, Business and Language Learning (Blue)

£157.89 & FREE Delivery


#language learning apps

Timekettle M2 Language Translator – 40 Languages & 93 Accents, 6 Languages Offline Translator with Bluetooth & APP, True Wireless Earbuds for Music and Calls Fit iOS & Android Offline Package included £129.99 & FREE Delivery


#language learning apps

Timekettle WT2 Language Translator – Supports 40 Languages & 93 Accents, Voice Translator Earbuds, Wireless Bluetooth Translator with APP, Real-Time Translation, Fit for iOS & Android w/Charging Case £199.99 & FREE Delivery

#language learning apps

POCKETALK “S” Voice & Camera Translator Red – Two-Way AI Translation Device with Built-in Global Data, Works in 130+ Countries

£249.00 & FREE Delivery

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My appraisal of this market is, without doubt, positive as I know how difficult it is to learn Chinese, so any app to simplify that curve is a bonus and way forward, as I see it the key has been inserted into Language starter motor, the engine is revving with anticipation, built-in flexibility, personalize uses, and more importantly better value for money against the traditional aspects. I believe the popularity of languages and easier learning apps have traction, it’s a better option at least for languages, realizing this is the digital millennia, it’s a technology and forward motion, it’s here to stay.

# Mobiles and devices are the keys to longevity, learn on the GO and with user-friendly apps, people appreciate and value the benefits they now see and understand its power.

“The ability to speak another country’s language is awesome and empowering to its user, this X-factor esteem builder, brings the world’s people immensely closer together.”

So why not take the train and be part of that new generation of ”go-getters” with new skills and attitudes, especially in our current predicament.”