Mid Autumn Festival Meaning

Mid Autumn Festival Meaning

21/09/2020 0 By christopher

National Celebration: Mid-autumn Festival Meaning

The famous Chinese Annual Holidays are Due End of September, This 7 day period is filled with Expectations, Foods, and Cakes.

This is the 2nd Significant Holiday period in china and a traditional experience for everyone nationally, widespread TV programs and events will burst into Life! Foreigners participate equally where ever they are in China



Mid-Autumn Week: Mid Autumn Festival Activities

Mid-Autumn Holiday is a special period because it is more than a holiday it is a Day remembered as Mooncake Event.

Celebrations will take all forms of display, sometimes you hear fireworks well into the night in the cities the lunar calendar best describes dates. Children and families travel to meet and make it a complete experience.

2020 lunar calendar


The Mid Autumn Festival Origin Legendary Story



Mid Autumn Festival Story

A Favoured Romantic Tale of Promises to Lovers

Children Crafts

Skilfully and With undivided Concentration, just one of the interests that is culturally alive to the younger generation, today i saw KFC encouraging a group of juniors to the restaurant, to learn about the cooking and preparation, now that’s different


 Our Take:

Saturday: Local cool bar, pool table, Cocktails, and Beer shared, till late!

Sunday: reconnoitering the local area, we stumbled upon a north china restaurant, the same location Charlie ”Wang Yi Qing’s” hometown



This was amazing stuff for Charlie as it was the first hometown-style cuisine and owner restaurant in 4 years she has found since moving to Shenzhen and purely by Coincidence. Also, a fresh produce Market area, meat vegetables, and grain, it was all there hidden if you were not resident here. Our day was just warming up we were getting into our stride, arriving back home a game of badminton was ‘on’ strangely enough time flew, and over 2hrs playing it was exhausting to me at least!

English Corner: Zimma Coffee shop

Later that evening we set off by metro to The English Corner, earlier than necessary, to gauge the shops and surrounding area, we located a colorfully decorated tea shop, promptly seated and ordered our Drinks one orange another strawberry fruit tea, faced with huge glasses, than expected, Wow, delicious and well priced, too. hmmm


Warm-up Game

A precursor warm game was initiated and we had to go outside to do the beach and flower game! Near heard of it before but it entailed, hand in hand circling, with a chanting that was guided with keywords in Chinese, not dissimilar to children’s musical chairs, but a grown-up version


Game Plan

Our host would stop the activity with keywords/numbers, whereby everyone had to find a person or create a group fast, anyone else not able to connect quickly was divorced from the activity to watch and sing along on the sideline

Finally, the group got smaller and ended up with winners in a small group, the effect was remarkable as it helped the less ambitious or reserved to get involved and enjoy!


Party Piece: Model Rehearsals

Everyone was drafted into showing and participating in a catwalk style model showpiece, both shy and extroverted individuals got stuck in adorning sunglasses, straws, glasses, bottles, chairs, dancing and walking displays,

Funny and engaging to watch, no one had a straight face during this performance. The language was not a prerequisite in this showcasing, just raw talent and being outside your comfort zone, a tough request for some, but all was good… Introductions concluded the event.

Main Topics

Three topics were given and groups of 3 to 4 were formed randomly using a numbering system.

  • Team 2 ~ Being sacked by a boss
  • Team 1 ~ Introducing a boyfriend to your parents
  • Team 3 ~ Relationship and surprises

Groups formed and set about their tasks, 30-40 mins later and after test runs by teams, it was showtime!

Each team promoted their theme utilizing the area, for best effect with an evaluation relating the storyline and events as they happened. Great stuff! Humour, seriousness, and traditional relevance came into play

A roundup and selection of the best team, actor, and actress was decided the team with ”relationship and surprise” was too humorous not to win, though not sticking to the allocated time schedule only offering a 5-min running performance, instead of the allocated 8 mins. They won by a marginal 7-6 hands up agreement against ”team two”


Speech on Changing your life

Finally, an eloquent speech on morals and Change was voiced by a Dr of Chinese health and medicine practices,

  • Using an egg as the basis of his story delivery.

English Corner Conclusion:

Delivered by our charming host who proceeded to hand out Moon cakes to everyone from her company.

Blog Conclusion Opinion

Traditionally Chinese are very family orientated, values and expectations are still strong today, wealth and position is a driven aspect of their lives but achieving better living standards for their dependents, and extended family back in the home city or town is important from both sides

Moon cake day and National holiday is specifically geared up to remedy the long periods of being apart from next of kin, wives or husbands, exchange of gifts, flowers, to those you love, immersing in eating in groups and restaurants all brings a happy atmosphere.

So make your plans and show the special person how much you care this may help you out ====>find something special and important>>>>

Happy international community Mid Autumn Holiday from China