Make Online a Business

Make Online a Business

1-2-3-4 ~REASONS How!

Make Online a Business

My 4 reasons why Anyone should work for Themselves, and be entrepreneurial, To choose where to work from and location, most of all to allow choices in your otherwise rigid or stale working life, Make Online a Business is for everyone

This is a working aspect and Real view of my own personal career experiences, and being a BOSS in [China]


For The Record: Make Online a Business

I Developed 2 websites, chinese4idiots from scratch, With Good Tech & Community support.

And New Site called abcofcbdoil only 11 months old, I started during a Trip to my Family in America in March 2019. Really it was as easy as realizing I needed another refreshing challenge, so guys and ladies if I can do this I am telling you you CAN!



YOUR BOSS’S OFFICE: Make Online a Business

Many People and traditionally we all have adhered to the good old steady and reliable-ish office work that gives us an income to have a home, pay of the kids, holiday and general everyday life!. Wonderful looking back it seems reasonable to be in the safe zone.

Make Online a Business

YOUR CHOICE: Make Online a Business

    • I Joined An affiliate Program To Make the Change, Support and Training Development All Provided
    • This Program Proved to be My Sanctuary
    • No regrets and would do it again
    • This is not about how skillful I was or What I knew it was about Belief in a Change using my interest and passion. I wanted out of my situation
    • Yes Risks, Fears, Cynicism in Marketing was Unknown and New in my field and experience,
    • But the Greater Fear was Doing NOTHING let another year Pass idly by
    • The Litmus and Metal Test had to be made and was well overdue, commitment, new goals The only Way Forward!

      But Let’s be Honest that reality has eroded and become a laughable ideal, where is the once safety net and integrity in companies support,

      The chain of progression for your TIME and diligent application over years and years of service?

      OK, the Argument may be academic, as younger and smarter digitally minded employees appear on the scene, ready to show their academic prow is, learned, though mainly through classroom scenarios not hands-on in real-life situations.

      I Am Looking more at those that have not acquired this level of academia, but have persevered put the hours in be on call, and made sacrifices for companies, outside of the scope of ”DUTY”

      The Experience and understanding of more than the work involved is a key to taking the important steps in your next level of personal growth and online is a clear option, with tools and support at your fingertips.


      Make Online a Business

      Working for a BOSS: Make Online a Business

      Being Tasked, even multitasking in smaller companies, or being loaded with responsibilities that are sometimes outside your remit, expertise or experience is no joking matter.

      Larger Companies blue-chip and conglomerates may approach your skillset as per job application, but many overlap responsibilities taking you into unknown territory, with the premise of it’s a ”LEARNING CURVE” or thrown into the deep end makes you stronger?

        • This is particularly a major expectation in CHINA companies and adopted by international firms with glee that have arrived and established themselves in China.
        • Removing the chain of escalation or command from workers and their rights to express concerns, dissatisfaction, and maltreatment from fellow workers.
        • I believe in other countries, this is not also far from the reality though less obvious

      A Small COG in Big Wheels: Make Online a Business

      Make Online a Business

      Respectfully, This is one of the most dissatisfied and complaints I have encountered

      Workers don’t feel anything more than a number, a small gear in the crunching wheels of a company, not seen, or really heard, unless you are a high-flying individual.


      A Sense of Purpose, Direction, Drive or passion is lost, eroded so just another day at the Office!


      Make Online a Business


    • Choices, CHOICES: Make Online a Business

      >== Need more Info and How-to? ===> read on>

      Working for a Business other than your own, Choices and opportunities are not readily available, decisions are made for you, tasks are given and you have deadlines to achieve and conform to. Fair enough I hear you say, but why take that route if there actually is another way, another option, and your Choice?

      Everyone has Read ore experienced in one way or another, about being ripped off starting a business or even misleading, but how is that different from working for a company, in one way or another that’s exactly what you are facing on a daily basis and you may not even be aware of it.

      Research and Planning your future is a better way and choice, the risks are higher admittedly but the self-esteem and sense of achievement you will experience surpasses anything you find working for a company. The journey in itself is immeasurable in independence and choices

      If You Don’t Test Your Abilities, Your will keep missing chances, appreciate your strengths and create opportunities. Keep Your Current Job, but seek by testing the water out, utilize your passion or skill no matter how unimportant you think it is DO it.

      Statistically, it is proven that most newbies and new businesses are found after failing at that they at first pursued or accepted in life

      Here is the same Key opportunity I decided to take different from my work in I.T and product buyer but here I am a writer and blogger? and totally enjoying it!