Personal Fitness and Wellness

Personal Fitness and Wellness

Cultural Healing Practices


Chinese medicines and traditional practices are

regarded as one of the best natural approaches to health and well-being, many will support this claim, the important factors were mainly aimed at the balancing and supporting of the immune system of our bodies.


Bringing balance naturally using processes that are not directly related to drugs, which can cause unpleasant and nasty side effects, or at least minimising them but to strengthen the physical and mental awareness and patterns to achieve a good life


Chinese natural medicine

Traditional Medicines: Chinese Medicines are fundamentally based on roots, herbs and naturally derived ingredients from the ”EARTH”.

Together with the ability to enter the body and disperse slowly and significantly to release sickness pains and discomfort with slower time expectancy and rest, as opposed to the worldly fast fix medicines and drugs readily available in stores and pharmacists.

Fitness Explosion:

Now An explosion of interests has overcome this simple thinking in bigger cities and travel hot-spots, china’s fitness Boom is here, the advent of internet access through redistricted by the government. Chinese are finding sources and resources to examine, discuss, discover and assess individually the options in the bigger world.

They investigate and even purchase by going to Hong Kong, as access is now easier from Shenzhen, or buy online using firewalls to eBay, Amazon and other sites, in fact, the Chinese sites like TMALL and Baidu, Weibao, Alibaba, seem to allow products that were restricted to be purchased?


Group Classes in yoga

Access to Hong Kong:

Chinese travel by the droves to Hong Kong evenings and weekends buying up thousands of products, Many are sporting, training, Powder Milk for infants, items not readily available in china, either because of higher prices or just not in the shops as a purchasable item to return to mainland China and sell online.

Imported goods are high sellers and money earners for online and small shop owners. even things like brand clothing, perfumes, creams, medicines and personal grooming sets.

This is, of course a business in every aspect and personal needs. Chinese Focus Spending on Health, Wellness and Leisure more and more with passion and financial expectations of profit, Leisure goods and equipment are also flying off the shelf in huge quantities


seafod in china is fabulous

The Passion:

For a stake in the Healthy lifestyle and Appearance it is key to this Cultural fixation on being better than others, then the man next door, engrossed in vanity and overwhelming passion to be number one at all cost in personal and business affairs.

Gymnasiums: are exploding in every other block in the big cities, bigger spas with extra facilities, bicycle shops and accessories, international shops offering training in wall rock climbing, shooting, skiing, skydiving and ballooning

Super large roller and ice-skating auditoriums are in many shopping centres Social trends are moving from just drinking beers and wine into unconsciousness to finding these places and getting into shape and well-being aspects.

Personal Experience:

This is my experience travelling and living in a big city Shenzhen has exponentially grown its worst than a craze it is a drug and a healthy one I might add at this point in time. The only set back is it is not easily accessible to those living below a certain level of income.

Those that cant will seek out the lesser costly options, like Tai Chi Yoga and Dance Classes in the park in the evening and weekends. Gym and spa prices are relative to international memberships values but if you join for longer than 1 year you may get a considerable discount, is all about negotiation.

24 hr and Memberships gym


Perhaps better as a foreigner than a local Chinese, outdoor lawn tennis and badminton courts are more or less not as attractive as it was a few years ago, though littered in just about all the living complexes boasting pools and running tracks.

According to reports: Chinese consumers are the most health-conscious in the world and 73 percent of those surveyed stated they are willing to pay a premium for products deemed to be healthier.

Revolution: It is astonishingly clear that the revolution is here the freedom of choice, opportunities, and access to products that can enhance Chinese and foreigner travellers alike are intertwined and equal to all and so it should be.


fitness aware Individual

Search for Better Food: Eating healthier foods from supermarkets, experiencing cuisines from international locations

Travelling and expressing themselves more than ever in decades of constriction and communism leads to overzealousness and clamour for what is available and new.

Individualism: China and its people certainly those in the position to pursue their dreams and business entrepreneurial capabilities flourish, allowing them to develop and express as their international counterparts worldwide do.


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