Online Money Transfer Worldwide

Online Money Transfer Worldwide

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In recovery and lockdown events, money becomes the savior to our new freedom, travel becoming the primary need after food and water, over 2 years of restraints, social deprivation drives our passion to exercise our status and freedom perhaps excessively. managing our wealth and work is now the task to get our heads around, business startups, moving away from the normal working to online benefits and higher potential.

My recommendations are getting the best service for our money, be it home or abroad, and so I compiled my findings for you to consider, I hope it serves as a useful tool to your newfound freedom and financial lifestyle


Recommended Domestic (P2P)Peer-to-Peer Large Transfers

PAYPAL: Online Money Transfer Worldwide

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Recommended Domestic (P2P)Peer-to-Peer and Domestic Large Transfers as a major distributor of funds and eCommerce platform method of receiving and paying system.

PayPal has improved its rates over the years and overhauled its system to walk hand in hand with today online personal, and businesses, after the Covid-19 impact The World people are expanding their travel and freedom again, and online Money Transfer Worldwide, needs to meet the demands more effectively and expensively PayPal beats leads the way on peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer apps ‘Venmo and Zelle’ Due to its accessibility, flexibility, and choice of payment methods.

The best for sending money within the U.S. Allowing the largest ‘no limit’ transfers (though individual transactions are limited to $10,000) there is no limit to how much you can send in total. Speed of transfers are key and sent Funds are received instantly into a recipient’s PayPal account, also allowing transfers to their bank account the next day.

Another superior advantage of PayPal is that recipients’ are not bound to rules of linking bank accounts, not at all, instead of the option to utilize their PayPal balance to spend money instead—that’s because the platform is accepted as a method of payment at 75% of online merchants. (PayPal-owned) Venmo, a social-centric P2P app best for smaller dollar transfers has fewer registered users than PayPal monumental following

Adversely International Costs

PayPal doesn’t come cheap on international payments and transfers, Pity as that would raise their game somewhat and take them to loftier heights as a competitive and tough challenger with their already good P2P methods domestically speaking

This is How it Works

APP AND BROWSER: PayPal account Members are able to send money to family and friends Via:

(the app) or ( web browsers)

instant money transfer app

Account-holders can send money through a variety of payment methods; Only PayPal accountant holders (recipients) are able to receive funds from another account holder, but no sweat a speedy FREE sign-up puts you in control in a jiffy.


Your Options: Bank accounts (no fee), Credit or Debit cards (small fee sending money from the following options

instant money transfer app

Account Fees:

Sending Within the U.S.

If you send money using your PayPal funds, PayPal Cash, or a bank account linked to PayPal, the fee is waived. However, for any payment using your debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit, your fee is 2.9% + a $0.30 fixed fee, depending on the currency. (International transfers are subject to transaction and funding Costs, plus a fixed fee for sending in other currencies.)


  • Speed to funds: Funds are sent and received instantaneously to the recipient’s PayPal balance and can be transferred with the free choice to move it to their bank account the next day.
  • Transfer limits: All Verified accounts hold no limit for the total amount of funds being sent, However, it should be noted for any single traction [anti laundering- fraud] limits up to $60,000 (or sometimes $10,000) in a single transaction still applies


instant money transfer app


Additional Info

Before transferring money in your PayPal account, you’ll need to link your PayPal account with either your bank account or your bank card. PayPal does not charge a fee for this service. Transferring money to your account is quick and safe in a few clicks, then the money can be sent onward over to your bank. There are only a few stipulations.


Recommended for World Travelers: Online Money Transfer Worldwide


If you are the lucky one’s that fly around globally spending time here and there regularly, this is always a tough call being able to effectively manage your international money across borders, something in the past was a total nightmare, with visiting local banks, getting your point across in another language, or just not finding a local establishment easily. Trust me I have done this too many times from eastern Europe to South-America and Asia. It’s a job within a job, Repeatedly exchanging cash into a foreign currency costs time effort, and a lot of unwanted hidden Costs.

