Mid Autumn Festival Pictures

Mid Autumn Festival Pictures

27/09/2020 0 By christopher

Mid-Autumn Chinese Festival

What Activities are we to expect during coronavirus lockdown

Saturday 26th Sep, mid-autumn festival activities rehearsals and community gatherings, Dancing traditional Chinese, education stand, gifts new toys Bikes, and happy faces.


Good or Bad News For Holiday?

I guess it depends on perspectives, But received sudden news that keeps you on your toes in china, changes are a measure of this culture. and you better be ready to roll with the punches or you don’t last long here.

The first was advised that your apartment agreement was about to go sideways buy the agents, we are required to move, also that he was coming to discuss it with us at 10 am, Nice. After this elongated chat, I found that it was best to accept the ruling as I was at a point in time when I needed to find fresh views and locations.


Agent Reasons

We were told that all tenants were told to move as the agents were not making money from this deal with the apartments, mainly because they were in the majority half empty or empty, and they were as a company losing out.

We then decided it was as good a time as any to make plans, as the Mid-Autumn holiday were about to begin 1st October, In passing, I shot a passing question to the agent ”if they had other apartments in the vicinity” he responded they had in Long Chen square ‘dragon square” some 1 mile away, this took a turn of events, and we pushed to find out more, he arranged to check and let us know this day.


Apartment Viewing

1hr later we met downstairs feeling hungry a light breakfast was a priority then meet-up with him. He arrived and had a didi taxi waiting moments later to take us there immediately. On arriving we liked the approach and the configuration of the community at first sight.

We were advised 6 apartments were available to view, so onward we proceeded. The first 2 apartments were shared and not to my liking, Seeing how people in shared accommodation lived was distasteful, really disorganized, and messy, something we both dislike with a vengeance.

Pushing ahead

I had enough at this point, I needed to see the best first, so directed him to take us to the biggest apartments instead and work backward to the least big.


Good Decision

A good decision in my estimation as the next viewing proved considerably impressive, not overly large but suited our needs, bright, airy, and on the 35th floor with a southeasterly view. Fully self-contained and jolly well quiet


Increased Apartment Prices- New

Price is double our current rent but offered much more we discovered.

  • TV 34” and Internet Ready Apartment- inclusive of rent
  • Community and environment better suited to my location, shopping, library, book city, museum and entertain square of dragon square
  • A running or cycling area along the river in both directions for miles,
  • Open aspect of the views and its offerings, easy 10 min river walk to the metro station.

As expected the options for payment come standard at 3-6- 12 month options, calculations gave the 3 months a better value for money, also removes the monthly worries of arranging payments quarterly was perfect!


Canceled Contract Benefits- current apartment

We were to receive a breach of 1-year contract as follows

      • 1-month payment of rent value (extra)
      • Return of our deposit x 2 months in full
      • Moving assistance (using their provided services)

Sunday decision time to proceed with moving during the Mid-autumn holiday is in progress.

Evening Events

Arriving at our apartment the entrance was buzzing with activities, kids with bikes [new] and ‘bao heng’ (red lanterns) on sticks, running around with family in the square near the apartment gate.

Banter, music, and singing emanating from everywhere lent themselves to a happy holiday communal spirit. The visible half-moon that lit our evening sky and peeped between thick rolling clouds made it magical.


Closer Investigation showed the housing Management had set up collaborative events that brought everyone out of their homes that work very well.

A Band:

Musicians played in affiliation with an English school


Dance Team: Ladies of varying age practicing their routines for the coming display, anyone could join in as I found out, even charlie got stuck in for some fun.


Stall 1:

Education: on the pros and cons of disposing of Rubbish correctly. This game required children to select cards and appropriately colored boxes [representing bins] a vision to behold with faces placing them correctly.

Stall 2:

Pick up Marbles using chopsticks, the winner with most get a bao hong (red lantern)


The volume of young and family contenders to the stall was incredible and even the assemblers of these lanterns could not keep up.



Reinforcement was brought in to assistance came by way of the security and management guard teams, seeing men preparing these items was truly funny yet challenging.

Activities went on into the late evening and we sat watching the whole thing with interest and awe, a large drink of mango juice made the atmosphere enjoyable, a photo opportunity, and completed the day.

Have you Considered How special your time is with someone you love, share experiences, or even support? There is never a better time to express it than the current one My thoughts has been triggered while writing this post, I have research possible options and would like to share them with you


Hers===>>Ideas for her>>

His ===>>Ideas for him>>


This year’s Holiday will be exceptional, I gauge this with honesty and observation, following the coronavirus outbreak, many have now poured out to every form of activities and travel with a fervor. The release of tension, freedom to feel and express sociably outdoors has many benefits, especially kids and disabled being coupe up for long periods

mid-autumn festival traditions bring a togetherness of communities with moon cakes too!