Jobs Teaching English in China~Full or Part Time


On arrival to China Shenzhen, my first plan was to find employment and the best and obvious target employers were going to be for jobs teaching english in china, after no money no existence here right?  my savings was not going to last if I was to live daily, travel, socialize, and pay rent and other related outgoings.

My first port of call was to connect with local expats and English-speaking Chinese, The obvious paces would be Bar and social hangouts you would think, but it seemed more practical and logical to check out yes wait for it THE LIBRARY

Teacher or Student?

though the range of English books were sparse at the time, there was always a few , or clever clogs sifting through the shelves. The chance or connecting with someone actually English spoken I had high hopes.


however the first few I spoke of were either Russian, french who either choose to not speak English well enough or simply didn’t learn any worth holding a conversation with, finally I decided to sit in a coffee shop just outside and consider what my next plan ,how to teach English in Shenzhen with no experience


Groups of Chinese students passing by showed some interest in greeting me and leading to some further dialog with me, practicing their spoken English it was revealed, giving me the perfect opportunity in obtaining where international schools were and where they actually were students, schools, English First / Clever-learn / British English / Wall street English, was mentioned.


Fact learning is never ending

Learn Learn and more Learning

Finding Jobs Teaching English in China~Full or Part Time, I immediately jotted them information down. On additional advice it was recommended as a must to buy a pay as you go Chinese mobile card was useful and cheap to get from any local shop or newsstand, a surge of hope and fresh inspiration was rising inside and off I went.



Locating the EF [English first] Training Center, a few hours later and quite tired I approached The receptionist inquiring to see the manager. And some 15 min later came an Irish lady, chirpy and bright who greeted me as a long-lost friend, ushered me to her office and began our discussion on being a teacher


It was a few days later I received a call from the Irish Manager on my newly acquired Chinese mobile ”China uni com”for your information, apparently there are only two service providers and both are government owed.then 2nd being ”China mobile” offering me to return prepared to do a demo, I was given some guidelines and the date was set for the coming Saturday. Happily I was charged up and ready for this opportunity to even get a ‘look in” without the relevant skills.


Saturday it all happened and another applicant of Irish nationality was in the waiting room, we greeted and exchanged pleasantries but clearly were both nervous and unsure of the coming interview session.


Demo time

Interview and classroom demo’s

after what seemed like forever we were guided to the office and faced a group of students ”in fact office staff’ waiting to be taught? my partner in fear now was asked to be the first to participate while I looked on with then manager.


It was not as expected as the students spoke very little English, or pretended not to? I watched my colleague squirmed, stumbled and pressed on to impart simple greetings and daily ritual words and sentences, it was painful at best to see this demonstration, after 10 min it finally came to an abrupt end not actually making much headway with the student.


I was at this time both happy to be on and afraid as to what I need to do different, of course I had the bonus of seeing his mistakes and utilized remembering his pitfalls and strengths. That too came to a sudden ending, and with relief collapsed thinking well that’s that, we are now crossed off the list of possibles.


Assessment and exchange were passed and we were told that we will be given a week to prepare for a class and that it was unfair that we were appointed students with little English, however the upshot of this trial was to see how we handled ourselves during the process, this was the purpose of the exercise not strictly then English language.

language is listening and speaking


we both left the center with high hopes and had a beer in the nearby bar. You could say that we had a fortunate turn of events and opportunity considering I was not experienced and my friend had only 1 month teaching exposure Korea previously.



Position was taken and work began, offer of accommodation shared apartments and 2 days off per week from teaching, two Saturdays per month were committed to demos at some local Mall or shopping center and supported by teachers assistant and an advertising agent, we just performed and created games simulating interests to families.


Work was from then onward easy to find and I was never out of work moving from one to another to find better pay and more personal development opportunities. So attitudes, performance, adapting and being open to what you are faced with is key to Teaching English in China~Full or Part Time.


Bill Ireland, Chris England teachers

Bill Ireland, Chris England teachers
EF teachers in China


Foreigners are still regarded with respect in the teaching industry, however I have heard from colleagues still working in china pay has increased considerably and living standards have also improved to attract long term teachers especially with qualifications like TEFL/ CELTA, these can be taken within the teaching program in some schools as you teach and may be subsidized in part or total.


Would you consider teaching in China or Asia? what would be the most import aspect of taking a teaching post and would you feel comfortable sharing accommodation with another teacher?





Making headway in China teaching fraternity is not a difficult task, if you are Degree qualified in any discipline, have TEFL, CELTA, or other related recognized certification you already have the key to a Job,

teaching children experience is a added bonus, university establishment experience even better

whatever it is though the rules has tightened up considerably in years they resources are low here and the need is very high for such skills,

Want something different then here it is and what a roller coaster it is.


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