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Coronavirus started when

Wuhan in hubei Province is Noted for its unfortunate Coronavirus Outbreak December 2019 a Chinese Wuhan Dr noted a strange biological germ similar to sars and mers but her findings were not taken seriously by relevant departments, Apparently her findings were not promoted through the ranks and it was passed from pillar to post. Finally…

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China Science and Technology Museum

  CHINA Science and technology in China China has raised the challenge of technologies and modern implementation in its programs, health, design, infrastructure, civil engineering, passenger trains and metro’s. Astonishing and rapid growth of AI and technologies are emerging and transcending areas. Where international counterparts have stagnated or loosed interest or funding in specific sectors.…

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Application Visa China, During Coronavirus

Precursor Coronavirus has created unprecedented pressure and new untested government policies worldwide, citizens abroad are caught in a wringer. Not being able to return home Country, or leave the country they are currently residing or working due to restrictions and lock downs The upshot of these temporary Application for Visa measures are in fact half measures,…

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