Rags to Riches with ….

Rags to Riches with ….


Rags to Riches with the Craziest Chinese Couple.

20 years ago, a little boy said to a little girl he was fond of “I will present you a special wedding!”

Now 20 years later, this boy is Grown man proposed to his beloved girl, a matured woman at the northernmost village on the planet earth. He promises her a great celebrate wedding ceremony on southernmost place on earth.

For the 20-year-dream and aspirations, they spent 5 more years preparing and 8 months of sailing.

They encountered several life-threatening situations, difficulties and accidents as life was on a precarious limb daily.

marriage of the century


Wedding of the Century

However, finally they achieved the most romantic wedding on Antarctic wilderness. In a world of white, divine and pureness, the bride stood in a red house, her bridegroom traveled arriving to collect her in a tiny banana boat.


A Penguin he brought was the bridesmaid. But Mr Cao Chief of China’s Great Wall station in the Antarctica was then official witness of this extraordinary wedding arrangement, Mr Cao celebrated this one in a million significant event By offering water to the Bride and Groom, the purest water found on this earth.marriage of the century

This Bridegroom called Zhang Xinyu and Newly married wife Liang Hong are regarded as the craziest couple in China.

Their story started from early Childhood, and have known each other since kindergarten, have always been the closest partners every one says of each other.



Antarctica marriage Zhang Xinyi

The Beginning of a Business and Empire

When growing up, Zhang Xinyu began his business providing always for a better life to Liang Hong. They were born into an ordinary family that that were not rich. Thus, as y9ou can imagine was a huge struggle at the beginning of their business plans and work, it was tough.


They peddled small ware, set up a cold drinks bar, open a restaurant, invented equipment for making Tofu (a Chinese Traditional food ) and many more entrepreneurial ventures.


Chinese business man and wife

During this long period, Zhang Xinyu sleep little and always fastidious and making ways to be better, always busy at his work and future dreams. As time went on, their relentless efforts showed better fortune and began to paid off.


They had businesses from jewelry to machinery, from domestic trade to international trade. Wealth was accumulating day by day. Finally, wealth was more than then imagined they arrived at where they wanted to be from years of planning and hard work and effort they were officially now billionaires.


Wealthy Lifestyle

This man called Zhang Xinyu, and his wife is Liang Hong. They are the craziest couple in China.


Rags to Riches with the Craziest Chinese Couple who began their luxurious life spending their hard earn cash on the high-flying lifestyle and expensive things, even being overly generous to waiters by tipping them more than $100, especially at restaurants after eating and upon leaving, they bought Ten houses in Beijing (China’s capital City where real estate is at its highest a highly prestigious and respectable area for wealthy Chinese.


This difference to what was once impossible to couldn’t accumulate sufficient money to buy an apartment in Beijing if they spent their entire life. However, lingering thoughts, something uncomfortable stirred in their minds.



Zhang Xinyu and Liang Hong. China.



They got used to the luxurious life was until 12th-May-2008, when one of the severest earthquakes shook Sichuan province, demolishing the local lifestyle buildings and infrastructure,

Three days after the earthquake, then the Couple led the Beijing rescue team to the front line of this disaster in Sichuan province. The task of this Group was to coordinate and manage the services and support required for the disease control, prevention and disinfection of 5000 victims.


During this recovery and difficult times the couple came upon a factory dormitory, where a middle-aged man strolled up to Zhang Xinyu and said: “Captain, could you please help to dig out my daughter, she is already dead ”


When the corpse of his 22-year-old daughter was unearthed the man covered her face with a cloth saying not a single word.

But then, Suddenly, a digger machine slipped and crashed unto the girl’s body, severely damaging the corpse. Already accepting the situation of his daughter faith the middle-age man didn’t not blame the rescue team, instead began to utter things about his daughter quietly and slowly.

Seeing this Zhang Xinyu, regarded as a tough guy who never shed tears, suddenly, he burst into tears.


