Love Has No Barriers

Love Has No Barriers

Do you consider Love a fickled thing, or it is simply the heart, maybe perhaps the person in question,  yet this fundamental emotional attribute is ingrained in Humans, and Animals as you will see?

Love Has No Barriers

What can we say of our fellow Humans that are either incapable, or don’t have the capacity? the reasons may be plentiful and some not as expected, perhaps Narcissistic, having Phobias, or just Socially inept, awkward, How do these individuals Coupe?



  • What is it exactly?
  • Do we really need it in our lives?
  • How does it provide and support what we call emotion?
  • Is it Devilish or Saintly?
  • Is it naturally Inherent or developed from an early age?


Let’s Examine Love

  • Feel a Profound affection for someone
  • A great interest and pleasure in something
  • The act of caring and giving to someone else unconditionally
  • A selfless act is to Truly Love Someone
  • In life Giving Priority to someone’s well-being and Interest.
  • Experiments [Bowlby] arrives at the conclusion, Love is our most fundamental need, as this compulsive desire to care, love, and foster relationship with others is hardwired, blueprinted in our chemistry, bolstering our happiness level
  • Combining Mental states, Positive emotions, from sublime to the deepest interpersonal affections and pleasure it encapsulates all characteristics of what we regard as the love of a mother and more
  • Red is the color of blood also associated with Love perhaps being the source of life itself and the primary requirement in humans
  • The capacity for love is an evolution it is also a ‘learned’ emotional reaction


A Love Quote:

”Love Recognizes No Barriers

It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

When Love needs a little support are you there for it or miss the chances?

love has no barriers


Time and again we witness unprecedented encounters of maternal love, species sharing not killing, but instead protecting, assisting, feeding, and saving others

Truly this is a magnificent demonstration of how care or genuine maternal attachment to other species, without conditions, unselfish, commitment to caring for another animal in need.

Are Animals More Human ‘Than Humans’

Humans may be more intelligent, even regarded as superior beings [by humans] cognitive ways and perception aspect of life, Yet they lack conviction and unselfish qualities where, status, money, and power come into play as more benefit, People have the capacity and naturally humanitarian, compassionate, understanding and characteristics, yet with these special gifts, failure plagues them and domino effects the lives of other animals in their world.

love has no barriers

Reviewing Some Incidents

1.# Real Proof

Hearing their dogs barking nightly the Cow owner awoke to witness an amazing encounter of a Predator and Quarry, Setting up his camera to capture an incredible sight. The leopard comes every night to meet the cow, close relationship takes part where the cow licks the leopard’s head.

The present owner decided to speak to the cow’s previous owner, learning the visiting leopard’s mother died when it was only 20 days old, a far-stretching inter-species maternal bond developed between the young Leopard cub and the female cow who naturally seeing its needs feed it as her own calf.

From that time a strong mother cub bond was formed between the species, the leopard’s mother (COW) is inseparable. Hence, he comes every Night to pay her a visit spending quality nocturnal periods with his mother

mum and child

mum and child


2 #Real Proof

This real-life Photo. [Martin Le-May] captured this amazing photo of a weasel piggybacking on a European Green Woodpecker. A once-in-a-lifetime photograph at Hornchurch County Park in East London.


thanks Pal

Martin Le may Photo


Bark and Quack

Friendships between different species Humble and intrigues us. Bossom Buddies with shared caring closeness

Fur & feathered Friend

Fur & feathered Friend


# Friend, hitchhiker the benefits may be beneficial to both

Hop on We leaving

Humour and appreciation of a shared unique moment.

why the long face!

Siblings with common needs, affection, and love

We are inseparable

Parents and friends regardless of color, creed, species, or origins

take care

Don’t you worry

Reserved, yet curiosity overwhelms this little guy, trusting yourself and taking action

It’s Alright Your Safe

Confidence, Assertiveness, Decisions, Action, Execution Belief, leads to higher success

belief and confidence

belief and confidence

Passion and Desire to remove problems, by Fixing the failure and Faults we see in life

no problem I love this

Strength, weakness, Big or Small, These souls meet to share moments of curiosity without fear!

I like you!

A Home, safety, Love, and sharing life Presents us with Security and Contentment


Genuine Love and Humanity to our pets, and Animals, requires sacrifices.

I Got Ya Covered

Family Protecting, caring and guiding those we love

Mum’s Got your Back

Where Are We Now?

Consider the Predicament of the last 2 years, the grouping and pulling together of countries to assist others has been one to remember, collaboration and supporting weaker nations, less able to resolve and provide for themselves.

With many country-specific problems to deal with hands reached out across the globe to find solutions, correlate the information to combat our threat.


The reaction may not have been effective as expected, However, in defense of this statement, it is important to first get your house straight before being in a position to help others better.


Nobody could envisage what was going to happen, preparation could have been better, countries could have approached the infection being better informed, allowing a better more effective approach to what we face in a pandemic. defensive stance is not necessarily the way to keep out the dread at our doors

However we should take from this experience, the errors of our actions, we can’t change the past now but we can learn that any Threat virus that faces humanity and every living thing needs to be taken seriously every single time, not selectively.

To Quote a phrase ”shoot first ask questions later” in this particular case


The ‘World Bodies’ that keep us informed and aware of the threatening crisis, have done much to save lives, that is the important point.

Smart Recovery

Now, what is key to recovery is shared Love, understanding, shared resources, and technologies, saving our lives by saving the planet.

In my estimation, we are coming out of this disaster slowly with a great deal of luck

What’s Needed

Let’s see if we really are capable of seeing the bigger world picture and problems and put aside our differences, fostering friends, strong ideals, resilience, be helpful in the only world community we have and share.