Shenzhen China Apartments

Shenzhen China Apartments

Shenzhen china apartments~ Quality and Best Prices

Who to approach and What are the Pitfalls to be Aware Of?


good decisions renting

How to rent a good quality to your liking economical apartment the question of the century in a foreign country like china where he language already puts you at a disadvantage, friends are aplenty in workplaces, and bars restaurants and social groups on WeChat.

Set aside a few days to accustom to what’s around you before taking this step in renting, stay in smaller hotels that will maximize your chances to look around, than feeling pressured to find ASAP apartment

Community enclosed apartments do have a standard upkeep Administration charges, but many have pools, tennis courts, Badminton and table tennis courts, some even have in house gymnasiums.

How to avoid being charged more than average rental

think consider and decide apartment

Being Clear Being Smart:

How to Rent an apartment -China

It’s a Quite Alien and scary for foreigners, who come to China seeking the apartment accommodation they envisioned. In Mine and many expats in China experiences, the consensus stands that, If it’s their first time to China, Inevitable they will come to like the lifestyle and later decide to stay longer than First planned or expected.

I’ve heard in some circumstances newcomers are cheated by Landlord host, one such case is with my American friend. He was asked to pay a 10k RMB, as down payment for duplex accommodation in 肇庆 this is a Waiver, However the fact remains that his rent was 4k RMB.

Rent Payments and Agreements:

Are there to protect the Tenant and the Homeowner, from default, misunderstandings, or neglect on the part of the House owner wanting further payments of facilities that stops working and costs being levied from the tenant unnecessarily, or intentionally.


Also, My friend failed to Complete and sign lease documents, it was impossible to protect his rights in this situation and claiming refund or compensation claim.

This was a foolish and crucial mistake on his part, but without guidance he was caught short of the law. And professionally not the route to take, Who need to deal with endless Red tape and running about in china,

Enduring additional legal costs that may doesn’t guarantee a result you seek,Costs for translation and support in English is no joke here (Legal cost in China to secure your rights 维权is expensive )

So to Avoid this Ridiculous Situation, exclude yourself from being ripped-off.  I have looked into this apartment issues and wrote this article to assist foreigners coming to China so that they have safe, memorable and enjoyable tour or visit.


Today we’re gonna talk about how to get an apartment with a price that’s reasonable.

There are many apps to make life easier. (such as 58同城、链家、赶集、自如) in China,

After allowing the app to access your location while you’re using it, it will automatically update your current location… Clicking the icon of 租房, there will be different kinds of apartment for you to choose from.

China Apartment for Rent

China always negotiate Price

Through browsing all the prices are valid against the photos of the apartment, Remember these prices are still negotiable,

Actually, most of them are relatively cheaper than listed, (there are always promotion 宣传手段 to attract customers’ and facilitate contact with agents to discuss.

Apartment Pictures

< Are fabulous Using Special Edit Software>

  • So I suggest you contact and ask for photos direct advertiser host/agency messages, asking them to send u the real-time pictures of available acts matching your needs and price range.
  • This is best initialized by Directly calling them perhaps ask a friend or colleague’s help.
  • Arrange a visit to the ones you find suitable,
  • The most inexpensive approach is to go to the – 乐有家 链家 – housing Rental center. (Found in many cases on the corner of most streets )


Estate agents are essentially middlemen, looking to do as ”little as possible for maximum Benefits” will always ask u to pay 20% per month, {this is their commission at time of exchange and signing contracts}.

Cheaper apartments listings on App

app showing apartments listings

Estate agents in china

Wechat Groups Apartments/Jobs

GROUP < 1>

We chat groups

Group <2>

wechat group

In a Nutshell

China Apartments for Rent

Do not pay anyone who approaches you on the street even he looks professional with id card around his neck, most are copied I.D of companies. These AGENTS  above are pretty reputable in Chinacheck and confirm detail carefully

Use Agents in brick and mortar shops, or alternatively use wechat to find groups, this would best be obtained when you meet foreigners that are just about anywhere someone will have some suggestions, I have a few here you can use too! I have used and have been successful every time with apartments and jobs

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