Learning Mandarin Online Free

Learning Mandarin Online Free

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Learn Chinese Mandarin Online, To Learn a new language immediately raises your game your presence your abilities and your options, it extends your potential in both business and personal relationships

it carves new acquaintances, friends and opens new chances in business and personal interactions

So Get involved and learn the basics that will put you in good stead on the streets and asking simple information


Many people have an aversion to learning a language

 It’s understandable, after all English is the most popular and widely used language worldwide, followed by Business geared Spanish, then Italian and french.

It is also not surprising to hear that Chinese Mandarin is now becoming  a clear favourite, this is due to the volume of people in the country speaking Mandarin, also those who have also immigrated and reside in countries over the world.


Approximately 1.5 billion Chinese nationals alone in CHINA the native country are using Mandarin all be it with a dialect local to their provinces




What have you go to loose, Alibaba, T-mall and Weibo are major trading and web platforms, delivering goods and services to countries all over the globe!


  • Would you not want part of that scene?  or be connected with the industry and services that thousands of Foreigners are already plugged into? if not why not?





  • Chinese Mandarin is key and places you in a respected group, to understand and dialogue in the language with sellers, service models, makes sense doesn’t it?


  • English schools have penetrated the Chinese markets nationally, offering all levels or learning, now Chinese mandarin schools are also applying the same strategies abroad and home to channel foreign interest and investments in eCommerce and investments, like Binance the Crypto-currency markets trading platform


  • Do you think it is not a good idea to spend a little of your precious time to make inroads into, travelling, business, or trading perhaps just to take a holiday where you an utilise your language skills, honing it in preparation for what can and does happen.




  • Believe  or not, i have had opportunities i would not otherwise be given the chance just by travelling to china,  it literally open doors when you had no idea or confidence in what your worth is or what you consider insignificant in the western world, is a little Gem or Key into the Chinese Niche’


  • In my experiences going to china in early 2005 chines was the last thing i would even consider as a language, but as time progressed i can to realize meeting foreigners and Chinese alike that even to learn simple street wise or basic dialogue increased my opportunities exponentially.


think! think! learn! mandarin?

  • The funny thing was that i was really CRAP  at it, trying to hard reading books, grammar, writing, it was painful, but when i disconnected from that traditional approach and just allowed my instincts and errors to be human , Bingo!!  things started, slow but consistent cohesion came into play.


I advise you without beautifying or embellishing this, learning of Chinese is simply this, fears and predetermined ideals need to be put aside Lets look at it this way

Consider just speaking parrot fashion if you want, or like a child in front of a mirror preferably, but don’t let quick progress and what others around say, be the only thing that derails you, why?


When You Think you are not remembering or pronunciation is bad, this is when you actually come to a state of readiness or absorbing the language and 4 tones plus a neutral







  • Does this Post change anything for you?.
  • DO you think you can learn Mandarin?
  • Would you support is so what way?
  • Is China now a more interesting possible destination?




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