shenzhen guangdong china

shenzhen guangdong china

Wuhan in hubei Province is Noted for its recent

Corona Virus Outbreak

Currently more than 9,000 people have been infected globally, death in China stands at 213 people

Park Recreational areas announcements


This in reality could have happened anywhere else in China. The circumstance and environment may have added to the chances of this terrible instance so early in the 2020 year, this 2020 was regarded to Chinese as a very happy year for Chinese Mouse.

The corona virus has struck in Wuhan, and spreading to other parts of Hubei, and now all locations in china, no place is safe and certainly many more deaths and sickness will arise from this progress of a what looks like an epidemic.


In China provinces, airports and train stations is visible and real, body checks are now in place everywhere, including your place of abode on entry, if you are found to have a high temperature you are pushed or directed to visit a hospital and not allowed in your apartment




These modes of transport are under strict monitoring and checks, we have therefore taken to riding bikes and have in this process been able to make the most of the city and its surrounding areas that was pretty much impossible previously.


Shortages of masks that actually are pertinent to the infections are not available after 1 week of notification of the infection.

It was advised that factories are now the 1st day back to work full production is the focus on manufacturing face masks for the minions, hospitals and as I have discovered EBay and Amazon online sellers in uk and quite likely USA

You only have to try buying and you will see Chinese sellers are reporting none are available due of manufactures being on holiday or sold out [china is not mentioned you may note too]


This has been bad timing and probably caught the government services short as many people were returning to their hometowns as they do annually. Instead of a happy and joyful family reunion the trend is more on keeping safe and with minimal contact with people.

Whereby the government has warned families to stay at home and make less trips outdoors, parks are also a no go zone where communities would normally be interacting and doing their daily workouts and exercising like taichi, Latin dances, kite flying, joggers and general workouts in the park



This in reality has taken a direct hit and noticeably so when I go to KFC/MC DONALDS and big Super markets you are asked to scan Q R codes to order preventing face to face contact, thereby reducing infection risks

Shopping malls are all closed corner shops, Bars and restaurants are shut, some have stayed open but under constant checks I would imagine as security officers arrive at establishments and body check you randomly, any signs would lead to closure as I see it


Due to this huge concern by the government, it is recommended to cook for yourselves or order food in.

What also has been noticed in our recent orders are that all foods arriving by couriers to the homes/ apartments have been limited as one was found to have the virus.

Another Important Fact:

Some law must have been issued to all restaurants that in providing a service for delivery of foods is that all individuals in the kitchen and delivery process are forced to be check and confirmed their body heat readings on the receipt of each food delivered, a good way to keep track of whom, where, when your food was prepared and dispatched to you, an audit trail you can say!


Working environments will be constantly monitored, many companies are allowing their employees to work from home wherever that business is able to administer work remotely, a 10-day period has been given doing this I understand, after that assessment is likely before returning to normal working conditions.

Wuhan has been given the go ahead to build 2 new from the ground hospitals specifically for this CoronaVirus treatment and infected parties, in less than a month one building has been completed, the 2nd closely behind. The idea is to house all equipment and patient in one centralize area for further investigation, treatments and observations

10 Days From Building BluePrint to Completion!