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NEWS: Teaching in China 2019 The writing is on the wall for foreign teachers operating in China. Times have changed and continue to purge out unwanted unqualified applicants and present illegal workers, Those days of teaching here without the correct  perquisite  documentation or appropriate visa or education credentials appear to be numbered and winding down.…

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What is the Food in China

Shenzhen China shenzhen metro Map China – Food, Currency, Shelter and Friends Excited, Awed, Fearful Following UK’s weather it took some adjusting to the temperature and speed of everyday life in Shenzhen!Being the South of china, temperatures can vary in beginning. January 65F  up to 88F and down to 67F through to December with thunderstorms…

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Hello 2020!! ~WELCOME  TO C4I BLOG~ Aweber Simplified my blogging Experience, Workload and Certainly Heaps more Manageable As a young boy Living in South America my sister lived 4-5 miles  from my Aunt’s home where I resided, I would after school collect my sister being younger than me, and walked her home before i then continued on…

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