Pattern of Covid 19

Pattern of Covid 19

29/06/2020 0 By christopher


pattern of covid 19

Cov coronavirus


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Bats Were Consumed

Recent research suggests strongly that ONE of the Possible causes of the Corona-virus is related to Chinese eating BATS in Wuhan, another was snakes, where also the majority of Deaths has RISEN to 1,200 has happened.



New Designed Virus Testers

virus monitor tester

virus monitor tester

New testing machines are deployed to help pinpoint and contain the virus, by checking for its existence in the body


Corona-virus: how a biotech boom is boosting Asian defences

  • It’s not just investment, talent, openness to data and AI that have made places like Singapore and Hong Kong hotpots for the biotech industry
  • Exposure to diseases like SARS and the corona-virus have made them quicker to react and more resilient, too



The Economy has taken a big hit on its reserves [though they have more banked] the Chinese Government is pumping 90 million RMB to assist loss of business during this Coronavirus period?


Business across the country has had the biggest dip since the SARS outbreak, even local shops on the side streets are closed, malls,

Markets and businesses are closed for business, MacDonald’s and KFC are surprisingly opened but only to ordering food via QR codes scanning and ordering in the shop of from home,


You are not able to eat-in the restaurants or communicate face to face with servers and assistants due to obvious reasons.


MASKS AVAILABILITY: pattern of covid 19

Masks are still in shortages though I am advised that those manufacturers have set up some system that allows workers to do their jobs in some rotation to keep numbers down in enclosed environments.



pattern of covid 19

Honk kong lockdown

pattern of covid 19

Hong Kong

Hospitals and medical fraternities Are also protesting to close borders in order to prevent more virus entering Hong Kong territories

Hong Kong desperate people are adding to the problems with verbally attacking shop keepers for not providing masks ”kou jiao” to the public?

Corona-virus has mutated into more aggressive disease, say scientists.


Cancelled Flights and Refunds: pattern of covid 19

Refunds Us Now ASAP!
Airlines holiday companies and agents still have Billions of $-£ owed to travellers by where, whose trips