This was a turn of events and revaluation of his fortune and lifestyle, Zhang Xinyu would never feel then same as reality struck home the importance of life it was as clear as day and they recognize how blind their life had become


What was the real purpose of life, being wealthy was this enough? was that all? Zhang Xinyu said to Liang Hong,


“We need to consider our life and make changes what do you think?” she replied yes we must!.

The decision now made and a plan for a ten-year expedition to equip themselves in learning important skills, deciding this only took 4 minutes, Planing and preparing however so somewhat longer 5 years in fact.



This man called Zhang Xinyu, and his wife is Liang Hong. They are the craziest couple in China.

Acquiring Skills with Training


They went to Australia to acquire important learning survival techniques, Zhang Xinyu succeeded and was presented with the master certificate for sailing, piloting a helicopter and diving course.


Liang Hong also became proficient and knowledgeable in Shipping vessel, aeronautical machinery, astronomy and geography these we indeed incredible achievements with a great deal of effort on their part.

Surviving extremely dangerous moments during the next-ten year expedition to the Antarctica.

They documented with photos the trip and locations they visited including the out of this world wedding ceremony.


10 year travel around the globe


Having some of the most dangerous places and the poorest environments in the world, one being Africa’s Somalia poor and chaotic and some chronic disease of malnutrition due to food shortages and water, malaria, fever and cholera is common place.


On arrival Liang Hong and her husband Zhang Xinyu saw the pitiful living conditions and city which was nothing more than a slum and reeked of poverty in every sense, Homes consisted totally of make- shift tents erected on fragile sticks and old rags.


The adults and children with the look of a quiet acceptance of their life and disillusionment of any future their eyes showed little curiosity in anyone new, Somalia is suffered war and persecution and the remains of the dead was clearly visible, bodies lying across the open field was profound and dis paring


These Somalians exist on a string of strength born from tough times again and again a life of human suffering like no other


Liang Hong’s deepest memory is of a 15-year-old boy who had lost his entire family in an explosion, he sat huddled in shock and alone on a mat with a black cloth covering his legs, his legs had endured the blast of the explosion destroyed these little limbs, bones left bare and veins could have been seen, strong smell of rotting flesh was covered with flies.


This human tragedy is the physical manifestation of violence and painful life threatening consequences brought to the life of children here. This teenager in another environment would be out playing with friends maybe doing activities as a sports man of the future, however here such a dream is not even on the possibility table of opportunity. He looked at them not saying a word numb to the prevailing pains he was enveloped, instead he was openly calm and continued smiling at them.


Liang Hong inquired: “Do you feel pain?” but no reply was returned He was perhaps still in shock but still with a smile on his face, Liang Hong couldn’t understand again inquiring to the boy

“Why do you smile Don’t you feel pain and sorrow for this miserable life?”

The boy finally said: “At least, I am alive.”They were taken aback by this reply of unbelievable courage and optimism.

During an interview by a Chinese TV channel, Zhang Xinyu said: “ today we are complaining about our lives, yet this is the present and future many people will never have.”

Later They went to Ukraine Kyiv, Chernobyl the infamous nuclear accident and generations of human suffering, they saw the people had moved on in their lives after the disaster.

Middle East Visit



Traveling next to the Middle East they experienced the most dangerous period that could not be imagined, they found that a terrorists’ organization had offered a $1000, 000 reward on their heads,
They were forced to make emergency plans to protect themselves, military strategic transport aircraft were deployed to intervene and rescue them


During an interviewed, Zhang Xinyu said: “We don’t live in a peaceful world, we are living in peaceful China.”
After so many expedition experiences each a story of their own, the Couple became more aware and caring, they started policies and proactive environment protection and charity of their own.




The Love of Soul mates from early ages, agreements that stood the test of time, hard work and perseverance

To offer support and care to unfortunate people this action presented a whole new hope of life to others. Rags to Riches with the Craziest Chinese Couple started with making agreements with themselves of their Ten-year expedition which took most of their wealth, this beautiful dream of wealth marriage and hard work proved that we need to see others plight, suffering and less fortunate in their efforts in life.


A lesson in humanity and reality for all to embrace, recognize and act in helping the world.

Another thought provoking life story of 3rd richest billionire Wang wei who was a delivery man





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