TransferWise, as a focused and game-changer company is challenging the traditional system with its “borderless banking,” approach that makes managing your money in multiple currencies a walk in the park and stress-free.

instant money transfer app

Borderless Bank Account

What’s even more satisfying is, It’s possible to do regular money transfers through the platform without setting up it’s a borderless bank account. ”Our mission statement Money without borders – instant, convenient, transparent and eventually free”

online international money transfer services


TransferWise: Setting up a borderless bank account free and only requiring the initial $25 deposit. The clever thought to set out designated currency sections in your bank account is a simple yet very useful feature; i.e.

Just adding your Euro account, you will see that the bank account comes equipped with a SWIFT number, a defacto in Europe, and adding a (GBP)British account, that balance consists of a (Six digit 00-00-00)sorting code. TransferWise bank account will support and manage over 40 currencies.


MasterCard / TransferWise: Best Money Transfer Companies

TransferWise account issues and uses a MasterCard (Debit) and funds can be added in a variety of ways. The debit card is integral to your account and allows you to convert your currencies across balances (a nominal fee), The big Plus is cash withdrawal from foreign ATMs is about a sixth of the incurred cost compared with other debit cards, Stated by the company.


  • Account Pay Options: debit card, credit card, direct debit, wire transfer, Apple Pay. Payment option Costs will depend on Sender currency being paid or converted to Target currency.
  • Account Fees: $0 monthly account fee, converting currencies using your card is subject to a 0.45% to 3% fee; ATM withdrawals on a 30-day period is $250 and are free, outside of that expect a 2% fee.
  • Speed of funds: The time period of funds arrival to your MasterCard depends on how they’re added, but generally are available within seconds.
  • Per Transaction limits: There are no limits of how much you can receive and keep in all currencies other than USD. But a $250,000 limit per transaction per day, with a $1,000,000 limit per year is set.


Recommended Fastest International Cash Transfer:


Digital money transfer service: Online Money Transfer Worldwide

instant money transfer app

In choosing a reliable and trustworthy service for international cash transfers, it’s super important to consider rates of exchange and related visible and hidden Costs charged by these services—invariably they don’t follow a similar or standard service charge amount.

WorldRemit users can send money to people in well over 145 countries. And has some of the lowest competitive cash transfer Costs on the market, offering a significantly better rate of exchange rate to its competitor Xoom.


  • Prerequisite: You are required to own an account in your name to use WorldRemit, if not signing up is free.
  • Payment Options: Google Pay, Bank account, credit, debit or prepaid card, Poli, Interac, ideal, Soford, Trustly, Apple Pay.
  • Charged Fees: Dependent on the target point, the Transfer Costs will vary, given this example to deliver $50 to Walmart in Mexico, you can expect a fee of $3.99.
  • Speed to Funds: In general transfers are pretty much instant; however home delivery may take between 24 hours up to seven days, due to locations.
  • Transfer limits: Is Country dispatched Dependent, for example, If you’re sending from the U.S. Via credit, debit, or prepaid card, you are able to send $5,000 per transaction and a max amount per 24hr of $9,000


Recommended Fast Domestic Bank Transfers: Online Money Transfer Worldwide


online international money transfer services


This option to forward the money to someone’s Bank account, not fussed about the benefits of paying directly from an app (Alipay or PayPal), Zelle’s peer-to-peer tool for bank account transfers stands tall. While other Wire transfers via bank to the bank may take days and if you’re in a rush that wouldn’t do; This is where ‘Zelle’, is your best buddy, completing your transfers in minutes. Over 5,400 institutions use Zelle’s capable Network—the bottom line is numerous users access a fast, No- fee bank transfer facility.

