Mid Autumn Festival Message

Mid Autumn Festival Message



Mid-Autumn Festival China, Starts its Annual celebrations in good spirit, this holiday encompasses Wider Values For westerners, we may review this as a show of power and communist values, What we are not aware of are the following aspects of the Celebrations.

Oct 1st to Oct 8th

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KEY Attributes: Mid Autumn Festival Message

  • Respect for all service personnel during the covid-19 troubled times, their contributions, and loss of lives in aiding the process of their fellow men
  • Sacrifices that many have incurred to assist the few that have fallen or faced difficult times past years and present time, China’s short furious developing years were incredible years of struggled hard work and commitment to surmount its depravities and lifestyle of past.
  • Covid- 19 has left its mark on the people and it is clear that the government has encouraged and acted to assist other countries undergoing the ravages of this terrible outbreak.
  • Notably, it should be said that this is not a display of country achievements only but the values that china has risen to and fight for its people, World support, and confirmation that difficult times will bring better times as we all succeed through Covid-19.
  • These celebrations reflect China’s hopes and wish to other countries still fighting the dreaded germ
  • Focus and support is also on the rest of the world, china realizes that no one country whatever its strengths can survive alone and that a world economy, social interaction, and global family is super important if we are all to have a better future and life.


Let us not forget much criticism has been directed to china’s successes and Mr Ping. Its strict measures to quell covid-19, applying uncompromising restrictions, Tough work schedules, New development of outstanding projects and application to achieving them in surprisingly speedy time frames.

Investments in countries and providing technological advantages wherever necessary, Africa, India, Brazil, and others. No one else is doing this, regardless of intent.

The superpowers that be, continue to peer pressure and flex their muscles, needlessly in an effort to break or depreciate what is actually happening in China. Propaganda, news, embargos, political maneuvering Continue to challenge everything that china does perhaps because they have surpassed others by miles.

At this point the celebrations do also show that china feels it is capable to defend its borders, people and goals should it need to. The soft unassuming china has sharpened its dragon’s claws in a defensive posture in readiness to outside threats.

The Chinese [Mid Autumn] activities are in full bloom, events in every city, town, and village across china


Celebration Towns -Villages -Cities: Mid Autumn Festival Message


Some lavish other simple yet enjoyable to the holiday spirit, but what is important is the community and communal spirit is high and more social than ever!

Families come and go to different cities to either join sons, daughters that work and provide support, Alternatively, sons and daughters return to families in their cities to enjoy the less stressful and working environment they find themselves in Cities.


Government Events Activities

Events are plentiful, local groups and individuals entertain and surprise the audiences, local governments provide activities, libraries, shows, cultural related displays, and more to keep the people connected and patriotic to what they do in fact see as a powerful and thriving country, economy, and wealthy opportunity for individuals


Workplace- Workforce

After long arduous weeks and months at the workplace, peace and relaxation are upon them and their families, it is time to discuss, reminisce, muse and play games, even travel to local places together.


CCTV9 Televised Broadcast

Televised Entertainment Shows, Beijing television offers quality Entertainment, Starting with trouping of the colors in Tiananmen Square, the Government display CPC party annual military contribution, reinforcing beliefs and strength of the country, its people, and its goals



The collection of Superstars, Celebrities all come together to advocate and unify the people, proud statements of hard work and play, also of changes in china toward the inequalities of pay and living standards and future plans.

  • Plays, theatricals
  • Acting,
  • Comedy
  • Dancing,
  • Elaborate stage and firework Displays to Music
  • Cultural representation
  • Opera
  • Kung Fu

All add to a spectacular 8 days period of family gathering and country successes, historic values, and awareness


Guangdong, Shenzhen

Much attention is aimed at breaking the covid-19 unfortunate outbreak and restrictions, everything you see empathizes this new release of freedom, though masks are still needed going into malls and enclosed environment, a distancing is seen when buying tickets to shows and cinemas or public speeches.


Celebrations in Full Swing: Mid Autumn Festival Message

The place is Buzzing especially evenings until late, dancing in the communities, kids shows and participation activities, live performances, games, prizes, and so forth.


Economy Booster

This is the perfect intervention, this holiday will help to drive more investment and spending, creating a boost to the already buoyant economy of china. With millions al out to express and purchase gifts and personal items

  • Cars
  • Apartments
  • Accessories
  • Weddings
  • Gifts

An evident boost will be recognized in this last quarter spending and profits.


Full Moon

This is the Lunar Calendar and Full Moon period

Beautiful Skies gives a clear view of the moon, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter planets, so if you in china and love astronomy this is a perfect time to observe even take photos as I have.


Managed Traders

Market traders are out in the provides open spaces with clean and presentable Tents and display tables, crafts, and jewelry, toys, Costume precious stones, tapestry, paintings, artists offering your live sketches are also available.


Evening Passing Traders

Sell kid’s lights, balloons, noisy toys, and glitter the things young kids find beautiful and attracted towards, Selling punters on bikes or trikes are quickly sited and ready to sell.


Daytime Activities

Sponsored events by shop owners in Malls, sales discounts, Cultural villages, museum and libraries, restaurants, and tea shops are actively engaged with visitors, some taking children to be out of the homes, many will be playing in malls and shops, or special managed environments for a fee.

Coffee shops are full from 1 pm with people chatting eating drinking and playing games, many still on computers watching the live TV broadcasts


My Opinion: Mid Autumn Festival Message

On this special period It does believe that family and friends are special and super important, and a way of expressing this is of course as a gift of love and appreciation, I have some idea on this that may help you in finding something quickly and easily, ==>> consider these ideas>>> ==>and this for Kids>>


Best of the Best====>>mid autumn festival chinaMid Autumn Festival Message


The best celebrations by fare are 2020, not because of elaborate displays, or powerful media endorsement and government programs, no the beginning of a new place in the world, China will set standards for the world to follow.

Regardless of the aggression and political harassment this country will provide immeasurable aid, technological breakthrough, work and business possibilities for many less fortunate countries, and begrudging established ones.

Embrace and see what is about to happen.