OK in China- Now What?

OK China- Now What?


After UK’s weather it took some adjusting to the temperature and speed of everyday life in Shenzhen!


Being the South of china, temperatures can vary in beginning January 65F  up to 88F and down to 67F through to December with thunder storms and Typhoons from the china sea’s but its magical as well as destructive, after the destruction? Now what?


A massive clear up begins the very next day, that’s what!


shenzhen shopping

roads and shops in Shenzhen china

  • The toughest thing facing me and any traveler would be the volume of people and at peak times and weekends, however a 40 min ferry from Shekou to Hong Kong, is the more scenic route savoring the New Bridge that links HK island to mainland.


  • this ever-growing metropolis changes by the month, what was once water farmland was designated by the once premier Dao Xiao Ping, and regarded as the ‘visionary’ who made plans that would inevitably drag the Chinese export and production market capability into the 21st century


  • Ok  China, let’s consider Guangzhou the old City and port for international export better remembered for the ‘silk road” trading, is a quick 1 hr Bullet train ride away, my Shenzhen backpacking trip was to arrive in Hong Kong, simple port checks  Visa was prepared in UK, i recommend this approach as UK applications offer a 2 year 90 day exit -entry one, though visitors visa’s can be issued at the Shekou arrivals desk.


Shenzhen metro, lian hua park

  • Metro Train, Using the metro and bus are quite straight forward, once i got my orientation bus numbers i needed and Metro lines only 3 in 2005.  approaching locals tended to lead me in the wrong direction, as this person said go straight and another will tell you go the opposite direction, Chinese space and time understanding is still to this day one to take with a large pinch of salt


  • Chinese Food, Finding a place to eat and relax is pretty easy with a range of  road stalls, small snack shops. Walk-in cafe’s and fully hosted restaurants with Circular rotatable table for easy access to dishes as you need just point at pictures and  nod your head goes a long walk



Chinese noodlesNew dishes and cuisine

A feast of fruits are deposited as ”free” at the end of your meal.  And of course for a measly 4 rmb the proverbial Beer called ”Tsingtao’‘ German brew strangely enough, brewed in Qingdao province! Nice!




One thing to bear in mind weekends and Chinese Holidays are busy and i had on many occasions stand in a queue at the better eateries but its worth the effort! So what? After all you are a traveler to China and its lifestyle


China’s attempts of  a Disney, Windows of The World in Shenzhen city cultural village and miniature capital cities display, overhead monorail and water fountain is a representation of China’s multi cultural society and diversity


I hope this Post has been of particular cultural interest and you can be energized to go see China it is certainly worth Effort and respectable costs.


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