How it works:

Direct co-operation with Banks and credit institutions work with Zelle to offer a quality service. Customers need to register directly with Zelle, made possible with their own bank’s app or website for membership. No problem if your bank isn’t a partner as you can still use the service, If via its Android or iOS apps (this will only work if your recipient account is part of that partnering Zelle status). Or your out of luck!


  • Transfer Options: Transfers must be directly from your bank account with Zelle.
  • Standard Fees: $0 to send or receive money (it is highly recommended that you verify with your bank on additional charges they could be levied on the transaction prior to initiating any transfers)
  • Speed of funds: Currently Registered Zelle recipients’ will receive funds in “a matter of minutes,” zelle states.
  • Transaction limits: Customers non-partnered with banks with Zelle and using this service via its smartphone app are limited to $500 per week.


online international money transfer services

Recommended Money from Developed to Developing Countries


Looking to transfer to an overseas bank account, looking for direct remittance to the recipients’ destination location bank and local currency? Remitly is the answer to a low cost-efficient choice. With this service you are given a promised account deposit time—Guarantees are fulfilled with failures where you get your money back. Remitly’s secret wild card is its express service for a small price of $3.99, this special service will automate transfers funds in minutes. The icing on the cake is comfort delivery to your recipient residence, in just 1-2 working days.


instant money transfer app

The Plan: Remitly account application is free. Completed you then decide where and how the money is dispatched i.e. In local Fiat Currency or USD

Payment Plan: Bank, credit, or debit cards.

Costs: Remitly’s Costs are fundamentally based on the amount of transferred remittance, location originating from and receiving destination, example, posting USD to the Hong Kong Dollar, no charge is levied if transferring using the economy option— But that doesn’t mean it’s free, you pay in another way since Remitly’s exchange rates are above the competition, it’s a means to generate their operational income.


  • Conversely, transferring U.S. to Brazil says, will notch up a $0.49 fee. The same is reflected with their Express transfer service where Costs vary. A 3% fee when paying with credit or business debit cards, sending in USD has a fee based on the cash sent.
  • Speed of Funds: Best service in minutes is Express, Followed by the economy to bank a delay of 3 to 5 working days, Home service is available and depends on location and amount. Using Local partners for personal collections at specific location hyper marts and supporting businesses
  • Transfer Limitations: The 3 tier transaction limits, each as you can imagine needing more access verification. Starting at $2,999 daily, up to Max $10,000.


Additional Info: Online Money Transfer Worldwide

Remitly is said to be the first online money transfer service to launch this feature in the US and offer the service internationally. Currently, Alipay, in alliance with local e-wallet partners, caters to more than 1.2 billion users globally. Alibaba Group


My Travel Experience

I traveled back to China on a 2-year travel visa from the UK, Yes just before the Pandemic, So since Feb 2019 I have was issued with temporary stay resident visa after the expiry of my travel visa. As an ex-pat my regular PSB visit issues 1 month to 3 months visas, I have come to realize that period of stay is now primarily placed on funds in your Chinese bank account.

  • Each visit you have to present copies with today’s date of the balances


Inflexible Views and Rules 

What Is clear and defining, is that it matters not what you have outside of china, or recently My £UK assets kept in My Bank of China account, ( budgeted to maximize currency rates as required) They appear to only be interested in YUAN balance, additionally, My UK balance made zero difference to my application, no matter how I discussed with the Desk officials, They were not going to accept THATS THE RULES I was told, end of the discussion in a dismissive and haughty way.


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        Developed to the Developing World ‘Remitly’



China Transfers

Visa applications are super important, why? well the Chinese PSB office seem to decide on your length of stay at any one time [unless you have a working visa or sponsored diplomat or student exchange type)

My method of transfer to keep out of difficulties is bank transfers, though it is more costly it is established and solid in my case of 10 years in Asia, what I fear is getting the Chinese bank to initiate or set up a new system without hiccups, problems at the time I don’t need and could effectively screw up the fluidity and working system I currently have in place

Take care of the pennies and the rest will look after itself